Day Thrity-One Monster University: Kitty, Lila, and Ida

Kitty, Lila, and Ida
Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

“The three of us always have been together since we were killed. Lila hardly talks and when she does it is soft. She was the only one to get a chance to fight back that night. The night we were killed. We waited for so long for justice. We were so sure they would catch the killer. Lila was so bitter. So very bitter. She still is most of the time. This man stole her innocence and then killed her. And she has to remember it. We were killed in our sleep. But our friend… when we died we cried with  her. So we stayed with her. We could have moved on, but Lila is as good as our blood. We had to stay. Ida always tries to keep us positive, she was bubbly in life as she is in death. Even as we waited and waited for justice that would never come. And for some reason neither ever blamed me. Though I was the reason they were there that night. A sleep over turned into ghastly murders. I had begged and begged that night for them to stay over. And finally got their parents and mine to say yes. That night we were killed. And when we were denied our justice we made a deal so we could leave the house, the land we haunted being at unrest, and to become ‘living’ ghosts as adults. To keep our bodies and the ability to not be stuck back in that murder house we must kill to keep our humanity. So we comprised and now we kill those who get away with their crimes. After all no person should be damned to remain at unrest, like we have been. With no justice there is not rest for our weary souls.”
Kitty was sitting and going through the local newspapers and the news online. They had to find their yearly victims soon. They always tend to put it off. They don’t like to kill but they do like to see justice served for others. Even if they never got justice themselves. She looked up when Lila came in with her new style. “Lila.”
Lila was looking in the mirror making sure she looked good with her all black clothes, her many, many tattoos, her many piercings, and her dark makeup. “Kitty, find them yet?”
“Found yours. Needed to make sure on Ida’s and mine.” She stated as she pulled away from her research. “You going to Cameron’s party?”
Lila smirked. “Yep.”
Kitty rolled her eyes. “You know you just need to take the bull by the horns and tell that person you are going for that you want to see if a relationship would work out between you two. You are both old enough to be mature if it doesn’t work out. You both exist forever.” Kitty typed a few more things into the computer and waited for the results. “When you going to tell him?”
Lila narrowed her eyes. “None of your business.” She stated. “Now if you excuse me I have a party to get to before Cameron shuts it down.” With that Lila swept out.
Ida came in at that point. “She won’t tell him.”
            “I am sure they will be fine.” Kitty stated. Ida never changed her style much; it was old fashioned and sweet. Which was probably why she was dating that nice ghost that was moving this town next month. “And how is Jared?” She asked.
            “Good. He is getting used to not being tied down to his location. He is moving in next month.” Ida sat down. “Kitty, you really need to get out and do something. I mean Jared is here this weekend and I and he will go do our hunt. You found us the two we needed. Did you verify they were guilty?”
            “Yes, they killed their kids on purpose. Drowned them because they didn’t want their boys to grow up to hurt a woman. Stupid damn people; teach kids right and they won’t grow up to hurt people.” Kitty stated as she looked at the pictures of the boys on her screen.
            Ida nodded. “I and Jared will take care of them Kitty. Why don’t you go out and do something. Anything. Please. You can’t always take care of us. If Lila finally lets go of her bitterness and tells her crush she loves him she will move on. We will always be sisters but we will move on and have separate lives at some time and I don’t want to see you alone.”
            Kitty sighed. “Look I am okay alone. I am just not that person that needs a relationship. And I have my books and everything and one is about to take off which means touring and other things.”
            Ida looked at her. “I and Jared are going out. We will see you tomorrow. Go out Kitty. Even if it is just to a movie. Or to kill your person. Just get out of the house tonight.”
            Kitty signed. “Fine. I will.” Kitty waved to her as her and Jared left.
            Lila was at the party and was standing in a corner. She saw Frank and about gave a blush. But she floated on over. “Hello Frank.”
            Frank looked over and smiled. “Hello Lila! You guys haven’t been around awhile.”
            “We just got back. We were helping a new ghost that took the same deal as us. Ida is dating him now.” Lila stated.
            “Good for her! And what Egyptian costume is this?”
            Lila smirked. “I am death of course. Death can take upon whatever look she wants.”
            Frank laughed. “Hey you  need some help with your  person. I know that is coming up soon?”
            Lila looked shocked. “You would come with me?”
            “Of course. You heard I adopted right?”
            “Yes, little Sophie.” Lila smiled. “I hear she is pretty.”
            “About as pretty as you.” Frank smiled.                     
            Lila blushed. “Would you and Sophie like to go see a movie sometime with me?”
            Frank grinned and threw an arm around her. “How about now. We go take care of your person, we go get something to eat and a movie and then come back to this party. It is very early after all.”
            Lila smiled. “That sounds divine.”
            That found Lila in front of a house. The woman within was a nurse who killed kids just because she couldn’t have kids. They would get sick and she would give them wrong meds and kill them. Nobody ever knew. Lila knocked on the door while Frank and Sophie waited in the car. When there was no answer Lila turned into her ghost form and went through the door to find the woman looking at her trophy case of kills. Lila seeing all those pictures screamed and lunged at her and stuck her hand through the woman’s chest and squeezed the heart and drained the woman’s life force. She then removed her hand and the body dropped to the ground. She sneered and went through the door again. Soon they would find her and justice would be had for all those little kids. She got into the car. She smiled at Frank and turned around and made happy faces at Sophie. That bitterness she held on to for so many years finally creaking and flowing out of her soul.
            Ida and Jared smiled at each other and walked up to the house where they found the couple. They didn’t even knock they just went in and grabbed their hearts and drained their life force. They left without even a thought of what they had just done. They were wrapped up into each other and Ida even put the thoughts of Kitty out of her mind as she finally found a form of peace in her soul; even if she could never move on until the end of days. The fact she hadn’t gotten justice no longer eating at her soul as much as it once did.
            Kitty went for a walk. She wasn’t lying when she said she was fine. She sighed. She didn’t know why but she knew with her sisters happy she would be alone. And she didn’t want to just rush into a relationship just because they wanted her too. She wouldn’t mind a few more friends though. She found herself in front of the house that too many hikers were disappearing at; since the sixties, the most recent being about three days ago. She moved and floated into the house and searched it. She went down to the basement to be shocked. The man had found a way to trap ghosts! There were six of them trying to get out of their traps. She moved and released them and all but two moved on. “You should move on.”
            “No.” They stated. They were a set of twins. In life they were pretty, one boy and one girl. Young. About fifteen.
            “How old were you and when?”
            “Sixteen.” The boy stated.
            “1967.” The girl stated.
            “He can’t trap many of us. Out of the hundred or so he was only able to catch the six of us.” The boy explained.
            “We are Eve and Adam. Our parents were religious we weren’t.” Eve stated.
            “Can we stay with you?”
            “How many of them are there?”
            “Three. Two brothers and a sister.” Adam answered.
            Kitty nodded. She took a deep breath. “Raum.” She whispered.
            The demon appeared. “Kitty!”
            “Same deal for these two, Raven.” She demanded.
            Raven nodded. “Kill one person a year that would go to hell. You get to move about and live a ‘mortal’ immortal life.”
            Both the twins agreed and Kitty moved with them up the stairs. “Now you punch  your fist into their chest and hold on until the heart doesn’t beat any longer then pull out and drop the body.” Kitty explained as she punched the larger one and watched the other two. She smiled when all three bodies fell to the ground. “Well, you can stay with me. I will have Bo set you up in high school to go to school with Caliban. He is a good kid.”
            The twins smiled and bounced about the whole way they followed Kitty home. Maybe adoptive mom is what Kitty needed. She smiled as she picked up the phone. “Adopting two teens, Bo.” She then hung up the phone and smiled at the two kids. “I am going to adopt you.” Both teens smiled and sat down next to her. Kitty didn’t know what the next centuries would bring but they wouldn’t be boring.

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