Novella Concept:

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Villains run the world.

They went corporate and used their powers for fear in their world. Superheroes went into the shadows. Many died.

Doctor Arc got the Villains of the world together.

Hundreds of years later, Etain AKA Doctor Arc, finds out something so wrong she can’t let the corruption, even as much evil as she is, continue.

Etain is beaten and left for dead when she stands against her corporation.

She goes to the only hero that is left.

She is a Villain who needs a hero.

The hero once known as Earth Phoenix now just goes by her name her father gave her hundreds of years ago, Catriona.

When the villains one, she moved to a small city, opened a bakery, lives her extended life in peace.

Until one day she finds the villain on her doorstep.

The Queen Villain is asking Catriona to save the world.

Will She answer the call once again?


Chapter One: In The Beginning

There was Darkness. 

Humanity didn’t just evolve into the normal beings that make up the vast majority of the world’s population. It is said that some were said to be touched by God’s divine grace. 

That grace gave birth to the heroes and the villains. 

In reality, it was a chromosomal anomaly.

But one many exploited.

Chaos reigned.

And it was glorious.

For life without chaos is like a superhero without a cause.

There used to be a time where superheros reigned over and protected the lands.

They reigned in the chaos.

They brought order.

They were loved.

For millennia.

Until the villains became corporate. 

For hundreds, thousands even, of years it was the typical bad guy blows something up, steals something, does something super villain-y, and the hero would come in and save the day. Very basic. Exceptionally ordinary. Citizens worshiped the heroes and hated the villains. The superheros, however, knew the chaos the villains caused gave them a cause and a reason to exist. 

One villain loathed it. She hated the whole… flamboyance… of her… evilness.


Also known as Doctor Arc.

And with that, she vowed to change the way the world work.

She was tired of the hero always winning.

She was tired of the hero lording over her.

Her arch-nemesis, who had the stupid ass name of Earth Phoenix. It was so not her real name.

Back then they protected their real name. But since Phoenix was her number one enemy, she knew her real name. Catriona. But she never gave it up.

After all, Catriona, was hers. She called dibs. 

Then she got the villains to go corporate.

And Catriona disappeared.

But Etain kept tabs on her.

Dibs was dibs, after all.

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