Bonus Monster University: Sherman

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

“I am a leprechaun and I used to be happy. I used to love sharing my gold, putting it at the end of the rainbow and sharing it among the mortals. Then someone got greedy. They killed me for my whole pot of gold. I was furious. And in death turned into something that is still a leprechaun but a lot eviler, closer to a Pukwudgie. I started out as a leprechaun and instead of tanned I now have grey skin, but it can glow. I still have the ability to disappear and reappear at will, I lure people, using gold of course (of course as the times have changed I have started to use money and material processions), to their deaths. I still have my magic. I have a deep fascination now for poisoned arrows and I love fire. I still also love practical jokes! I will play pranks all the time. And if you are mortal I will end up killing you. I tend to go after the greedy but if you get in my way… Anyways I am this mix between a Pukwudgie and a leprechaun and I used to be named Sean but totally changed it to Sherman. Though some people call me Shermy… They would die if they weren’t some of my best friends…”
            Sherman was bored. Bored. Bored. He smirked. He could mess with some humans. Practical jokes were always fun! And if they died from them? Well, they were just puny mortals. After all, with all he had done for them when he was a leprechaun they owed him his entertainment even if it cost them their lives.  He was a handsome man. Well, he hid his grey skin but hey, there are some prices to be paid when you gain immortality and revenge. He loved that he kept all the benefits of being a leprechaun as well as gained most of the benefits and powers of the Pukwudgie. He smirked and went to see what victims he could lead to their death, after all he did try to go for the greedy ones. Much like the ones that killed him for his gold.
            “Hey Shermy!” Came a yell as Sherman was deciding on how to lure his prey to their dooms. And well deciding their dooms. Maybe instead of practical jokes he should go with a classic technique.
            Sherman turned around. “Oh hey Jon, what can I help you with?”
            “Oh nothing. We are all planning on a party soon. James wants to throw another one and Drake is having a rave Friday.”
            “Oh! James is having another party. I like his parties. They always have a theme. Mostly to do with music. What is this theme going to be?”
            “Well Classic Monsters was last time as per normal, but I think he wants to do television shows that focus upon monsters and hunting them.”
            “Fun! That would be awesome! When is he thinking of doing this?”
            “Oh soon. Few weeks. He wanted to get people’s thoughts on the theme and of course annoy the hell out of Bo!”
            Sherman laughed. “Yep, James loves to annoy Bo!”
            “Just wanted to let you know I will let you get back to what you are doing!”
            “Later Jon! Nice talking to you!”
            Sherman smirked as he turned around. He saw a couple of frat boys hazing a poor nerd. Well that wouldn’t do at all. He snapped his fingers and disappeared as he hovered over their gym bags he dumped his own person itching powder into their bags before disappearing from downtown altogether. Tonight’s game should be fun to watch!
            That night Sherman was talking with Jo and Kat. “Oh come on Shermy! It will be fun!”
            “Oh yes so fun to go on a single’s cruise. Why would I want to do that?”
            “Because you and your ways tend to make sure you stay single forever.”
            “I like leaving options open.”
            “Most women on these cruises are desperate! And you go for a couple of weeks, leave and never call them again.”
            Sherman thought about that. “That is a very tempting offer. I mean who can resist this perfect ginger head of hair and these emerald green eyes. Nope, no one! Fine! Where do I sign up?”
            Kat and Jo cheered. “Yay, Shermy! Now that you are down, Jon, and Kristoff, and Bo, and some of the others won’t be able to say no!”
            Sherman moaned. What had he just done? “Hey let’s pay attention to the game!” He stated and turned to watch. After all those two jocks should be feeling the effects soon.
            Jo and Kat looked at him. “What did you do?”
            “Nothing, just a prank.”
            Kat and Jo both raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Nothing was never just a prank. Most of the people that Shermy killed were assholes to say the least. “GO DEFENSE!” Kat yelled.
            Sherman rubbed his hands together and smiled when he saw the two jocks scratching and scratching. Soon they both were desperate! They had stripped out of their uniforms and dumping the water upon themselves but alas due to being magical powder there was no relief! Sherman smiled, the good part was about to come up.
            The coach tried to get them to go to the locker rooms, the parents tried to help, even their girlfriends joined to try to help them. The game had all but stopped. The jocks screaming for relief. Screaming in pain as the scratching and itching burned their veins. One of the jocks ran and grabbed a pitchfork and started scrapping it across his skin. Going harder and harder. People were just standing in shocked horror as the jock ripped his skin off and gutted himself at the end of the football filed. The other jock had ran the opposite way and grabbed some chops sticks and stuck them up his nose to try to scratch the itch in his head, stabbing his brain and killing himself. The game was stopped and the distraught families were taken away. Sherman did a little jig and put together his original plan.
            Sherman used some power of illusion and made it look like there was hundred dollar bills just chilling on the ground, there were also rings, necklaces, and even phones and wallets. He then waited for his prey to come find them. He had sent out a bit of magic to bring the greedy to the cliffs that night. He didn’t have to wait long. He smirked and rubbed his hands as he made the fake jewels sparkle and he watched in glee as the humans fell to their deaths. After about seven humans he cleaned it up and went and looked over the ledge. All those broken people, done in by greed. He did a jig and turned to leave. Well this day wasn’t a total bust! He laughed as he moved to Jo’s Pool Hall. It was time to talk to some other monsters about maybe doing a prank war, after all they couldn’t die but by certain means so their pranks could be extreme without killing! He laughed as he took the pint given to him by Jo and sat with the group in the back. Content, happy even for now.

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