The Pool Of Lost Souls

Random WIP:
The Pool Of Lost Souls
All Rights Reserved 

Everybody thinks they know the stories of the Greek Gods. But I am here to tell you differently. You know me. Well of me. You think I am a myth. And male. Yes Zeus and Poseidon are my brothers but I am no male. I am Hades, Goddess of Death. I never trapped Persephone as my bride. I am quite straight. And I am not banned from Olympus nor do I want the head throne. I mean the paperwork is hell and Hera, my sister in law, is a bitch and she never leaves Olympus. She, by the way, is not blood of Zeus, Poseidon, and I; just one of the few gods created by the higher beings. I and my brothers did not kill the Titans until they were going to kill the mortals. Our only goal in our existence is to protect and help the mortals; through life and death. I did not want to kill my mother Rhea or my father Cronus. It saddened my grandmother Gaia. My grandfather Uranus was a bastard and had been bound for a few centuries by then; but it had to be done. We had no choice if we wanted to protect the mortals. The souls that give us power. So it is time for you to know our story. This is the true story of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. The truth of my life, death, and the pool of lost souls that I created and protect.

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