An Unholy Creation Chapter Six

Chapter Six

“MOM!” Marcus was screaming. I was at his bedside before Theodore knew what was happening.

“Marcus, wake up!” I was worried about the images I was seeing in his dreams, his originally turning, his death, his bride’s death. I lived those moments, he had lived those moments. Now we were living them again. I had to wake him up. “Marcus, WAKE UP!”

It took five more minutes to get Marcus to wake up, of course Theodore was on the other side of the bed, not really knowing what to do; his son had never had nightmares.

“What… Kat! You were there, you were hurt! They killed her! They killed him! What is going on? They weren’t human!” Theodore was confused, I picked up on that without really trying, but I wasn’t. I knew the images he got were of the past.

“Marcus you just had a bad dream.” Theodore stated, checking his son for a fever. “Slow down, do you remember what it was about?”

Marcus looked right into my eyes, and I knew he could see though my spell. He was seeing my reddish, pinkish eyes. My son’s power was to see though lies, and to view the future, I knew one of his powers was coming to light. And at that moment I knew he was close to knowing, he was fuzzy on the dream now, but he knew I was there in the past with this young man who had looked like him. He looked at my eyes, remembered the things he had seen, and then turned toward his dad. “No, I don’t really remember what it was about. Dad, can you get me a drink of water?” Theodore left confused about many things. “You where there, you are something else you aren’t human!”

“Marcus, what is it you think I am?” I was either going to have to tell him or I was going to have to play with his mind again. Neither was a good option. I was leaning toward just telling the both of them after all he was starting to see though my lies, my spells. Theodore was pulling strings on my heart I never knew I had, and Marcus was starting to remember his past, it was too soon. I waited two thousand years and I was thinking it was too soon, God did not.

“Don’t make me say it; I don’t really want it to be true. That would mean you are evil!” Marcus knew the word, vampire.

“Marcus, I swear to God I am not evil, I have done bad things, but for the last two thousand years I haven’t done a thing the God would hate me for against humans, against vampires, only when needed. Yes, I am a vampire; I have been for almost six thousand years.” I was just going to tell him, let him know the truth. I would have to tell Theodore as well, he was going to break my heart. “I have killed people, I have done some horrible things, but things change, I changed. I lost all those who I loved, I was shown the errors I had done, and choose a different path then the one I was leading. I am going to make up for the things I have done.”

“You are Wiccan, I heard the title in my dream, some guy with red eyes called Rae a filthy Wiccan?” Marcus was confused now, vampires are evil it is common knowledge, they couldn’t be out during the day, but Kat was, they couldn’t be good, but Kat had never caused them harm but of course it is also common knowledge that they are a myth.

“I am not, I am Catholic if you want me to put a name on my faith, I even spent some time inside the Vatican, I wasn’t even religious until my son and I had met someone, she showed us a different path, and he chose her way of life, I chose another after witnessing the birth of Christ, soon after meeting her.” I would tell him what I was but to tell him his own past at a quarter to five in the morning was not going to happen. “You can’t tell anybody about what I am. If you want me to leave I will and never return, but the choice is going to be yours. I will tell you everything at another time, please wait until you hear everything.”

“I believe you. I want you to stay. I won’t tell anybody. Why did I have that dream?” Marcus was sure there was a lot more of it, then what he remembered.

“I will tell you everything in the morning, I promise, for now you must rest. May the power of the elements, grant this child a peaceful night’s sleep, during which his past life returns, so mote it be.” With that Marcus fell back to sleep.

“Wow, he went back to sleep quickly.” Theodore walked into the room and set the glass of water on the stand next to Marcus’s bed.

“I am sure he will be fine. He has had a hard time lately.” I got up and moved to stand by the door frame.

“Yes I am sure you are right.” With that I walked down stairs, and Theodore followed me. “Katyla, what is it? You seem very worried.”

Before I answered I sat down on the loveseat, he went to his space right next to me. I leaned my head on his shoulder. “I have something to tell you. You are going to hate me.”

“I don’t think so, but let me be the judge of that.” Theodore was confused now. I moved so I was facing him more, I kept my head down, knowing the tears would come; I didn’t want him to see the tears.

I removed the memory spell I had done, and told him a condensed version of everything, it took about an hour, and he sat there and listened to every word. When I was done I waited for his response. I was not going to look into his mind; I didn’t want to hear the hate before I heard it from his mouth.

“Katyla, why did you keep it a secret then, if we were always going to find out?” He wasn’t yelling!

“I don’t really want Marcus in this world yet, in today’s society he is just a boy. And the danger to the two of you, I thought if you didn’t know, you would be safer.” I looked down for the first time in almost two thousand years; I couldn’t keep the tears back.

“I just want to clarify something really quick; Marcus is the reincarnation of your son?”

“Yes, Marcus has been reborn. I have had to wait two thousand years for it to happen.”

“Is that why Sarah’s accident happen? So you could be his mother?” He was mad.

“NO! I would never have had something like that happen. I do not expect Marcus to ever call me mom, I had my son, and I had almost four thousand years with him. He is your son, but his soul is born from mine.”

“Is that why he is drawn to you? Is that why I am drawn to you?”

“He would be drawn to me, yes. But you, I don’t know why you are drawn to me, if you are. Your soul is new. I can tell it was created, this is your first life time.”

“If you turn Marcus, you will have to turn me, and then it will be my only life time.”

“I won’t turn anybody without them thinking it though. I sometimes wish I could undo it, but then I wouldn’t be where I am now. But it is long, and sometimes, I just hide out. I was not part of society until the last eight years. I was in isolation for fifteen years, because I couldn’t take lying any longer. I knew Marcus was born, and I knew that he would be here when he turned sixteen. I didn’t know the how or the why; I just knew I would be here. I came back as a high school student, then a college student, now a student teacher. Of course there are only a few more years before I have to move again, people will start noticing I am not aging.”

“Then we will wait for Marcus to make a choice. But now I have some more questions. Why mess with our memories? Why not just tell us then?”

“Because, they are not nice, they would have killed you. If there hadn’t been four of them I would have killed them. I killed Gavin.”

“Who’s Gavin?” Theodore did not move, he froze, suspecting what was fact.

“He is the one who tried to kill you. I healed you, you were dying, and I couldn’t let that happen. I killed him…” I wasn’t making sense any longer, I was crying a lot now.

“Why not tell me then? I would have kept your secret!” Theodore was mad at me, just like I knew he would be, I was tempted to look into his mind but I did not.

“I didn’t want you to be a target. Argos, if he suspects a human knows he kills them, or in his case has them killed. I wanted to keep the two of you safe as long as possible. I don’t know why Gavin just didn’t drain you, I don’t know why he used his sword, and I don’t know why he let me save you. Argos is playing games, and I don’t know the rules.”

“That doesn’t make sense, if he was sent to kill me I was already a target!”

“I don’t know how he knew! I don’t! I tried to stay away from you! I tried to stay away from Marcus! Marcus kept seeking me out! But it was never, never outside of school! I have a protection spell on the school, vampires can not enter without invite, though it is a public place, and they can not see what happens on campus. I don’t know how Gavin got in; I don’t know why he attacked you. I don’t know why he gave you that message! He let me save you to give me the message!” Things were starting to click. “But he was angry that you lived!”

“How do you know that?”

“His thoughts told me, he wanted to kill someone else, because you lived. But Argos gave him specific orders to follow. But they included killing you. He must have taken your wedding band and sent it to Argos. Unless it wasn’t blessed, if it wasn’t I am sorry it would have turned to ash when I killed him.”

“You can read thoughts? Can you read mine or Marcus’s? And the ring wasn’t blessed.”

“I can’t read yours clearly, I have to struggle, and I don’t do that all the time, there are some clear… umm… images but mostly you are closed. Marcus’s thoughts I can hear. Sorry about your ring.”

“Who is Argos, your husband?” Theodore wanted to change the subject he didn’t really care about the ring, just that he wanted to keep it around for Marcus, so that he knew he had once loved Sarah.

“No, he was my partner. We were doctors, to use a modern term. Triremes was my husband. We died the bond broke. I never loved him, he was arranged to be my husband. Argos thought I would want him around, I never did, and I never wanted any of them to become what I became. Argos was an accident. I had just woken up, his blood smelled sweet, not as sweet as yours, but I attacked, he stabbed me, and my blood mixed with his, he became a vampire. I was just selfish when I let him turn Marcus at sixteen. I never wanted to be without my son. He was the only thing that made happy in my whole existence. I was the High Priestess of my land; I was responsible for finding a cure that never was found. The disease burned out only two years later. Marcus was my joy.” I knew I was jumping around, and not making sense but I couldn’t seem to control my thoughts and cry at the same time. It took all of my strength to continue to focus that humans were not food.

“Why didn’t you turn Marcus? Argos killed him?”

“I have only turned a couple people ever in my existence; I didn’t turn Marcus, because I didn’t want to be the one to cause him the pain of turning. And yes, Argos killed him almost two thousand years ago. We were going to change up the Vampire Laws, to where killing humans was going to be punished. The human you drank from was going to have to be willing. But the catch-22 with that was that our most important law was not to let our existence become known. We don’t need human blood to live, it just smells and tastes better, kind of like chocolate verse carrots.”

“Why not kill you if you were the ruler?”

“He wanted to punish me, he wanted to make me suffer, and regret my choice. He killed my son, his bride, and my unborn grandchild. I wanted to die. I tried to kill myself, but God would not let that be.” Theodore said nothing, then he put his arms around me and just held me; I turned my face into his chest and cried for the past, the present and the future.

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