Works In Progress

The Katy Lily Series

Book Three: And the Veil Shall Lift Years Three and Four

Book Four: Elemental Mazes Year Four

Book Five: Senka’s Mistake Year Five

Book Six: The Dream Curse Years Six and Seven

Book Seven: Power’s Darkness Years Eight and Nine

Book Eight: The Courting of Chaos Year Ten

Corruption? A Katy Lily World Novella

Hunted A Katy Lily World Novella

Forgiven Revenge A Katy Lily World Novella

A Guardian’s Life

Kari’s Beginning: The Seven Deadlies

Guarin’s Story: The City of Clocks

Charles’ Story: Few and Proud

Alexandra’s Story: Celtic Knot

Melina’s Story: A Dragon’s Power

Careia’s Story: Heavenly Virtues

Bes’ Story: The Sphinx

Asher and Kilian’s Story: The Zodiac

Von Kampen Wolves’ Story: The Pack

Kari’s Ending: The Nine Gems

The Keeper Trilogy

The Keepers and The Sisters of Lilith

The Keepers and the Heart of the Universe

The Keepers and the McKinnion Emeralds

One Offs/Collections

Monster University: A Series of Short Stories

Darkened Grace, Formally The Damned Saint

Shades of Fear


Insomnia Cafe


Roads to Hell

An Unholy Killer

An Unholy Creation

I Am Death: Short Story Collection

The Chronicles of Battle: Short Story Collection

Secrets: Poem Collection



The Demon Within

And Many others


Fallen Justice

The Lost Godling

Excalibur and the One True Queen

Fate of Magics