Bonus Monster University: Raven

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “I have made many, many deals in my time as a demon. How I became a demon is very simple. I made a deal with Lucifer himself when he came to visit me in my home state of Georgia, well long, long, long before it was Georgia. It was a sin and I paid the price. Hundreds of years in hell until I worked my way up the ranks. Finally, I was able to go topside and I started making deals. Deals to create monsters that in the end would fill hell. After all that was my job. To fill hell. Even those that I gave immortality to would go to hell. Well, except kids, but I almost never make deals with kids. I have a few times of course. But the thing with souls of children is that they either go to heaven, though they are my favorite souls to take, or purgatory. It is why we are not supposed to make deals with children. I did make a deal with some, but I never thought it would come back and haunt me. After all I was a destroyer of cities, a killer of men, and an Earl of Hell. Well, a deal that came back and bite me in the ass. And it has. You see I have done my quota for the next few centuries and want to live in peace and I heard of a Monster community… and I want to join. Never thought I would have to pay a price to join because of a deal I made when I was a new topside demon…”
            Raven had just got into town. He had set up an apartment and a job at a local call center. He chuckled at that. Call centers were called hell by the employees a lot of the time. Not because of the place of employment but because of the stupidity of the people calling the employees. Raven had enough of constant deals. He had made enough deals for him to relax for a long time. He may make a deal or two but mostly he wanted to relax and live something akin to his mortal life once more. He had just started his training for his new job and was out with a few of the workers when he was tapped on the shoulder. He looked behind him and saw a large man with bolts in his neck. “Can I help you?”
            “We need to talk.” He stated.
            Raven tilted his head. One of the monster that lived here? He must be the welcoming committee, well Raven was a demon he would have him under control soon. “Sure!” Raven drained his glass and stood to follow him into a back room. There he found a man in a suit and woman who was professionally dressed as well. “How can I help you monsters?”
            Frank growled and moved to take his throat in his fist. “You won’t be asking the questions.”
            Raven sneered. “Do you know what I am?”
            “You are a demon from hell. Once human. Made a deal with the devil for ability to control any human in your town.” Beth stated. “What you don’t think we would look you up the moment you started to move yourself into our town?” Beth smirked.
            Bo took over. “You see we monsters live in communities. Within the communities there are sets of leaders. We have Tony, who is our Cleaner and thought he is willing to step up into a leader role he doesn’t like it. Then we have Beth. She is the mother figure of the monsters. What she says goes. Then we have Jo who runs this bar, and Morgan who runs the restaurant. Then there is me. You can liken me to the Godfather. I am in charge around here and my laws go.”
            “And what is Bolts here? The muscle?” Frank growled and tightened his fist.
            “Frank here is a very protective brother and father. Generally if Beth is not available and a medical professional is needed the monsters go to Frank. Frank is a bit more friendly than Beth at times depending on what you did.” Bo explained as he sat and crossed his legs.
            Beth followed suit and raised an eyebrow. “Now are you going to behave or will we have to take drastic measures? See we know you can’t die, for example if Frank were to rip out your voice box, through it would set us back a bit of time, it would grow back. So we have decided we are going to ask you some questions and give you some conditions to join us here in town.”
            Raven growled. “I answer to no one but Lucifer himself.”
            Frank smirked and took his hand and ripped a chunk of his stomach out. “Then by all means leave here and go back to hell. But we happen to know you want to take a break from the soul reaping. Mostly because you have a few people killing a certain number of souls that are sure to go to hell.”
            “That is just smart business.” Raven growled as the pain of growing a hunk of flesh coursed through his body.
            “Perhaps but you see one of those kids you made the deal with happens to be mine.” Beth stated. “Well, I adopted him. And we have decided we are going to make a deal with you.”
            Raven sneered. “I can’t make any deals with monsters. Most of their souls are already destined for hell.”
            “Oh, honey this isn’t about making a deal for our souls.” Beth smirked and gave Frank a nod.
            Frank smiled a creepy grin and then ripped Raven’s arm off causing him to scream. “What deal do you want then?” Raven cried out.
            Bo stood, and Frank turned and grabbed Raven by the back of the neck, so Bo could get into Raven’s face. “You see, Raven, or should we call you Raum? You see we know you are an Earl of hell. You have destroyed many cities and love to target children though deals are not supposed to be made with them. You see we also know how to send you back to hell for a few hundred centuries.” Bo smirked.
            Frank squeezed again. “You see for a long time I was a priest and had a very high spot in the Catholic Church, I was their chief exorcist, and you can say I wrote the book on it. And I specialized in Earls and Knights of Hell.” Frank grabbed and ripped a chunk out of his chest.
            Raven sneered. “What do you want?”
            Bo smirked. “Caliban’s deal. Instead of seventy-five a year. He does one. That is it. One only. And he doesn’t have to kill the one, just suck the marrow.”
            Raven yelled. “What? That was my best deal! I am ahead for centuries because of that kid!”
            Frank punched him in the chest and ripped out his heart dropping it on the ground. “Release Caliban or I will send you back to hell.”
            Raven sneered. On one hand he didn’t really need the kid but with him he wouldn’t ever have to take a deal again, without the kid he would have to do at least one a year to keep up. On the other hand he didn’t want to spend at least another century in hell before he could go topside. Raven stopped to think. He didn’t really want to release the kid. Before he could say that though that bloody Frankenstein Monster reached into his chest again and ripped out his ribs and held them up and then tossed them aside. “Fine! Fine! I, Raum, change the boogeyman Caliban’s deal! He must suck the marrow out of one hell destined soul a year; he doesn’t have to kill the soul just suck the marrow. He will retain all the benefits he had been granted before!” The magic over took and the deal was changed.
            Frank released him. “Good choice. Welcome to Grand Prairie Rapids.” Frank clapped him on the back and left.
            Beth smiled and patted his cheek. “Good choice Raven.” She kissed Bo’s cheek. “See you later.”
            Bo looked at Raven. “Don’t cause trouble. No deals in the city. We are all pretty much equal here. We are all friends. We are a family. We will accept you. And don’t cause troubles with our trying to gain Alyssa. She is a fallen angel who was thrown out from heaven for helping a human when a true monster was, well acting more like you. Don’t mess up this chance or Frank will not hesitate to send you back to hell.”
            Raven nodded. “I got it.” Raven flexed his powers and healed himself. It hurt like hell. “See you another time.” With that Raven left the room and got another beer and a shot of whiskey. “Well, this town may just be fun.” He stated as he slammed back his shot.

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