Camp NaNoWriMo

All Rights Reserved

Ah prep for my Camp NaNoWriMo project is done.
Bare bones outline: check
Plot idea: check
Cover: check

So this is the one I am sorta writing chapters as TV episodes.

I was also told about kindle vella, which may work for this type of writing.

Anyways, it is a basic LGTBQ+ Suspense type novel.

Been done to death perhaps. But it is a story line that won’t leave my head.

James ‘Jay’ Clossen never imagined life this way. Once upon a time the dream was going pro as a quarterback. But in a blink of an eye his life changed. He joined the Marines. Came home got a Behavior Psychology degree. Became a detective in his own hometown. Now at 38, his life is in shambles. Addicted to heroin from an undercover job, one night he shoots too much.
On that night his life is saved by Arcas Raska. Never would Jay think this paramedic firefighter would not only save his life, but his sanity and soul.
Now there is a serial killer in town. One that seems to be obsessed with Jay. Will Jay face this challenge and come our whole, or will he finally break once and for all?
Arcas may just be the key to this fork in the road. Only time will tell of Arcas will answer the cry screaming ‘SAVE ME’. And save Jay from the demons within.

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