Darkness Of A Broken Heart

Random WIP:
Darkness Of A Broken Heart
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I’m Stuck In The Darkness Of My Mind With No Way To Escape…

Harliquinn Natasha Smith’s heart was scared. She had been so hurt. It all started when her parents left her at an orphanage with nothing but her date of birth when she was one. And the pain continued. She was fifteen years old and she needed someone to help her. She needed someone to keep her from drowning in the darkness of her mind. She was stuck in the darkness of her mind with no way to escape… she needed help. One day on the way to school she was stopped by a homeless woman who handed her a necklace. It was shaped as a heart. It had many breaks and cracks in the heart; but five major ones that threatened to destroy it. The woman said ‘True Love Will Heal All. As You Find Your Family These Cracks Will Heal And Fade.’ Will Harliquinn find the love and family she needs or will she never escape the darkness of her mind that threatens to destroy her?

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