Into The Dark

Random WIP
Into The Dark
All Rights Reserved

Everybody thinks death is the end.  Well, I found out it wasn’t.  Death was just the beginning.  When I became something that I never imagined.  I had a new purpose as my dreams ended with my death.  My soul was now no longer my own.  I had a master.  A creator.  And for me to save myself I would have to obey while I plotted my freedom and made my way Into The Dark.


It was a dark and stormy night… Wow, talk about cliché!  But in this story the start of this horrific tale horror, it does start on a dark and stormy night.  It was the night I died.  And trust me nobody forgets the night they died; especially a person with an eidetic memory.  After all, this is the in which many dreams have died and mine included.  So it was a dark and stormy night as I walked from my latest class, I hated the class but I had to take it if I wanted to gain my dream’s ending.  After all, I was made to fly.  I look down and smile at my Air Force Uniform.  One day I will be in the black as it calls to my very soul… this was my last thought.  I was hit upside the head at that point and all I felt was pain before my soul left my body.  

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