Legacy New WIP

All Rights Reserved

Chapter One Death’s Embrace


My legacy was death.

Of that I was most certain.

I had been raised by my father’s family because my mother had been killed.

Killed by a Fae.

In the Fae’s defense, mother had tried to kill them first.

Mother was a ‘kill all supernatural beings’ Hunter.

With that, as with any Hunter, they had seen Samuel kneeling in a church begging forgiveness, and they had seen our creator sitting at a bar, broken.

Not literally, of course, but the most evil of beings had a line in the sand.

I would learn I could cross my line.

The most noble of beings also had a breaking point.

I would find mine.

Before all of that, I had been determined to not be like my mother. I did not want to be that type of murderer.

Of course, when one’s inheritance is violence, things did not work out the way one plans.

I had fallen in love.

Stupid teenage love.

And had twins.

Against the better judgement of my mind.

My gorgeous girls, half Hunter and half Fae.

Not that the worlds would know.

Hunter and Supernatural?

As forbidden as it could be in the Supernatural world.

The mortal world knew nothing about that, but to see the two of us together, a normal mortal would have felt weird and want to judge against us.

Their father, my precious love, had only been half, so to see that my twins got that full half from him was a shock.

It would in the long run make them stronger.

Their looks were not affected as much as they could have been, being half Fae.

Their Fae abilities were more in their magic.

They got my dark skin.

His slightly pointed ears.

The eldest, Aliza, had long blonde hair, rare for our skin tone, but possible.

The youngest, Sophia, got my mess of curly, dark hair.

They were my everything.

My love and my daughters.

Then my love was killed by a vampire coven.

The brutes were seeking the high of Fae blood.

THe magic within their blood gave a euphoric high to other supernatural beings.

Many Fae were hunted and killed for their blood.

Or used as slaves for their magic, as they were one of few species to have true magic.

With his death I became my mother.

The Legacy continued with me.

I had hoped it would have died.

I started to kill all Supernatural beings.

Leaving my daughters with my love’s mother, a very mortal mother who was in the know.

I left and hunted.

Hunted and killed.,

I tried to run from my grief.

This pain in my soul.

But that grief is what would get me killed.

I let anger cloud me.

It made me sloppy.

It got me killed.

Once again I left my daughters motherless, like every Hunter before me.

We always left our daughters.

Daughters born to Hunters.

Hunters only being female.

A curse that came not from God on the daughters of Eve.

No, Hunters were not the daughters of Eve.

They are the daughters of Lilith.

Cursed to know evil.

Cursed to hunt.

Cursed to die young.

Cursed to know love.

Cursed to lose love.



Always cursed.

With that, the curse gained my life, and once more I left my daughters with our Legacy.

A Legacy of Death’s Embrace.

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