Day Thirty Monster Univesrity: Naome

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “I was the ruler of the world at one point. Of course there were always questions about rather I ruled and when I ruled. I had many, many names when I was mortal. But my most famous was Nefertiti. Of course people now a days get me confused with that slut Cleopatra. Oh Goddess did I hate her. I am so glad she never actually figured out the secret to immortality. I think I would have preferred death than her being around forever. She so got what she deserved when she died by those Asps. Such lovely creatures snakes, especially Asps, they are the symbol of my company now. Yes my company, I am a ruler a different way now a days. I own my business; which of course has fingers in every other business, money and gold and power are needed after all in this life and any other life. We have gotten people addicted to cell phones, to computers, we control them. Most wouldn’t be able to function without technology. Nefertiti International. I may go by Naome now but I am still the queen I was. After all my past is still in mystery to the mortals who found my daughter’s and my mother’s tomb. Kill my son. I killed them. Then used every forbidden magic possible and brought my son back to life. Cursing myself and him into immortality. But it could be worse. After all I am rich, hot, and very much in charge. So what if our organs are in jars and we have to protect them and feed them blood of mortals to sustain us? I don’t see a problem, a bit amoral of me yes, but I don’t see the problem when I did what any mother would do for her baby.”
            Naome looked up as her personal assistant came in.  He would make a good sacrifice.  She would have to set it up as a retreat for her team soon. There would be a tragic accident on the way back where she was the only survivor. Beth would falsify some medical records and she would have a day of mourning at her company. It happened every so often. Thankfully it was only seven years that this had to happen and nobody ever figured it out. Except that little human that was spying on them. They were going to have to do something about her soon. It was just that everybody was split on what to do. Kill her or turn her. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and looked up and smiled. “Hello Leonard.” She greeted and took the papers for her to sign.
            “Hey boss!” Leonard smiled. “I have the cabins out at Lake Goose booked! The retreat for your executive personal is all set!”
            Naome smiled. “Thank you Leonard. Make sure that everybody knows what time to be here and we will leave here on the bus together.”
            “You aren’t like other CEOs, boss! You are awesome!”
            Naome laughed. “You can’t be a ruler through brute force and punishment alone. Sometimes you need to release the honey.”
            Leonard laughed. “There is a reason it works for you, boss!” He took the papers back after she signed them and left to file them.
            Naome almost felt it was a pity the kid would die. But then again, she couldn’t spare him and take an extra. That would be unfair to the others that were likable in the past and present. She shook her head. Sometimes she wondered if it was worth it to continue or she should lay in her sarcophagus for a while and just sleep. Cameron can always wake her after a bit of time with a ritual of blood. But then again Gus was close to allowing monsters to give birth and though she loved her baby boy, she missed the baby boy times. She sighed and stood up and looked out the window. This trip thankfully was only needed once every seven years. She looked out the window and wondered what it would have been like in the afterlife. She knew the beliefs of her people, but with so many things she has seen in her existence, from the fall of the Egyptian empires, to the birth of a newborn king, to his murder by those who feared what it meant to have the messiah in their ranks, to people denying the existence of a being more powerful than themselves. She snorted. There could be no true atheists.  Because atheism is denying the existence of God, to deny him you have to acknowledge that he exists. She tries not to think about what will happen at the end of this. She knew of the Angel that Jo just finally got to join the team. When asked what would happen to her when time ended she stated forever in purgatory. When asked what that was Alyssa shuddered. A Warrior of Heaven shuddered at the thought of that place and then called it worse than Hell. Naome sighed. Now was not the time to think about this. In fact if she could stop she would. But every so often, every seven years about, she would think about what was waiting for her when the powers that be ended the world. She turned back to her desk and took a deep drink of her coffee and sat back down and went to work on her paperwork.
            The weekend came fast and Naome was dressed for camping. She smiled at each employee as she checked off the seven names that were coming with her. It was her executive staff. She smiled, even though on the inside she was numb, always so numb to this ritual. She did paperwork while her team sang and did road games as they went a few hours out of the way. When they got there they all helped set up came and assigned the cabins. She would let them have their fun and then the night before they went back she would have them each old a jar as she drained their blood and life force from them. She shook her head to rid her of those unwanted thoughts. First let’s enjoy Friday and Saturday before she had to think about what she was going to do on Sunday night.
            They had a grand time fishing, canoeing, telling ghost stories and making s’mores around the fire. They had fun. Many of them doing these items for the first time ever as they grew up in a technological society that stopped doing these type of activities. Sunday soon came and Naome stood their holding her box of jars. She swallowed. She moved out to the fire. She smiled. “Alright everybody! I want you to all hold on to a jar, don’t open it, while I tell you a ghost story before we go to bed for our last night here!” She tried to sound excited and nobody could tell, well nobody but Cameron, Frank and Lucas who were hiding in her cabin to help her move the bodies into the bus before it’s fiery accident. She started her story about a group of campers who skipped school and were killed. As she told the story they held the jars and they drained their blood. They felt no pain and no shock. They just thought it was the fire that made Naome glow as she gained their life forces. Soon the story and the deed was done and her son and his friends came out to help clean up. Naome put her jaws back in her miniature sarcophagus and then sat down to cry.
            Cameron knew this hurt his mother. “I swear mother I will find a way to change this. I promise. Why don’t you take her home Lucas? Frank and I got this.”
            Lucas nodded. “Come on Queen Naome.” Lucas took the sarcophagus and went to the car. Naome just let them help her into the car and sat and stared out the window as Lucas drove them home. She hoped Cameron was right and there was a way around this ritual that had to happen every seven years. She really hated taking the lives of people she had known for at least one year if not seven. She was helped into her home and when Lucas left she cried herself to sleep. For a monster she was a gentle soul that only ruled with an iron fist when needed. She closed her eyes and hoped that Cameron kept his promise… But she would always do as she must to protect her son,

even if it killed her soul.

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