Long time no post!

Starting at the end of October I came down with Covid. For the longest time I tried to get going again with posts and writing once more. But as fatigue and long term effects keeping me down, I have not had much more than a chance to relax, rest, and read.


I am finnally feeling better and not as affected by the long term fatigue.

So, over the next few days, I will be posting updates on what I am working on.

VilCorp will becoming out soon.

I am re-writing the finnal battle scenes.

Also, Katy Lily 2 edits will be done, and re-released in March.

Until then, current stories to come out in 2021 (Short Stories, Novels, Re-Releases)


Micheal’s Fall

The Demon Within

Brick by Brick


The Nightmare Within Katy Lily Book 2

And The Veil Shall Lift Katy Lily Book 3

Friday Nights


Darkened Grace

Fates of Magic

The Seven Deadlies

The Keepers and the Sisters of Lilith

I will be posting VSS shorties again starting in March.

Remember I am on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr.

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