An Unholy Creation Chapter Five

Dinner went off without any issues, after that most of the kids were tried, so I took them back to the dorm.  Then hunted, I caught a bear a little to close to the town, and a couple deer.  Then I went back to my room and rested for the first time since school let out.  I didn’t get a chance to be alone with Theodore again that day.  And I wouldn’t until New Year’s Day.
          The call came from Marcus at three in the morning. 
          “Kat, you have to come you have to come quick!  Hurry!  Hurry!”  Then the line went dead.
          Of course I left the dorm and ran on foot; thankfully it is what is commonly known as the devil’s hour, the so called darkest hour of the night.  I was at full power.  I made it there in two minutes.  When I got there, there were four vampires trying to get in.  Theodore was standing at the door. 
          “Let us in, we know she is here, we want her!”  The leader of the four was there, screaming at Theodore, of course I recognized two of them.  One was my husband when I was human, and he was the one yelling at Theodore.  Argos had turned him, thinking it would be what I wanted.  But of course once he was turned, he decided that he was not going to be tied down for eternity to me.  Of course I felt the same way.  He met his vampire lover, Kleopatra, in Ancient Egypt four thousand years ago, she was here as well.  With them were Antonio, who is newly turned last two hundred years, and his wife Rossi, I picked their names up from their minds. 
          “You were looking for me Triremes?”  I said from behind them.
          Triremes turned around quickly, and growled, actually growled at me.  “Katyla, we will not allow him to live.  Argos has decided you are no longer above the Vampire Laws.”  Great now I was going to have to erase some of Theodore’s and Marcus’s memory, at least until they were turned.
          “Now Triremes, you know who your true creator is, do you not?  Did Argos not tell you?  I am the true creator of our kind.  Argos is the opposite of me.  That is why we worked well together as human, but as vampires, we of course become sworn enemies.  You owe your existence to me, not Argos.”  Of course we never discussed the events of our existence not even with Triremes, or the others that were as old.
          “It does not matter; you still love humans, feel compassion for them, refusing to drink from them.”
          “I believe all life is sacred.”  I was moving closer, walking around them; I was going to go for the house; once an invite is given, then it is valid until it is recanted with a spell.
          “You killed Gavin.  Tell me was a human’s life worth more then one of ours?”
          “Who is Argos to decide who lives or dies?”  I was almost to the door, and I was starting to get very angry because they were talking about killing Theodore and Marcus.
          “If what you are saying is true then you created us, and you made us above humans, closer to gods!”  Kleopatra was speaking now, and crouching, she was going to pounce.
          “Well, since I am your creator that makes me your god, so bow to me!”
          “Argos is our leader, never you, you love the humans!” Triremes was so stupid sometimes.
          “We were once human!  My son is again human!  Argos killed OUR SON!  Yet you follow him blindly!  Your death will be painful, that I promise!”  With that I jumped inside, pushing Theodore further into the house and Marcus up the stairs.
          Triremes tried to grab me, but for once I was happy of the law of nature that required vampires to have an invite into the house.  “You will be sorry Katyla!  Siding with humans is now punishable by death in our world!”
          “Guess what, you hold no power over me, and Argos will die, as will those who choose to side with him!  I, Katyla, daughter of Johan, state this proclamation, and my child, Marcus, reincarnation of Marcus, son of Katyla, daughter of Johan, High Priestess of Atlantis, we shall not stand by and watch Argos destroy the humanity of the vampires, nor the humans that live without knowing this world, and educate the ones that know.  We shall, at all cost, bring down the corruption of the Vampire Laws, and rebuild a solid foundation.  The vampires that choose to follow us well be spared, as long as they follow the laws of the new reign.  Those who choose to walk with Argos will DIE WITH HIM!”  With that I slammed the door.  “Theodore, Marcus, forgive me.  From the Heavens above, the Hells below, from the north to the south the east to the west, with the powers of the air earth fire water and spirit, erase the last” taking a very quick moment to look at the clock seeing it was only three thirty in the morning, “four hours of these two young children of God, Theodore Simmons and Marcus Simmons.  May the elements send the vampires which, stand with Argos, that stand on this property back to Argos, to give him the warning.  So mote it be.”  With that I opened the door and stepped outside.  The others were gone, and I turned around to knock on the door.
          Theodore opened it looking confused.  “Katyla, what are you doing here at almost four in the morning?”
          “I got a strange call from Marcus telling me that I had to hurry something was wrong, so I rushed over here.”  I said putting my hands around myself, it looked like I was cold, since I only had on a little bitty jacket a tank top and a pair of pajama pants, and they were flimsy silk.
          “Get in here, it must be freezing!”  Theodore said moving to the side.  Marcus was sitting on the steps holding his head.
          “Kat!  What are you doing here?”  Marcus said rising, he was wondering why he was downstairs.  He was also sure something had happened, something strange, he remembers the name Atlantis, but thankfully nothing else. 
          “You called and said to hurry over here something was going on, when I got here there were a few people outside, but they left when I walked towards the house.”  I stood in the doorway with Theodore.
          “Do you remember calling?”  Theodore was asking Marcus.
          “No, I don’t even know why I am here; I don’t remember anything since about eleven thirty last night.  I remember saying goodnight then sitting here.”
          “Why don’t you go on back to bed Marcus and I will talk to Katyla.”  Theodore said, he was still standing right beside me.  The spell took a lot out of me and I haven’t hunted since Christmas day.  Normally I can go a two to six weeks without hunting depending on the energy I used, so his smell was filling me, with both hunger feelings.
          “Okay, ‘night dad, ‘night Kat.”  With that Marcus walked up the stairs we did not move until his door closed.    
          “Why don’t we move to the living room?’  Theodore asked waiting for me to walk first, so I did, I went and sat on the loveseat, and even though the room was empty he sat right next to me, and put his arm around me.  “Katyla, you are freezing!”  He reached over me, and grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me.
          “I kind of ran here, my car is snowed in.”  Thank God it snowed last night.
          “That was silly.  I wonder how I ended up downstairs, or why Marcus called you saying to hurry over here.”
          “I don’t know there was a group of four people outside when I walked up, they didn’t look right.  They ran away as soon as I started walking up to the house.”
          “But that doesn’t explain why Marcus thought you could do anything.”
          “I know, it is strange, but I am here, and everything is okay it seems.”  I didn’t like lying but I can’t bring them into my world, not yet, it is too soon.  Saying the things I did bought the past back to my, remembering my human life, my civilization which destroyed itself, Atlantis.  It reminds me how all the books and movies about Atlantis are wrong.  We existed about six thousand years ago, we destroyed ourselves.  We were advanced, and if people kept that rate of advancement up, well there would be no earth, and people were becoming to corrupt.  So we destroyed ourselves, well the humans from that time destroyed themselves.  The call to do so was made by my sixth cousin.  Who took over leadership four hundred and seventy five years after I died; he made the right choice.  The people didn’t die, they just moved, and never talked about their lives at Atlantis.  They became a myth right before their eyes.  Theodore’s voice brought me back to the present.
          “Maybe he had a bad dream, and slept walked, calling the first person on his phone.  But then of course that doesn’t explain what I was doing by the door.”  Theodore was confused, his head hurt, he was sure he was missing something.  He couldn’t remember much past eleven thirty last night either.  Marcus went up, since they didn’t really feel like celebrating a new year.
          “I don’t know, but I am glad you both are alright.”  Then I heard it, Marcus was not awake.  His thoughts, his dreams, were confused.  He was getting bits and pieces of tonight, a lot of words going round and round in his head.  Vampires, beings with red eyes, me and my proclamation, the words I had said about him, the confusion was coming forth in his dreams, which meant that my spell was not valid enough to keep them from remembering during their resting period, either that or Marcus was coming of age sooner than I thought.
          “Well, I wish you would have thought things over before running over here, especially dressing in practically nothing, it must be below zero out there.”  Theodore was wondering how I had not frozen on the run over.
          “All I heard from Marcus was to hurry, and I hurried, thankfully keeping my thoughts on getting here kept me from freezing to death.”  I had to put him at ease about me, he was thinking he should take me to the doctor, to check for hypothermia, or frost bite, I had not warmed up much since the blanket was put on me.  Of course that was because I am cold, dead, I am surprised he doesn’t hear that my heart does not beat; he is so close, and warm.  “I should be leaving.  There may not be many kids back at the dorm, but there are three of them and they can cause enough trouble by themselves.”
          “Why don’t you stay the night, and I will drive you back in the morning, the girls are sleeping and then there is the dorm supervisor in training to take your spot next semester.  I am sure she can handle it.”  He didn’t really want me to leave, that was obvious.  And I was warming up now, not in the literal sense.
          “I can hear the gossip now!”  I was trying to find a way to leave; I really needed to hunt if I was going to be close to him.
          “Ha, there are not enough people here to see, especially if I drive you back in the morning, the kids sleep until noon.”  Theodore, was thinking something was not safe outside right now, it was for now, but wouldn’t for long, the others would be back.
          “Fine, I will stay on the couch, I am going to go get cleaned up a bit, where is the bathroom?”  I was going to sneak out; I could smell the deer about ten yards from the house.
          “Up on the left, I will get a pillow and blanket for you.”  When I got up to go up, Theodore followed. 
          I turned on the sink and then opened the window and jumped out.  I ran to were the deer were, there were twelve of them, perfect.  I pounced on the first one, and just five minutes later, there were twelve dead deer and one very full vampire.  I hoped back in the window, just seven minutes later.  I turned off the water, just as Theodore knocked. “Yes.”
          “I have laid out a blanket and a pillow for you.”  Theodore was on the other side of the door imaging me sleeping elsewhere and there was not a lot of sleep involved with those images.
          I opened the door and was face to face with him.  “Umm… Thank you Theodore.”  I just stood there waiting for him to move.  And the move he made I was not expecting.
          He bent down and pressed his lips to mine and pulled me to him.  My mind shut down; for once there was nothing but Theodore and me.  I have never been so single minded.  All thoughts of everything flew out of my head, and all I could think was I needed him closer to me.  He deepened the kiss, I couldn’t get enough, and it seems neither could he, he turned so I was pressed against the wall, and he was pressed up against me.  It took any brain power I had not to crush him.  After what seemed like forever, he started to break the kiss.  I looked up at him.  He was out of breath, and so was I, I don’t need to breathe!
          “I…”  He just couldn’t figure out what to say, he wasn’t sorry he kissed me, and I wasn’t either.  I was peeking into his brain, and all he could think about was doing more than just kissing.  That is when Marcus screamed.

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