The Demons Within

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The Demons Within is a new WIP I am slowly working on. There will be 20-24 “episodes”.

It will follow a Detective named Jay, he is head detective for the Narcotics and Homicide unit in his town. He was the best undercover office. However, this last assignment ended with addiction and an OD.

This story is about him and his way back on the path he wants to be on.

Along the way he meets a person he went to high school with, Micha. They are Paramedic/Firefighter. They still are the exact opposites.

In high school Jay was the dark, depressed, loner, who played sports and was the captain of the football team trying to win his father’s approval. It would get him into college where he double majored in behavioral psychology and linguistics. Not that many people knew. His goal was always to be in law enforcement. He had a goal.

Micha on the other hand was a bubbly, kind person who was active in just about every club on this God Forsaken Earth. He was the weird kid who didn’t really hang with a cliche. But for sure avoided the jocks as did most kids.

Never did Micha expect how large of role he would play in the life of the star athlete of his high school. But as they met more and more. Random, to hanging out, he just realizes, it is not only Jay who needed help finding his way back to the path he wanted to be on.

With a serial killer on the lose, events that seem random but some how connected, will they find the time to find their path in life? Or will the lose it to the person who seems to have set out to destroy not only Jay’s life, but his sanity?

The Demons Within, a website exclusive story!

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