The Last Question

VSS365 and GrimList2020 Twitter Prompt

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A shop of oddities.
Been to the city many times before.
Never during the Devil’s Hour.
To curious for my own good.
There was a Talking Board.
Was compelled to ask.
So, a question I asked
A question about my death.
Now, my soul powers the shop of oddities.


Twitter Prompts Story

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The man I was forced to marry was toxic.
Of this when the fallen found no dissent.
I held high the knife.
The silver glint caught the fire.
I took a breath.
I could not live this life.
The knife came down.
Two days later I stood at a grave.
He was dead.
I knew that one day the cost would be my soul.
Now my body rots in the cemetery.
I stood in front of the Seraphims for judgment.
I snorted at them.
Lucifer looked at me; he smirked “I adore a challenge, HELL.”
He gave his vote on my eternity and sealed my fate.

Sealed With A Kiss

Twitter Prompt VSS365 & GrimList2020

All Rights Reserved

I drew the sigil upon the once hallowed ground; long since been burned black by sin.
It sat upon a crossroads.
I knew the cost.
The demon came.
A life for a life.
A soul for a soul.
I made my deal.

Sealed w/ a kiss.
My body now rots upon this damned ground…