Meet The Author

Meet Kris Charles.
Creator and Destroyer of Worlds.

Kris Charles is a pen name. They live in Iowa. They enjoys music, baking, and playing with a Pup named Milo Roy.

Their pronouns are they/them.

Katy Lily was their first major story, starting in 1992, it was told as a verbal story to their youngest brother. Parts were used as short stories for classes from grade school to College. And now, all ten year of Katherine Lillian’s Life will be published for the world to read.

Kris is also the author of A Guardian’s Life Saga; first novel is The Seven Deadlies. The author of The Keepers Trilogy; first novel is The Keepers and the Sisters of Lilith. Others coming soon include Darkened Grace, VilCorp, The Demon Within, and Praying.