Monster University-Kat

Short Story All Rights Reserved

You know when I was cursed into this loveless existence, I don’t think the Voodoo priest thought I would love this life. He was my first slave. The only one I never took a taste of the forbidden fruit of, the only one I killed without giving pleasure. He just had to tell my husband about my lover. Just because I wouldn’t sleep with him. Just because I wouldn’t leave my husband. 

For all my faults, such as having multiple lovers at a time, I did so love my husband. Well, until he tried to kill me and I killed him instead. Even though I killed him, he still protects me. 

Especially from those freak Frankensteins.

One minor issue with trying to control them and that boy was ready to rip my head off! How was I supposed to know they weren’t zombies? But, thanks to James, I was left with my undead life. In James’ defense, he does love me; it is just with the curse I can never truly love him. Even if I do care about him. And I love my toys. My slaves. I do so enjoy my slaves. Time to find a new one, though. This most recent boy toy just isn’t exciting me anymore.

Kat put her quill back into its holder and turned to see her slaves cleaning her current home. She had expensive tastes; always had. Probably because she made sure to marry a couple of wealthy men in her life, after all the best things in life weren’t free. She chuckled to herself and then stood up and snapped her fingers. “Ah, Wilhelm, I hear James is in town. You are to follow him and see if he is going to make a play against me. And make sure Suzanna keeps an eye on Frankenstein. Rumor is she may have mellowed, and thus weakened, by a new grandchild. 

Didn’t know Frankie could knock someone up. If I had known I may have seduced him instead of trying to control him and his mother. And I am going to go call Jo and look for a new family member for you all!” She smiled as the zombie nodded and scuffed away. 

She picked up her phone. “Ah, Draco, is Jo there? She wasn’t there last time! But she has got to be getting hungry!” Kat sighed as she listened to his response. “Fine. I will go it alone. Again.” She slammed the phone down. It was the only reason she still had a home phone. There was a satisfaction to it. She went and dressed and then went downtown. She watched the people. She would find her target. She needed someone headstrong; yet obedient, she didn’t feel like totally breaking a new toy in. She normally wouldn’t need a new toy yet; however, this one is getting boring! He will make a great zombie, though.  She was watching when she saw a familiar figure. “Oh, Sam!” She called.

Sam tensed and turned. “Mistress Marie.”

“Oh, nonsense Sam, you earned your right to freedom! What are you doing with it now?”

“I own The Den of Insanity. A comic book and collectible store.”

‘You were such a geek when you were a zombie! When televisions first came out you were mesmerized and when I created you; comic books and World War I was all the rage; I mean heroes coming home and we had won!”

“Yes, well, I also was just back from the war as well when you trapped me Marie.”

“It is Kat now, darling!” She laughed.

“Back to your proper name of Catherine? Shocking. You hated it.” Sam stated as he turned and watched his prey. “Look Marie, I really got to get back to the store; my walking lunch is going to be there soon.”

Kat chuckled. “Go on! I know how it is being on a hunt.”

“On a hunt already? What about that last person… Jack… Jim… Something like that?”

“Josh. And he is boring. So boring. And I think gay.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “They are slaves whose minds are locked away Kat. We are still active in there, you know.”

“I know. You think I care. How cute!” Kat pinched his cheeks. “If you earn it like you did, than you go free. That is the rule, darling.”

“I earned it by destroying ninety percent of your slaves when my mind broke free enough and I had your throat in my fist.” Sam growled.

“Yes, well, not everybody had a mind like yours. Don’t cause problems, Samuel.”

“Like I would with Paris running around. He wanted to kill me because of what I did to get free.”

“Yes, he goes by James now.”

“I don’t care. Just stay out of my way, Kat. We may be civil because you created me; but if I think too hard on it, I want to go with those base instincts you let me keep when I was your slave and warrior.”

“I am going. Anybody off limits, Captain?”

Sam winced at his former title. “Just her.” He pointed to the one he was hunting.

“Okay Cap! See ya!” Kat stated. “Ta Ta!” She bounced away towards her target group, leaving Sam alone. She walked into the bar and took a seat. She ordered a brandy and waited. She didn’t wait long.

“What is a pretty girl like you doing all alone?” A voice drawled.

‘Southern. Jackpot.’ Kat thought and turned. “Hello! Oh, I am new to town. Going to start classes next semester. Catherine Orleans.”

“Tony. Tony Bellini. How about I keep you company then, since you are new and all?”

Kat smirked. “I would like that very much, Tony.” She purred.

Tony smiled. “Another beer for me and another drink for the lady here!” He called to the bartender as he moved them towards his table.

Many drinks and many hours later Kat took Tony to her bed.

Kat woke and smirked. She had a new toy. But for now, she had to make her old one a zombie. She yawned as she stood up; throwing on her robe, she moved to her workroom in the basement. She lit the black candles on her alter before bending down and running a hand down the face of the young man who was tied naked to her alter. “It is going to be fine, Josh. You will always do my bidding and if you are a smart one, you may even gain your freedom one day.” She went over to the shelf and grabbed her items. Dead Man’s Blood, Lavender, Thistle, Hemlock, Moonberry, Asphodel, Bay Lurel, Comfrey, Holly, Lemon Balm, Mandrake, Mugwort, Yew, and Willow. All of these mixed together and forced into the veins of Josh would create an undead slave. Slight side effect of having to feed them brains; but animal brains though not tasty are enough for them to live on. Kat smiled. Of course, it was like eating grass after dining on steak your whole life; those who were fool enough to fall into her web deserved what they reaped.

Josh tried to struggle as he watched her mix everything into a cauldron and bringing it to a boil. There was a lot of blood added. Dead Man’s Blood the bottles had been labeled. He tried to get free. He knew he was going to death. He should have been more aware of his surroundings and who he was picking up. He should have just said nope and got the hell out of dodge, but he was addicted to the sex. He closed his eyes and took a breath and accepted his fate of death.

Kat cooled the mixture and put it into IV bags. She hummed as she swayed over. “Don’t worry darling, this isn’t the end. This is worse than death. After all, Death grants you freedom. There is no freedom for the undead.” 

She hooked him up to start to drain his blood. “First, I will drain you until you are on the verge of death; then just as your heart is on its last beat I will pump this lovely mixed blood into your body. Want to know why these ingredients?” She laughed. “Of course, you do! Dead Man’s Blood because even the undead need blood, darling. Lavender because it has a power over me. People leave it at my grave looking for genuine love; even if I am cursed to never have genuine love. Thus, it is my signature herb. Thistle because it is a beauty, but also a weed that causes distraction and destruction. Hemlock, well that is just common sense as I have to kill you, and you won’t take a sip. Moonberry because it will paralysis your mind, allowing me to control it. Asphodel because it will cleanse you. Bay Lurel because I need to be able to communicate with you, and you need to be able to speak with me. Comfrey to remove your emotions for the ones left behind by your death. Holly is associated with resurrection and I am give you a form of life again. Lemon Balm for immorality. Mandrake, well cursed mandrake to trap your spirit and soul in your body. Mugwort for me to watch over you and control you. Yew to end your mortal life and give you an immortal one. And Willow to ease the pain of your death. I am not a too cruel of a mistress. I can be if you don’t behave; but I do take care of you. Even if you are my slave and I am your mistress.” Kat explained as she turned the IV on to pump in the mixture.

“You, Josh, are forever mine.” She watched as the blood entered his body and as it reached his heart, it caused it to decay and wilt until it stopped beating altogether before starting back up very, very sluggishly. She smiled as Josh opened his eyes and they were clouded over with not only death but with a purplish hue that signified she had control of him. She untied him. “Now off to the slave house with you. Suzanne, show him the way.” She snapped her fingers and watched them leave the room. Once they were gone she cleaned up quickly and made a note to contact Gus for more dead man’s blood. She had a feeling Tony wouldn’t stay mortal for long. She moved back up to her bedroom.

“Hey, where did you go, babe?”

“Just to do some paperwork, I couldn’t sleep.”

Tony smirked. “Well, let me keep you up for a lot longer.” He pulled her down and Kat willingly went. Because after all, in the end she owned him.

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