Bonus Monster University: Alyssa


Monster Unversity
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “When I fell I never thought I would be here. Sitting on the outskirts of a monster community. Or that they would try to include me. I move with them but stay away. I have too. They are everything I deplored as an angel. But because I saved that mortal from a human monster and fell doing so I had to stay. I remember that night with vivid clarity. The icy air was cutting into her lungs, just as the ice, snow and gravel was cutting into her back. I just kept watching, there was nothing I could do, though I was an angel, I could not stop the attack. She was trying to keep her eyes away from his face. From looking at him, for seeing the madness of his eyes, and the jagged tooth smile he had while he hurt her. It was a demon straight from hell, only it wasn’t… I would have expected it from them. But no this was worse… this monster was mortal and human. With a soul… I was an angel and could not leave. She was about to give up. I felt it. So I fell. I destroyed the demon. God had chosen my fate. I would remember nothing. I would remain forever a Fallen Angel. And now I don’t know what to do. They try to bring me into their group. Do I join them and turn a blind eye to what they do to remain immortal for a chance at some sort of family? Or do I remain forever alone?”
            Alyssa watched them. She always did. She went to Jo’s. She went to Morgan’s. She knew they knew what she used to be. She rolled her shoulders. Her once perfect white wings, now drawn into her skin, had tones of grey and gold in them. She had fallen and started to live a human life. And human lives included sin, lies, among others. Her first sin was to steal a coat so she could cover herself. She shivered at the memories. She was a new fallen angel. She didn’t really know of others. Most took Lucifer up on his offer when they fell. She told him to go take a long walk of a very short pier. She watched as Frank took the demon into the back. She wanted to sneer, but kept it in. Demons were the worst… she hated them. And she knew of Raum. He was one of the worst Earls. There were also knights but they were more like Lucifer’s Generals. She sneered at the thought of Lucifer. He was her brother yes, but he had betrayed their father. He may have had a point with not loving these humans more than their father; but he should have done it correctly and not raged a war without convincing Michael first. She called the bartender. “Another.” She pointed to the tequila sunrise in front of her.”
            “No problem angel.” Jo winked as she filled her glass. “You know angel; we do take care of our own.”
            Alyssa looked at her. “Like you are taking care of Raum?” She nodded her head toward the back room. “Frank just ripped his heart out.”
            Jo chuckled. “Raum is the one who made the deal with Caliban. He was just a kid as the time. It was a bum deal.”
            “I know the deal.” She hissed. “I had been there to take him to his rightful reward.”
            Jo blinked at her in shock. “How new of a fallen angel are you honey?”
            Alyssa glared. “I am six months fallen.” She stated after a pause.
            “And Lucifer didn’t snap you up?”
            “Tried, I told him to go fuck himself… in a lot more words and a lot less crude.” Alyssa took a sip of her drink.
            Jo laughed. “He was probably pissed.”
            “I told him he may have had a point to his war; but he should have gotten Michael on his side first. Michael may be a Grade A prick but he is the best warrior Heaven has ever produced.”
            “Why you fall Angel?”
            “I am going by Alyssa as you know. You have been trying to get to know me these last six months.”
            “Why did you fall Alyssa?” Jo correct as she poured some more tequila in her drink.
            “Saw a monster, a human one. Humans really can create worse monsters than, well, actual monsters. Anyways he was hurting a young girl. I fell to save her and killed him. My father decided my punishment was to fall and be an immortal angel on Earth with no connection to heaven until the end of days.” She stated and took a large drink through her straw.
            Jo patted her hand. “Oh honey, it must be so hard for you.”
            Alyssa nodded. “My wings are already changing. You see, without sin, we have pure white wings. I prided myself on being one of the few in the armies of heaven to have pure white still.” She shrugged. “They are already changing colors. There are greys and golds to them now. Gold means you have sinned but you sinned not because you wanted to but you needed to; and grey means you committed the sin fully knowing what you were doing and you didn’t care.”
            “And your grey feathers?”
            “What do you get black for?”
            “Murder. I have one black feather. After all I killed a human; even if he was hurting that little girl.”
            Jo took her hand. “How are you living? We don’t always keep track of you.”
            “I stay in the pipes or the stations. The money I have came with the coat I stole.”
            Jo nodded. She saw Bo walk out. “Bo!” She called.
            Bo came up to them. “What’s up Jo?” He asked.
            “Meet Alyssa. She needs some help setting up a place. She can bartend; so a job won’t be needed.”
            Bo looked the angel. “Nice to meet you Angel. We have an apartment building. You can move into 7A tonight.” He took a set of keys out of his pocket and handed her two keys. “Welcome to the club Angel.” He smiled and left.
            Alyssa looked at Jo. “That’s it?”
            “Yep. You are one of us now.” Jo stated. “Tomorrow I will train you to run bar.”
            Jo took her hands. “Angel, tell me how did you kill the human that was hurting the girl?”
            Alyssa swallowed. “I fell. I fell right there and I picked the man up by his throat and then I took my blade and cut of his genitals and then slit his throat and let him bleed out as I rushed the girl to the hospital. After I got there I was banished from heaven and given a black feather. I stole a coat there and then hide in the shadows.”
            Jo nodded. “Good job honey.” She stated. She then turned and whistled to someone. “Morgan, can you take over my bar?”
            Morgan came up. “Sure. Why?”
            “Gotta take Alyssa the Angel here to get come clothes. She will be my new bartender.”
            Morgan smiled. “Welcome honey.” Morgan stated. “Don’t worry Jo; I got this.”
            Alyssa felt overwhelmed. They accepted her. Knowing what she had done. Knowing she probably had Lucifer watching her. Knowing what she was. She closed her eyes a took a deep breath to get her angelic powers under control. In that moment she accepted them; and would help them where she could. She looked over to see Raum, or now known as Raven and lifted an eyebrow. He just tipped his glass to her and mouthed. “Welcome Angel.”

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