Freedom’s Fall

A VilCorop Companion Short Story

Coming Soon

I wrote this back when I was writing VilCorp but couldn’t really fit it in the novel, I am gonna edit a bit and expand before posting.

Discover Freedom AKA Anthony’s Story After the rise of VilCorp and the fall of Heroes

TW: Violence, Suicidal thoughts, sex, drugs, dubious consent due to drug use, nudity, etc.


“Killing myself would have been the easy way out… In the end it I took the harder path… After all, they forged me in a living hell…”

Camp NaNoWriMo

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Ah prep for my Camp NaNoWriMo project is done.
Bare bones outline: check
Plot idea: check
Cover: check

So this is the one I am sorta writing chapters as TV episodes.

I was also told about kindle vella, which may work for this type of writing.

Anyways, it is a basic LGTBQ+ Suspense type novel.

Been done to death perhaps. But it is a story line that won’t leave my head.

James ‘Jay’ Clossen never imagined life this way. Once upon a time the dream was going pro as a quarterback. But in a blink of an eye his life changed. He joined the Marines. Came home got a Behavior Psychology degree. Became a detective in his own hometown. Now at 38, his life is in shambles. Addicted to heroin from an undercover job, one night he shoots too much.
On that night his life is saved by Arcas Raska. Never would Jay think this paramedic firefighter would not only save his life, but his sanity and soul.
Now there is a serial killer in town. One that seems to be obsessed with Jay. Will Jay face this challenge and come our whole, or will he finally break once and for all?
Arcas may just be the key to this fork in the road. Only time will tell of Arcas will answer the cry screaming ‘SAVE ME’. And save Jay from the demons within.

VilCorp Scene

Scene from VilCorp

All Rights Reserved

Tony was already passing out sugary drinks. Etain shuddered. She hated what too much sugar did to her. So, she passed and went and grabbed a cup of tea. She discovered teas in Asia a long time ago. Before most countries did. She adored tea. She loved coffee more, but tea settled something in her soul. She also grabbed a candy cane. She loved these things. She loved to suck them into a pointed tip. They came out in mass in the early nineteen hundreds. But since the sixteen hundreds candy makers had made sweet candy sticks. The pointed tip would be perfect to poke people when they annoyed her. She smirked as she took the candy cane out of her mouth and looked at the pointed tip, before poking Tony.

“Hey! Stop that!” Tony glared at her.

“No. It is fun.”

“Will you grow up?”

“I am grown. Wanna see how grown?” Etain smirked, she would not sleep with him, but teasing was fun. Teasing is what friends did.

“You don’t have the right parts for me.”

Etain laughed. “Oh, and Gabby does?” She smirked as continued to fashion her sugary weapon.

“Hey! Don’t bring me into this childish game!”

“Says a grown man who became an archaeologists because he lost his favorite babble when he was robbing graves before he became a big evil villain.” Etain looked at him with a smirk. She then poked him with the candy cane.

Gabriel started and glared. “Only you would make a weapon out of a candy cane.”

“Would you three please behave?” Catriona sighed, “seriously, Arc, stop causing pain. What did Tony and Gabe do?”

“He is Tony. Enough said. I mean he wears his underwear outside his pants. And Gabby is a bad guy like me.”

“Hey! That was the fashion for superheroes at the time! I would change my outfit now!” Tony yelled, as Gabe yelled, “retired bad guy!”

“Good, I won’t be seen with you in that old outfit.”

“Will you three stop acting like children and behave?”

“Yes, mom.” They all sang song. 

William cleared his throat, getting everybody’s attention, “okay! So, first Arc wants to say something. Then she will get to ask the first question.”

Etain raised an eyebrow from where she was lounging against some pillows with Catriona next to her. “I am making an announcement saying that I am awesome? Powerful? Queen of Evil? Cute as hell? Which is where you all have said I came from?”


Etain rolled her eyes. “So, my shrink over there says to face my past, I must remember who I am, and by that, I mean allow that you all know my actual name. I am Etain, Daughter of Brien.”

“O’Brien… You used that all the time.” Tony laughed, “you hid your name in your fake name!”

“Eh, it was a way to keep up the lie I sprung from nothing. But by doing that, I realized I gave the man power. That I am nothing more than something owned by him. So, I am Etain. I have no last name. I belong to nobody.”

The others nodded had similar issues with the times they were born. “Okay, so, Etain, what is your first question?” Tony asked as he plopped down with a bottle of wine, filling Catriona’s glass and his own, offering Etain.

Etain shook her head at the offer. She tilted her head and then smirked. “Who was everybody’s first love? I can answer first, I was in a poly amorous relationship. My wife to be was named Bridgid. My husband to be was named Drest. I had been having sex with Bridgid since I was twelve. About four months in, Drest caught us. We asked him to join. I adored being taken by both of them. I was planning the final steps of my marriage ceremony when my world was turned upside down. The opposing forces killed them.” They did not get to know everything right now.

While Tony was talking about some guy Catriona froze. Her first love? While Etain was sitting right there? Etain was opening up bit by bit, and it wa great. But Catriona could not help but get jealous when she joked with the others. Catriona always worried that she would pick someone else to date when she got well. And now Catriona had to tell Etain the story of her first love? That may set Etain off. She may just go back in time to them. After all, her first love story did not end well.

“Earth to Cat?” Etain placed a hand upon her’s. “You okay, Cat?”

“Just fine.”

“It is your turn.”

Catriona swallowed, “you must promise me something Etain.”


“I am serious.”

“I am too. Anything you want. Anything.”

“You cannot lose control. You cannot let your powers go.”

Etain frowned, why would a first love story need that promise. “Okay…”


“Okay, I promise. I said anything.”

“You can’t travel time, can you?”

Etain snorted, “nobody can but the crazy man in a blue box.”

“That is a television show.”

“There is a reason whoever created us made sure none of us had the power to go back in time. We can be super fast, we can fly, but none of us can change the past. No matter how much we wish we could sometimes. Everything happens for a reason. You told me that. You told me that many times through the years.”

Catriona nodded and sighed, “his name was Paul.”

Catriona was twenty. She had just met the most wonderful being. He had a minor power, so he stayed and lived a normal life. He believed that women were equal. It was a radical thought during this time. He started to court her. He would come and visit and they would just talk. They talked about books. They talked about the new university, Oxford. They talked about education for both men and women. They talked languages. And he was so sweet. He stated he understood she had no desire for sex. He kept his touches light and friendly. A kiss to a cheek. A brush of lips. Catriona fell slowly in love. She found herself on his arm whenever they went out. Happy and content. Perhaps one day they could marry.

It all changed one night. Catriona had come back from a battle with Arc. And had just wanted to lie down and sleep. It was late when there was banging on her door. She opened the door to find Paul. “Paul?”

“You tease! I have been patient this whole year. Now, you are going to put out.”

Panic filled Catriona. He hit her and ripped at her clothes. But before he could complete his crime, a rage filled Catriona and she let loose her powers. There on the floor was a puddle of Paul. Catriona blinked before she bent over and threw up. She ran to the only place she ran safe, her mother’s. 

“So, my first love ended up being that man that almost stole what is only mine to give.” Catriona finished her story and saw Etain standing up. “Etain…”

“I need a moment.” Etain moved and went outside. She took deep calming breaths. Why did people have to be so evil? Honestly, for all the death and destruction she had caused, she never took a person’s will away. The right to say yes or no. She took deep breaths, trying to keep her promise to Catriona. She turned when a twig snapped. “Catriona.”

“Etain, are you okay?”

“Your question about time travel makes sense now. But I am fine. Are you?”

“Yes. I was able to work through it a long time ago, Etain. To me it is just a bad memory.”

Etain nodded, “just so you know, if I could travel through time, I would have killed him the moment he knocked on your door.”

“I know.”

“Let’s get back before they think we are either killing each other or having sex.”

Catriona laughed, “is that what the bets are on?”

“If it makes you feel better, all but Timothy think we will have sex and never fight again. Timmy thinks we have a big knock out battle brewing first.”

“And what do you think?”

Etain smirked, “I adore you, I can’t deny that. But you will push while I am on this therapy path. And I push back.”

Catriona nodded, “good. Push if you need too. It sets boundaries. Though, I got to ask something.”


“When you talked about ropes that final battle?”

“Have you ever been tied up during sex?”

“No. It doesn’t seem like something I would like.”

“Would you like it if it was you tying me up?”

An image of a naked Etain laying on their bed, tied down by silken ropes flashed through her mind, and a blush came to her cheeks. “Umm…”

“I will take that as a, maybe. One day we can find out.” Etain laughed as she left a flustered Catriona in the yard as she made her way back to the group.

Catriona took deep breaths, “that woman does it on purpose. I swear.” She muttered as she made her way back.


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Short story coming 2021


I stood silent.
As to speak would have meant my own death.
I stood silent.
As the rivers ran with the blood of the innocent.
I stood silent.
As my fellow women hung from the trees.
I stood silent.
As their screams rang out.
I stood silent.
As they dragged them from their homes.
I stood silent.
As I faced my own judgment.
I didn’t stand silently.
As I faced my death.
I cursed them all.
I showed my truth.
I stood silent.
And that is my curse.
We are all cursed.
I just learned to own my curse.

The Last Question

VSS365 and GrimList2020 Twitter Prompt

All Rights Reserved

A shop of oddities.
Been to the city many times before.
Never during the Devil’s Hour.
To curious for my own good.
There was a Talking Board.
Was compelled to ask.
So, a question I asked
A question about my death.
Now, my soul powers the shop of oddities.

Tainted Innocence

VSSMURDER Twitter Prompt

All Rights Reserved

The pin pricked her skin.
A corsage to symbol youthful love.
Turned rotten with death.
The virus had been upon the pin.
Subject 0 running rampant.
Craving blood, brains, & life.
She is on the hunt.
Only with thoughts of death.
Her first victim, the boy who loved her.

A New Life

Supernatural AU Fanfic story

I own nothing of Supernatural just the plot.

I wrote this as a gift for a friend.

Castiel didn’t really know what to do any longer. He had refused Heaven’s orders. What choice had he been given? To kill a human? Even one tainted with Demon’s blood was against HIS orders. He just couldn’t do it. He wasn’t officially fallen, not like others, namely Gadreel. Gadreel is the one that helped him find a way to live among the humans. Gadreel felt bad for his part in the temptation of humans. And he for sure did not like how Hell was ran. Another who helped was Loki, or as Castiel once knew him, Gabriel. Loki loved Castiel’s new adventure.

Castiel had been shocked to discover that there was a whole community of Angels, Fallen or otherwise, that have left Heaven and Hell for the orders that have been given. They pretty much have built a town. Of course, many mortals were in the town. After all, the world must still go round. People would notice if one town didn’t have sickness and death.

He had moved here with the human he had been ordered to kill. A Samuel Winchester. Sam used to be a hunter, until his brother sold his soul to save his life. Now, he was just trying to live that life. He became a lawyer and is the lawyer helping all the demons and angels in this town, as well as the town people.

Castiel decided to open a diner. He learned to cook from Sam, who had learned to cook from this brother. Castiel found a passion for feeding people. He smiled to himself as he made a sandwich. He wasn’t watching as the mustard fell upon the sandwich creating a sigil, and then when he accidently cut himself, the lone drop of blood that fell upon it. He did start when there was a poof of smoke and a man in jeans with bow legs, working boots, a tight tee, and a deep red shirt unbutton and the sleeves rolled up. Castiel blinked seeing the Mark of Cain. He looked up to see the most gorgeous green eyes, they reminded him of clear Emeralds. Loki’s voice entered his head calling them fanfiction green. He had short hair and had this drawl when he spoke.

“An Angel! Why would an angel summon a demon?” The demon leaned against the counter and smirked. “How about making me one of those bad boys and telling me why you called me, angel?”

Castiel sputtered. “I didn’t mean to call you! I was just making a sandwich!”

The demon smirked, “ooo, a subconscious calling! Maybe some sex? I am good at discreet.”

Castiel sputtered and pushed a sandwich into his hand. “I didn’t mean to call you! Here, eat something!”

The demon laughed and took a bite of the sandwich. “This is good angel!”

Castiel blushes and puts some chips on the plate without saying anything.

The demon finishes up and smirks. “Later Angel!” He poofs out.

The next day Castiel gets a call of the lifetime. A television show that goes around and highlights small town diners, bakeries, and favorite food spots wanted to do a piece at his diner! His!

It wasn’t until he was telling Gadreel and Loki about the demon that it clicked. “Wait, I didn’t give my soul or anything right?”

“No. You have to kiss or sign something. You just feed this very hot sounding demon and if he was involved, it was his simple thank you.” Gadreel explained, “you said he had Cain’s Mark. Seems you met Dean. He took the mark from Cain about 2 years ago. He was one of Alistair’s pupils. He sold his soul for his brother. He prevented the seals from being broken by never touching a BLADE to a soul. He used other tools.”

Loki snorted, “he used animal claws, he got out quickly and become a crossroads demon. Now he is a rogueish demon. Still makes deals and such. But is selective in what he takes.”

Castiel was shocked. “Oh! Well, I have to go clean the diner. I will see you all later.”

He was almost done when he smelled sulfer. “Back?”

Dean smirked, “your sandwiches are tasty. But it seems your diner is closed. Can I get a sandwich, Angel?”

Castiel said nothing but washed his hands and slide a sandwich toward Dean with some chips. He finished cleaning.

Dean ate and left, even going so far as to wash the dish before leaving.

This went on for months. Dean showing up more and more. And Castiel getting more and more ‘gifts’. Winning the Lottery one time so he could expand. Being on new television shows. Life became easier and easier living as a mortal.

Until Sam came in one day to give him paperwork and Dean had popped in at the same time. The air became tense and Dean popped back out.

“What was that?” Castiel asked Sam.

“Dean is my brother. Is he living in the community?”

“No. From what Loki and Gadreel has told me, he is still protecting the world. Makes deals with only damned souls. Took the make to keep Darkness contained. He is a demon even hunters trust.”

“Oh…” Sam rubbed the back of his head. “We had a fight when he became a demon. I said some things I didn’t mean. We haven’t spoke in years. He is damned because of me. I wasn’t aware he was a friend.”

“Yeah… friend. He comes for sandwiches and gives me gifts.”

Sam laughed. “Leave it to my brother to be courting an angel when he is a demon.” Sam left the papers on the counter. “Next time tell Dean he is my brother. And I would like to see him.” Sam walked out the door laughing.

The problem was Dean didn’t show back up for weeks.

After 3 months Castiel was worried. So, he got Gadreel to get him Dean’s sigil. So, he called him. He didn’t know when it happened. But Dean became essential to his day. He had a sandwich and chips ready.

Dean blinked. “Need something Angel?”

“Where have you been?”

“Avoiding Sammy. Didn’t know you two were close.”

“Sam is our lawyer in this community. I am expanding. He also said he would like to meet up with his brother again. He is hurting because of the things he said to you.”

Dean blinked. He was shocked silent. He accepted the sandwich and chips automatically. He ate while lost in thought. He washed the dish and was getting ready to leave when Castiel stopped him. “Angel?”

“Stay. We could use a man like you in the community. And let me take you to dinner. Tonight.”

Dean blinked. A life. An apple pie life? Doing his demon things, but having a home to come back to and just not his baby? He wanted that. He wanted that so much. And it all started with an accidently summons and a sandwich. “Yes.”

Castiel smiled, “I will introduce you around tomorrow, something to drink dear? Or another sandwich?”

“I love me some pie, Angel.”

Like that life in the mortal world, cast from heaven, looked sweet as the pie he was pulling from the oven.

Copyright Image Kris Charles created as a gift for a friend


Twitter Prompts Story

All Rights Reserved

The man I was forced to marry was toxic.
Of this when the fallen found no dissent.
I held high the knife.
The silver glint caught the fire.
I took a breath.
I could not live this life.
The knife came down.
Two days later I stood at a grave.
He was dead.
I knew that one day the cost would be my soul.
Now my body rots in the cemetery.
I stood in front of the Seraphims for judgment.
I snorted at them.
Lucifer looked at me; he smirked “I adore a challenge, HELL.”
He gave his vote on my eternity and sealed my fate.