Hidden Miracles A Flash Fiction Story

Hidden Miracles
A Flash Fiction Story
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

Christmas… ‘Ugh…’ I shuddered as I walked the malls looking for some signature gift from one of these many capitalistic vendors. Why was I here? If I hate it so much? Well, it started with my past ringing my door bell, three days ago, a very hungry past, in the form of my only child I had give up fifteen years prior.
Fifteen Years Ago
I had crossed the first finish line of my first high school track meet, I was a sight, with my hair falling out of my ponytail and over my sweatband. I was on top of my fifteen-year-old world and smiling as if happiness was all I had, or would ever, feel. Little had I known just what would shatter me just hours from that moment. If I had, I may have ignored the offer to go for pizza with the team. But that night I was shattered, and nine months later I gave away the only person I would ever unconditionally love, all to protect them.
I shook my head from the memories of the past as I walked into a tech store. It was right next to the fitness center I went to; I was taking Krav Maga lessons, mostly to flirt with the instructor, even though she always kicked my ass each class.
I looked at the touch screen tablets and phones, I end up with a tablet/laptop combo system, and a cell phone. I shook hands with the agent, even against my aversion to the touch of strangers. I was happy enough to ignore it. For I now had my daughter in my life. I wept for her, I felt bad for being so happy. She had been kicked out by her adoptive parents for being different, for not being the ‘boy’ they had raised. So, I gave her a home when she found me. I accepted her without thought.
I was about to leave the mall when I walked by a pet store, a little of puppies, a new beginning, and the signature gift found. Now just to get custody of my daughter, the magic of everyday, and hidden miracles within this world’s hate, brought me back my child. The only human I would ever love unconditionally.

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