Monster University-Mia

Short Story All Rights Reserved

“I think back often to my life. I left his room before dawn every day. 
Always before dawn. I always felt dirty, but I thought I had loved him. I would have done anything for love. Even destroy my morals. Sometimes I still feel dirty. He was my temptation from the Morning Star. And the Morning Star won. I was a new nun then, devoted to Jesus and God. He was a new priest and at first kind. He was handsome, and he charmed me. He was a minion of Lucifer. I often fell to my knees after going back to my room every dawn. I begged for forgiveness, the words still imprinted into my mind. ‘Lord, forgive me my sins. I could not help myself. I am weak and unworthy of being your bride.’ Every day for over a year I stated these words. Yet I never stopped giving into my temptation. I wept every day on my knees in front of the crucifix. Sometimes I wouldn’t move for days at a time. No food. Nothing but me praying for forgiveness. The things he made me do for his love, the things he made me do for him, with him. I remember crying when I took that little test. To see that little plus sign that ended my life. It was three in the morning and I had just told him three days before about the little plus sign. I moved from my knees and opened the door and looking into his eyes I knew my death was upon me. My hands went to my stomach where my child was; my child that would never get to know what life meant. Looking into his eyes, I meet death; with only the mirror on the wall as my witness, as it trapped my soul that cried for vengeance.”

Mia sighed as she looked out at the little faces. She was a teacher at the elementary school. The same school that was the school and church she had been killed in; this was her hometown and after a hundred years she was back. She still loved children. Her own never getting a chance to live. She smiled at the little four-year-old that came running up to her with a picture.  “This is wonderful, sweetie!” She stated as she put it up on the board of art. 

She knew having a monster in the school system was the right way to go about things; but she truly loved this job. She just looked at the board. She looked at the mirror placed in the middle. ‘To Show You True Beauty’ was the theme. But she didn’t see her outward appearance to humans. 

No, she didn’t see the chocolate brown hair and honey burgundy eyes. No, what she only saw, the blood dripping down her face, her eyes black with her dead blood; as black as the sins she committed; her skin grey in death and her once lovely hair dripping with blood. She shook her head at her reflection. 

She always appeared a bit different when she killed her victims, using bees coming out of mouth, worms one time, but in reality it was just more blood. She only moved when she heard a commotion outside the door. “Something wrong out here?” She asked the principal and the contractor who was doing the addition.

“Oh, it is nothing, Ms. Banner. The floors we just had done, the paint below has leaked through it and the floors are this blood red again.” Principal Conner stated.

Mia raised an eyebrow. She knew why, of course. She did that. She cursed the school to always be drenched in her and her child’s blood until the world gave her justice. And they never did. She wasn’t the first victim of that bastard that took her innocence and the life of her child; she wasn’t the last either. He lived until he was ninety as a quite respected priest. Of course, he is burning in hell; well I assume he is for his sins. “Oh, well, the color isn’t that bad.”

The contractor laughed. “I shouldn’t have even tried. The rumor is the main building is cursed to always be drenched in a blood red color.”

“Oh, and what is this rumor Mr. Wilde?” Principal Conner asked.

“Well, there was a nun here, oh about a century ago, Sister Mary, anyway rumor is that she had an affair with the young priest that started at the church.” The contractor stopped and thought. “Father Williams, was the name I believe, he didn’t stay long he moved on less than a year after starting here. 

Anyway, you see Sister Mary got pregnant, and she told Father Williams and then disappeared into her room for three days. After those three days it is said that Father Williams went to confront her about getting rid of the child and when she refused he killed her. Beat her to a bloody pulp; killing both her and the child. The only witness was her mirror, which trapped her soul; as she cursed the school to be stained with the lifeblood of both herself and her unborn child. 

It is said that if you stand in front of a mirror here and say Bloody Mary three times, she will come and if your soul is dark, she will drain you of your life and add your blood to these cursed halls. If the person calling her is a child, she will search the child’s soul, and if they are hurt she will hunt down the person that has hurt the child and transfer the curse to them. 

If they aren’t hurt… well the reports state she tries to temp them to join her. To become her child. To join her for eternity in the land of monsters. All children seem to run, so don’t know what would happen if the child actually touched the glass.” Mr. Wilde stated.

Mia blinked. Well damn, they knew the truth and knew of her curse. She never has tempted a child, hurt or otherwise, to her side. They run for their parents or run away from the being drenched in blood. “Wow. Was the priest ever charged?”

“Nah, he moved on quickly after spreading her blood through the halls. It is said he went crazy that night after her heart stopped and he painted the floors with her blood as a reminder of what he had done. He is said to have buried the body in one of the older cemeteries in town, in an unmarked grave that to this day has not been discovered.”

The principal sighed. “Do you think we can paint or tile over this?”

“We can keep trying but this is the fourth time. I say just go with the red.”

The principal sighed. “FINE!” He threw his hands up. “At least when the bloody brats dirty it; it will be easy to clean. I am out of here.” He stomped off.

Mia raised an eyebrow. Maybe it was time to thrall him into calling her. “Have a nice day, Mr. Wilde.”

“You as well, ma’am.” He tipped his hat and left down the hall, and Mia went back to the children.

When it came time for the students to leave and the staff meeting Mia had flicked her eyes to a golden color to control the principal. She walked in and smiled. “Principal Conner!” She greeted again.

“Ahh, Mia, I have told you to call me Richard.”

“Of course, Richard Conner!” She made him look into her eyes and before the rest of the staff joined. “Tonight you will go into the classroom on the second floor, room 234; you will call out Bloody Mary’s name three times. You will call her to judge you. You want to be judged. You deserved to be judged.” She stopped the trance just as the first grade and second grade teachers, Michelle and Dianna came in. She smiled to them and took a seat with them after getting a cup of coffee.

Mia was at home in front of the mirror that held her damned soul. “Soon. Soon another veritable monster will be gone from this world. Soon.” She touched her hand to the mirror and walked through, changing to her true form. Now just to wait for the call. And soon she heard it… 

The whispered ‘Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!’ She smirked and transported to the room that was once her bedroom before they extended the school. “Richard Conner, did you request me?”

“Yes, Bloody Mary, I need to be judged. Judge me.” The principal was down on his knees.

Mia smirked; after all, his soul would feed hers and allow her to remain on the mortal plane. She came from the mirror, leaving a trail of blood and darkness. She looked down into his eyes. She saw him hurting the children. Punishing them unjustly. Being dismissed from his last job for beating a child to the point of brain death. She growled. To beat an adult was horrible; to beat a child was unforgivable. She opened her mouth and poisonous asps came from it; she knew his fear of snakes thanks to his soul. “Pay for your sins Richard Conner.” She hissed as she coughed the snakes up with a pool of blood and they zoomed to destroy him.

Richard Conner screamed as the venom burned through his veins. He screamed as he finally paid for his sins. He screamed until his throat bleed and his heart and brain finally exploded, destroying his eyes into black pools of clotted blood and his lungs drowning in his own blood.

Mia stood there and looked at the scene. Well, school would be closed tomorrow, she smirked as she walked back through the mirror leaving a trail a blood. For all her morals in life, they were released in death. She gave into temptation and while it damned her to hell and an eternal existence of death… 

It also freed her…

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