Monster University- Sebastian

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Funny that I live in the shadows during most of my ‘lives.’ After allI was created by darkness. I am older than most of the monsters that are in our group. I was created with the dawn of times. I have seen not only this vast Earth, but the nothingness that it once was before the balls of gas formed in space. 

I wasn’t always a monster. I was once a creator of life. I gave souls. Now I take them. 

It is my punishment. I refused to not give souls to infants. I thought all humans deserved a chance at life. To live, the soul had to be given to the body. Thus adding the soul to the body and allow the body to live. 

All beings generally have souls. There are a few exceptions, though. Frank wasn’t given his own soul, he is made up of the pieces of souls left over though he says he is soulless, those pieces have knitted together to create something of a soul. 

No, sometimes there is just evil in the world. I wouldn’t say we are evil, though we kill to live. We are just doing what humanity is doing; doing whatever is needed to stay alive. That is probably why when I was banished to the shadows of Earth I tried everything to be able to walk among the mortals and I found a way. 

I must drain souls to gain a body. About one hundred a year. Which is probably why I work with Bo and the other monsters as the private investigator… 

Funny how being a shadow who wants to be among the humans, I live my un-life in the shadows…

Sebastian sighed as he was going through the paperwork. His job was mostly to find and create identities. He had to research backgrounds, make sure that pictures and most evidence that one of their family wasn’t how they said they were. He had only met a handful; but they were okay beings. Right now he was finding what he could on Mary Sheldon and whose daughter she gave birth to; as Frank wasn’t giving up the babe. He didn’t blame him. Kids were a soft spot for him and most monsters. Most monsters only regretted not being able to have their own children. 

He wasn’t having much luck with Sheldon. She grew up listening to monster stories, took it seriously, majored in classic lit and started teaching at a local high school, getting her doctorate and then moving to teach at the university. No relationships. No marriages. Nothing. Not even a picture of her with any men. It just didn’t make sense! 

He sighed as he threw the paper away from him. He looked up at the calendar. He had to take a soul soon. He had to take two a week and then he would have two weeks where he wouldn’t have to take any souls. He could pretend to be normal. He slacked on taking the first this week so he would have to take both quickly and close together. He stood up and jabbed his hat on his head and left. 

He had to do a bit of research anyway on this Sheldon chick. It was like she was a bloody monster herself. But if that was the case, she would know the rules for not attacking any monsters living in their town. If they do, they are declaring war. It was only because of James that Kat was still alive and the world wasn’t divided into kingdoms, Frankensteins and the voodoo priestess and her slaves. 

Most would have sided with Frank. Nobody touched family. Family was such a rare commodity in this undead life. 

He locked his door and headed toward the bars.

“Hey Seb!” Jo yelled. “Usual?”

Sebastian nodded. “Of course, Jo.” He took a seat at the end of the bar in the shadows. 

Tonight he was hunting. 

He looked out the window into the skies. He saw the billions of stars, many he created, many he knew had died out long ago. He closed his eyes against the pain of his creations dying. He knew they would. 

He knew soon there would be nothing he created. 

Not even this Earth that he sat upon. 

Soon he would be up for re-judgment and given a new punishment for his disobedience. 

Even when these monsters went to heaven or hell, he would be stuck in an endless loop of punishment because he was a creator. 

A destroyer. 

A true monster. 

He gave all this life, and he would take it one day as part of his punishment. He shook himself out of his stupor. He had to focus. 

He flicked his soul gaze on and looked at the people. He tried to pick those who were unnoticed, unwanted, unneeded or evil. After all, there was just sometimes evilness in the world.

It was a few beers in when a bar fight caught his attention. It wouldn’t have held his attention if it wasn’t for the dark, oily souls that were leading the fight. Sebastian smirked. Two for one! 

Always loved a bonus. 

He moved over and jumped into the fray. He had to get on his victims’ sides so he helped them. 

Soon the little college boys that started the fight were limping away, nursing their wounds, sans the cash they lost at the pool game. 

Lost… Stolen… Po-tat-oes… Pah-tot-os.

“Hey man, that was cool of ya. Why us and not the frat boys?” One of the meals on legs asked.

“Looked a bit unfair, seven against two? Thought I would even it up a bit.” Sebastian gave a grin.

The two men laughed. “Well, this is Bubba and I am Jay. Niceta meet ya.” Jay held out his hand.

Sebastian took it. “Seb.”

“Come on! Let’s get us some beer with our prize money and play some pool! Come on, you can join us Seb, after all those who fight together drink together!” Bubba stated.

It wasn’t long before the stolen money ran out, but Sebastian just slapped his credit card on the bar and they continued to drink. Jo came up to him. “Hell, Seb, they are drunk enough don’tcha think?”

“Just making sure. You know I avoid the struggle. You do me a favor and call the bodies in, in the morning? Gus should get use out of the skin; and they are troublemakers, they will think they got on the wrong side of each other and shot each other when I am done with the scene.”

“No problem sug. Look, just don’t forget to not get blood on the building. I can hose the alley. The building seems to have a life of its own sometimes and I don’t want to feed it, if you know what I mean?”

“Got it, Jo. We will leave soon.” He signed his name on his slip. Not bad for a lovely meal of two dark souls, he thought as he signed the seven hundred-dollar bill.

“Hey, we should go find something else to do!” Jay yelled.

“Yay! Come on Seb, buddy!” Bubba agreed as they stumbled into the alley.

Sebastian smirked. “Well, I have an idea my fiends.” He then dropped his power to look human and stood there looking for all the world a black void. There were sparks of light inside of the black. Like it was an universe upon Earth. Which, based upon what Sebastian was made of, made sense. “How about you run!” He then grabbed Bubba and sucked out his soul through his mouth. The black light that was dripping in an oily substance showed just how dark and evil Bubba was as a human. Sebastian dropped the body and placed one bullet in the heart and took off after Jay.

Jay tried to shoot at him. “What are you, man?” He asked as Sebastian held him up.

“I am the darkness. The shadows. The beginning and the end. And this is your end, Jay.” Sebastian stated as he sucked the black soul from Jay’s body. Dropping it and shooting once in the chest. Sebastian wiped the black oily residue from his chin and licked his fingers. “Well, that was pleasant.” 

He looked at the time. “Only one… I may be able to get a bit of work done.” With that, Sebastian left the bodies and went back to the office. 

It was his job to solve the mysteries of the town monsters.

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