Day Twenty-Nine Monster University: Cameron

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “I am a King. I am denied nothing. I look at my ‘Authentic Ancient Egyptian Organ Jars’ and smirk. They do hold my organs. I do have to feed them a lot of blood every so often but it is the price of immortality. Which my mother gave me. After killing my idiotic sister and grandmother for killing me for power. I was called the Boy King. I hate that title. I may have been a boy then but I am no longer.  I stopped aging sometime after I hit twenty. Of course our sacrifices had to be drawn to touch the jars and my mother has her ‘assistants’ and I find mine in my ‘girlfriends and boyfriends.’ What I am a King nothing is forbidden or denied me. It is that time of year again. I should throw a party in the style of my birth. Lots of wine, fruits, and the taste of forbidden fruit. One thing that society went backwards on is how to appreciate its workers. Bread, Beer, Sex, and A Place to Sleep, that is what made the people happy. Even today you give them food, alcohol sex, and a place to sleep they are still happy but society has made them think they need these ‘things’ to be happy. Not that gold is bad, I love it, but I could go without it.  Yes I think it is time for one of my parties and not Drake’s!”
            Cameron hummed as he put up the posters for ‘Egyptian Themed Pre-Halloween Party!’  He had his current squeeze hanging off of him.  He was fun but it was time to move on.  Oh he would play the concerned boyfriend and grieving lover but really it made it so much easier to pick the next of his lovers. After all he wasn’t ever single long, and that waitress at Morgan’s would be good to have hanging off his arm after his grieving period. People think he is just a flirt, but seriously Cameron was a very selfish man who took what he want, when he wanted. Only people that he really cared about were his mother and his monster family. He slapped another post up. He looked to his sacrifice, he means significant other. “Hey doll, can you go around to the main buildings and slap a few of these up? This party will be epic! Egyptian themed costumes only!” Cameron laughed as he untangled himself from his sacrifice… damn it, boyfriend. He really never did get into not calling them sacrifices in his head.
            “Sure thing Cam!” Steve stated and took the pile of papers and bounced away.
            “And there is another reason he will be my sacrifice.” Cameron muttered to turn around when he heard a laugh.
            “You should be careful what you say in public my dear.”
            “Mother! What are you doing on campus?”
            “I heard about this epic party you are throwing. You were always a show off.” Naome kissed his head.
            “Of course I am.” Cameron puffed out his chest. “I am a King. It is in my blood to show off, after all my mother was a king and queen.” He smirked.
            Naome rolled her eyes. “And that boy will be enough?”
            “Nah, I plan on taking him and six others into my room and having them each touch one of my seven jars. And well you know what happens then.” Cameron gave a smile.
            Naome sighed. “Behave. Have you already set it up with who you need to set it up as?”
            “Yep, Ewan is going to help me put them all in van and the van will crash into the river. Gus will state drunk driving and lost control and they drowned after crashing and passing out.” Cameron stated.
            “Good.” Naome kissed his head. “I shall see you later my baby boy.”
            Cameron nodded. “Later Mother!” He called as he bounced off to his next class; after all he was majoring in archeology this time. Maybe he would ‘discover’ a hidden room in his tomb when they went to Egypt in the summer. He laughed out loud at that as he walked in and handed in his term paper titled ‘Beer, Bread, and the Pyramid Builders’, after all people forget that slavery was abolished mostly in Egypt by the time the pyramids went up and the workers were paid in the all the beer and bread they wanted while they worked and everybody had a place to sleep. Yeah there were bad periods in Egyptian history but all civilizations have rough spots of amoral actions against humanity.
            The night of his party was upon him and he was dressed in his finest robes and looked every inch the king he was in both life and death. Cameron smirked as he looked in the mirror. “You are one handsome King!” He told himself as he checked himself out.
            “My God, Boy King, you are the most narcissistic person I have ever meet in my undead life.” Frank laughed behind him, dressed as an Egyptian Priest.
            “Can you not call me Boy King?”
            Frank chuckled as he held Sophie who was dressed as an Egyptian Princess. “I have called you the Boy King since I was taught those words and how they were associated with you.”
            Cameron glared at him and then took Sophie. “Your daddy is a very silly little man. You listen to Uncle Cameron and life will be okay little Princess Sophie!” Cameron tickled her.
            Frank rolled his eyes. “Do you need help moving them to the van after?”
            Cameron nodded. “Thanks Frank. You know for all the crap we give each other you soulless bastard, we are brothers right?”
            Frank nodded. “Don’t get mushy Boy King. We got a party to throw and to feed your immortality.” Frank took Sophie back and gave the Boy King a half hug. “No come on, we have to show the world what an Egyptian Party really is like!” Frank gave a laugh.
            Cameron smiled. He did truly find a better family in his undead life, besides his mother who he always worshiped. “Show Drake what a party is really like!” Cameron laughed as he checked his head piece.
            Frank pushed him tilting the head piece and then laughed as he walked out of the room. “Later Boy King.”
            Cameron rolled his eyes as he placed his head piece again. “You are fabulous.” He stated in the mirror before going and starting the party.
            The party was in full swing and there were Nefertitis and Cleopatras and knock-offs of the Boy King. But the party was going strong and was very enjoyable. Frank had went to his lab in the basement with Sophie about fifteen minutes ago because Sophie was upset with the noise. Drake had disappeared with a couple of Cleopatras into his room. Lucas had gone with Frank. Cameron smirked. He beckoned Steve over with six others who were enticed to follow him. Being a mummy did have its benefits. He brought them over to his hidden room where he had his jars. “Hey, I wanted to show you all of these. They are real and all the way from a tomb in Egypt!” Cameron smiled.
            The seven people looked at him. “Can we touch?” The question was on all of their tongues.
            “Of course. Each of you can touch one!” Cameron stated.
            The seven did not hesitate and each reached a hand out and touched a jar. As soon as they did the door slammed shut and it was like a fog rolled in and Cameron changed before their eyes to be wrapped up just like an Egyptian mummy! They screamed but they felt the jars cut into their hands and their blood was being drained away. Cameron stood and allowed the life force flow from the jars and into his body. The blood drained into the jars and filled the organs with life, the life was then converted into an energy that flowed to Cameron. Soon the bodies all fell to the ground drained of blood and the organ in which was in the jar now was missing from the body that supplied the blood to give Cameron his immortal life. Cameron left the room and finished the party. He and Frank would take care of the bodies later. He had a glow to his cheeks now and his cheeks were flushed. Oh the rush of new blood. He smirked as he accepted the drink from the waitress he had been flirting with, ah soon new blood soon!  


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