Elemental Mazes Excerpt

Elemental Mazes Excerpt :
All Rights Reserved

Cleopatra’s Magical Institute from Africa

Oreic clapped his hands, “and now welcome Cleopatra’s Magical Institute from Africa!”

The doors blew open and a group of students marched up to the front, they were all dressed in dress clothes matching the color of their element. They walked with a grace but they all had the feel of a predator. Katy shivered. They had their magic wrapped around them. When they got to the front they all stood in a line and then they turned on their heel and disappeared into flames, wisps of air, lightning bolts, leaves, and clouds and flew at the very top of the ceiling around the room before doing the superhero landings their eyes still burning with their elemental colors.

Katy swallowed. Dangerous. Very Dangerous. She caught the eyes of one of the older students. He was huge, and the power of Air, one of only two Air students from Cleopatra’s, was burning brightly in his eyes. He smirked at her.

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