The Blessed Fallen

Random WIP:
The Blessed Fallen
All Rights Reserved


Fallen. That is what I am. I was once a perfect being. I stood on God’s side and fought for him, and him alone… Until the humans. Now I am one of the Blessed Fallen. I protect them from the shadows. I stay in the shadows. Hell, I am the shadows. Hell. Funny. Why? I will get to that. Nothing stops me from interacting with these humans, but I cannot allow myself to care for them. Because there are things I cannot change. I know that my former siblings cause destruction and pain and it is my job to prevent some but I cannot prevent it all. I sighed as I help yet another child pass on as The Fallen One sent another of his minions to cause pain. My name? Well to answer that we must go back to when I fell. Back when I was the Bride of The Morning Star…

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