The Damned Saint Excerpt and New Cover Reveal

The Damned Saint Excerpt:

All Rights Reserved 

Vapula made sure she made it out of hell, he watched Sophia leave, give up power, when she could have stated anything and took power. But he knows all too well, power corrupts. He turned when he felt a certain grace. One he hadn’t felt since he burned down Alexandria. “Raziel,” he greeted looking at the Cherubim next to him. Well, the angel’s human form, not his true form, which would be something as Raziel never liked his true form when he was in heaven. Vapula sometimes misses his true form from his days in heaven, he lost the ox and eagle heads, and his human and lion heads combined, and he was basically a man and lion hybrid with Griffin wings. He much preferred his human form and give the choice would never be out of it.

Raziel gave a smile, a true one, like he forgot he was mad at Vapula. “Darling! Long time no see, heard you were in hell the last decade. What for?” Raziel wasn’t about to state he was worried that Vapula had a mate down there. That he had a new lover. Raziel winced at his slight overreaction to Alexandria. He knew any action Vapula took against knowledge was something he didn’t take lightly.
“Harahel, damned a sainted soul,” Vapula drawled.
Raziel stumbled back in shock, “HE DID WHAT?! NO WAY!”
“Queen Sophia jumped in front of a heavenly blade to save me. She killed him too, used a blessed blade to a critical spot on his neck. Principalities, always so quick to smite.”
Raziel could only blink at him as he processed that a Principality damned a sainted soul. “Does that mean we have a new Queen of Hell?” He knew exactly what type of beings a sainted soul could become when broken, they just were normally broken by humanity and not Hell. He couldn’t imagine one broken by Hell.
“No. Barbosa couldn’t break her. Hell, none of the legions could. Lucifer couldn’t just release her soul because of the damnation set upon it. So…” Vapula shrugged, “we called Michael, and there was a council and it was decided upon that she will be a mortal immortal with conditions.”

Raziel didn’t really know what to think about it, and so decided not to think about it at all. Let Vapula worry, he is good at it. “Wanna go to Africa with me? I wanna study their tattoo methods.”

“Does that word exist yet?” Vapula asked as he straightened his suit and looked at Raziel like he longed to burn the jeans and tee he was wearing and put him in a suit.
Raziel just shrugged and gave him a shit eating grin, “You and I know it, so that is enough.”
“Yes, but we are beings of knowledge.”

Raziel just shrugged again, “I am sure there is some ‘evil’, you can do in Africa. I mean you did invent Polytheism. Come with me, Darling?”

Vapula pretended to be put out, “fine, honey, let’s go research these tribal markings. Perhaps I can learn their music, get some of their writings.” Vapula was half way happy that Raziel was going to forget their five-century long fight. And with a blink both beings were gone.

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