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The man I was forced to marry was toxic.
Of this when the fallen found no dissent.
I held high the knife.
The silver glint caught the fire.
I took a breath.
I could not live this life.
The knife came down.
Two days later I stood at a grave.
He was dead.
I knew that one day the cost would be my soul.
Now my body rots in the cemetery.
I stood in front of the Seraphims for judgment.
I snorted at them.
Lucifer looked at me; he smirked “I adore a challenge, HELL.”
He gave his vote on my eternity and sealed my fate.

Breaking the Mold

BraveWrite Twitter Prompt

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You will comport yourselves accordingly.
You will always be prim & proper.
You will obey.
You will be thin.
You will be perfect.
Rules told to all little girls once upon a time.
But we are breaking the rules!
We are making the rules!
For we are Woman & hear us Roar!


Twitter BraveWrite Prompt

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What does it say about the world’s ableism, when a person chooses to hide their illness?
They hide it to appear normal.
Lie about feeling well, when they are being pumped full of poison to combat a deadly disease.
Those who can’t hide their disability, shunned & to be avoided.
We need to fight ableism before it is to late.
For if we don’t, we may miss out on the world’s greatest beings.