Freedom’s Fall

A VilCorop Companion Short Story

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I wrote this back when I was writing VilCorp but couldn’t really fit it in the novel, I am gonna edit a bit and expand before posting.

Discover Freedom AKA Anthony’s Story After the rise of VilCorp and the fall of Heroes

TW: Violence, Suicidal thoughts, sex, drugs, dubious consent due to drug use, nudity, etc.


“Killing myself would have been the easy way out… In the end it I took the harder path… After all, they forged me in a living hell…”

Dirty Secret

Copyright 2017
All Rights Reserved

TW: adultery, murder, suicide

There he goes, not even noticing how I look at him. He doesn’t notice the look in my eye. He doesn’t see that he owns my heart and soul. He doesn’t know how much I need him.
It is wrong I know. But I can’t help but love him. I try to stay away. I try to remember he isn’t mine. I try. I try so hard.
Sometimes I slip.
But only when I am drunk, which is often, as I love him so.
I love him. How could I not?
It really is a sight to behold, that man.
But I am nothing but a dirty secret, for when he has had too much to drink, when the job gets to tough, and when he just needs someone other than his wife. He comes seeking a comfort only I can give.
But then he leaves again; the clock mocks me as it flashes two in the morning. Four hours. For four hours he was mine.
And now he will go back to her. His love. His soul. The one that doesn’t have to be the dirty little secret. The one that gets to tell the world he is hers. The one that gets to tell the world that he belongs to her. That the world knows has his heart. Even if I have his body for hours at a time.
I get up and look in my cabinet. The gun he gave me is there. For my protection, he had told me. He had a lot of enemies.
The pills the doctor gave me are there. For my depression. My anxiety. My seizures. All there.
I am sick of being someone’s dirty little secret. I look at them, but I slide down to the floor and sigh.
I don’t know how long I am there. But suddenly I hear my door open; only he can get in to my apartment. I wait for something, but nothing is coming. I hear the bathroom door open. He is standing there above me. He has a gun. I look up at him.
“You can’t be my dirty little secret anymore.” He pointed the gun at me and shot twice, into my chest.
As I lay there, the pain of the bullets in my chest, I was gasping for air.
I hear another shot; he had turned the gun upoin himself and shot himself in the head.
I struggle to get up. I make my way to the phone… I dial emergency services. “He killed himself…” I gasped out, and then my world went black…
I was no longer his dirty little secret.


Micro Fiction
All Rights Reserved

In the land of nightmares nothing has to make sense. We after all are just that, nightmares, creatures of imagination, given life. It is why when I retired from traveling through dreams, I opened a bar. A bar made of glass, with the magic of dreams it is easy to fix after a fight. The bar of glass allows all to watch the dreams of their humans, and know when they have to join the dream. It gives me and the other creatures of the night our entertainment and the social interaction that we now crave as we were created by the humans we torture. After all, in the land of nightmares the only light we have are from the dreams of our humans.


All Rights Reserved

Justice was held down by chains of corruption.
Her white robes changed black with death of innocenence.
She remained blind to the sight…
But the smell of the burning of freedom, would always remain.
A tear fell from under her blindfold hot against her marbled cheek.
It was time, once more, to pick up her sword.
It was time, once more, to rage war on corruption.
But the chains held her down.
She could only lend support to those who were trying to break them.
So much pain.
So much heartache.
Movements marching around her.
It was the right of the people!
Yet corruption locked her away.
She struggles against the chains.
She sees the good helping.
The Movements!
The riots turned parades!
Chip by chip the chains are breaking.
People have had enough!
They want her freed!
She needs to be freed!
For She serves only the people!
She rises up and stands in front of the crowds.
No more.
Chained no more.
She lends her soul and sword to the generals of this war.
May it be enough…
For Justice may be blind,
But She isn’t dead.

Monster Within

Twitter VSS365 Prompt

All Rights Reserved

They stalked their prey.
The hunger in them had grown.
They could no longer hold back.
The blood red ring around the moon glistened with anticipation.
The Devil’s Hour upon them.
Warmth of the blood spilled across their fingers.
A sigh.
The monster temporarily satisfied.

Tainted Innocence

VSSMURDER Twitter Prompt

All Rights Reserved

The pin pricked her skin.
A corsage to symbol youthful love.
Turned rotten with death.
The virus had been upon the pin.
Subject 0 running rampant.
Craving blood, brains, & life.
She is on the hunt.
Only with thoughts of death.
Her first victim, the boy who loved her.


Twitter Prompts Story

All Rights Reserved

The man I was forced to marry was toxic.
Of this when the fallen found no dissent.
I held high the knife.
The silver glint caught the fire.
I took a breath.
I could not live this life.
The knife came down.
Two days later I stood at a grave.
He was dead.
I knew that one day the cost would be my soul.
Now my body rots in the cemetery.
I stood in front of the Seraphims for judgment.
I snorted at them.
Lucifer looked at me; he smirked “I adore a challenge, HELL.”
He gave his vote on my eternity and sealed my fate.