Random WIP Excerpt: The Final Lullaby Tour

Random WIP Excerpt:
The Final Lullaby Tour
All Rights Reserved Copyright 2018


Doyle sat on his bed with a smirk. He wrote in his journal what should be the last entry. But if things went to plan, it wouldn’t be.

‘I am a condemned man. I knew this day would come. One can’t kill like I do and not end up on death row. But I have my last meal. A bloody rare steak –Iowan Sirloin-, baked potato, salad, biscuit, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Cliché. I once read most sociopaths name mint chocolate chip as their favorite ice cream. Mint chip. Perhaps it is true, my favorite is mint chip, and I am a serial killer, that is diagnosed as a sociopathic psychopath. It is sharp and sweet. Cooling in the sort of way that cool air after a burn is cooling. The best and worst of life is like that too; the sharp versus the sweet. Maybe that is why those of us with no emotions like it; it gives us both, the things we are missing in our souls… The Sharp… And the Sweet…’

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