An Unholy Creation Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Theodore went to lift my head up so he could look into my eyes.

“No!” I didn’t want him to see the blood stained tears.

“Katyla, look at me.” Theodore just kept his hand on my chain.

I looked up. New tears started to spill, he was shocked.

“Your tears they are…umm… pinkish…” He was lost for words.

“Yes, they would be blood red, if I fed off humans. But since I don’t, they are pinkish, as are my eyes.” With that I dropped the spells I placed around me; they only hid my eyes.

“My God…” I could feel the shock go through him.

I turned away. “I never really wanted you to see me this way; I hid the color of my eyes.” I knew he saw the reddish, pinkish color of my eyes.

“Why are they that color?”

“I am a dead being, my soul is trapped for eternity on this planet, I have to survive on blood, and I choose animal blood.”

Theodore just looked in my eyes for a moment, and then did something that truly shocked me, he kissed me. It was a feather light kiss, just a brushing of the lips. “No more lies, Katyla.”

“No more. I promise you, no more lies to you, and once I tell Marcus the truth, no more to him.” I can’t believe he wasn’t kicking me out, yelling at me to stay away, he was holding me, and he kissed me.

“What are you going to tell Marcus?”

“Nothing, his memories are coming back to him, he may have a few questions about the last two thousand years, but he is remembering everything now. I must warn you when he comes of age and I turn him, he may start acting more like my Marcus then your Marcus, they are one in the same.”

“Let’s cross the bridge when we get there. So what have you done in the past two thousand years?” Theodore was curious now about the men in my life; that I saw clear as day. I laughed.

“I wrote books on Shakespeare, and other people of ancient time, Cleopatra is a vampire you know? Of course she is also my ex-husband’s lover, I changed her for him. She spells her name with a K now.” I rolled my eyes, I created her and she acts like she is above me. “Shakespeare was a total bore, and annoying. Other than that, the last few centuries, I have been going to school, high school, college; I even fought for the woman’s right to vote, Susan was a very interesting woman to be around. I have written textbooks, I have written fiction, I have forged documents, I have fought in wars. There are so many things, I was a famous artist, famous writer, an actress, but they all died under mysteries circumstances. But never once did I find someone like you.”

“Like me how?”

“Someone who smells so sweet, someone whose kisses I want more then their blood. I have only ever been with my husband and that was almost six thousand years ago and when Marcus was born, we had separate rooms, I had my heir.”

“What is this about me smelling so sweet?”

“Human blood is sweet, vampires crave it, and being around it is a huge temptation, when I was younger, I didn’t even try to stop myself until my son met his bride. We didn’t kill mind you; we messed with the memories of the humans, the majority of the time. But there were accidents, I won’t lie. I have barely been tempted in the last two thousand years, but you, I am torn between biting you and kissing you.”

“What would happen if you bit me?”

“I don’t think I would be able to stop, your blood is my only weakness, and you distract me, with more then just your scent.”

“Is that what attracts you to me, my scent?”

“At first, it was all I could register, but there is something about you, I think I would rather kiss you then bite you.”

“Well, that is something, I can help solve.” With that he bent down and kissed me again. This time taking it further then just a brush of his lips, the kiss deepened, until we were laying on the loveseat. Then I heard Marcus’s thoughts, he was waking up, I glanced at the clock, it was eight in the morning, and Theodore was moving down my neck.

“Theodore…mmm… Marcus is getting up…ohh…” Theodore moved, quite reluctantly, away from me, to the point he pulled us both into a sitting position, but kept me pressed up against him. When he touches me, I am thankful that I learned how to keep a handle on my strength around humans, I could so easily kill him, and I am beginning to think I will not be able to go much further with him, without changing him. He already distracts me to the point of insanity, if I ever lost full control with him, I would kill him.

“Marcus will know when he comes down?” Theodore asked as he laid his chin on the top of my head.

“Yes, this will make for a very interesting morning. At least there are no classes for another week.”

“Hmm… you know if we take you back to the dorm this morning, there will be lots of gossip, you should just stay here. I am sure Marcus will go back to sleep after asking you the many questions he is bound to have.” Theodore was sending some clear images of me and him, and we weren’t on the couch.

I looked over to him and he had a knowing smirk on his face. He had figured out what I meant by clear images. We heard Marcus coming down the stairs. We waited for him to sit down which he did, on the chair in front of the loveseat. We waited for him to talk.

“First question, do you know dad?”

“Yes.” Theodore answered.

“Are you okay with it?”


“Okay, Kat, you were my mother in my other life?”

“Yes, I was.” I was answering now.

“Argos killed me, Rae, and my unborn baby?”


“He had you stung up with something, it looked like a cross but it was weird, like silver but not, you were dying. Why didn’t he kill you?”

“He wanted me in pain. He had me strung up with silver on a wooden cross coated with silver; it burns into us, if blessed by a holy person.”

“So vampires are evil now?”

“Not if they choose not to be, but some are evil, if it has been blessed, they will work, if the person who wields it believes in the power, if you believe a cross will keep me back it will; if you don’t, it won’t. It is all about beliefs, and Argos believes blessed silver will keep us bound. So it kept me bound. I had to watch.”

“But he tortured you; he killed Rae and the person I was quickly.”

“He made you watch your bride die, he made you watch the torture I had to endure, then he killed you, and cut my throat and released the chains and left. The worse thing he ever did was to not kill me after what he had done. You and Rae and that unborn child of yours, was my whole existence.”

“Okay, so what now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you turn me again, do we fight Argos again?”

“No you have to find Rae first. She was the power behind you. Yes, you can see past lies, and see the future, but Rae was the other half of your soul. And you finish high school first. I will keep Argos and the others off our tail for the next two years, you concentrate on school.”

“The watch you gave me you made that for me six thousand years ago?”


“You made that!” Theodore was shocked.

“Yes, I have made a lot of things, I have had centuries to do so, but the watch I made for Marcus in his first life, was when he turned sixteen and became a man. Back then he was a man. Today he is still a child.”

“I am not a child!”

“Marcus, I don’t mean mentally, I mean physically the world sees you as a child. Even the nature of vampires has changed. Vampires can have children, and the child is born human, and once it reaches adulthood the body turns itself. It used to be around age fifteen or sixteen, now it was around seventeen or eighteen. As society grows and changes, so do the laws of nature. Mentally you are an old soul. Your soul is almost six thousand years old. Look at me; do I look like an adult? People see me as one because of the age I say I am. I was seventeen when I died. I was fifteen when I had my son. Today that is considered way to young. Back then that was considered waiting, most girls were married at eleven or twelve and had their first child by thirteen. Today that would be married at around age twenty five and first child a year later. My age at fifteen would be considered waiting until after I was thirty. So as you see the world changes, and so does the laws of nature.”

“So you are saying we are going to have to wait until I am older to turn?” Marcus was not sure about that, with what he now remembers about Argos, waiting may not be a good idea.

“Yes, you really don’t want to be fifteen forever do you?” Though all this Theodore sits, thinking, I am not sure about what, he knows most of my whole story.

“No, how about my dad are you going to turn him?”

Theodore speaks up “if you decide to turn I will be turned.”

“But won’t that mean we will never meet mom again? No offense Kat.”

“No offence taken, Marcus” I answer back to him. I know I will never be what I once was, a mother.

“I have to tell you something…” I could see Theodore was going to talk about the divorce.

“Marcus,” I interrupt, “your mother, in this life, may be reincarnated, but we don’t know how or even when. I had to wait two thousand years for you.”

“Oh… Dad, are you hoping to turn to wait for mom?”

“No, your mother and I grew apart. We were visiting a divorce attorney that day. We were trying to figure out a way to tell you. But I love your mother, just not in a way a husband loves a wife. I love her because she gave me you. So no, I am not going to be turned just to wait for your mom.”

“So you were splitting up? Why?” Marcus was upset now.

“Your mother had a boyfriend; she fell in love with someone else as I fell out of love with her.”

“So you are going to be single from now on, or how are you going to date if you are…” Something in Marcus’s mind clicked. He looked at his father, he looked at me, he looked at how we were sitting now and remembering how we were sitting yesterday. “No… really? Kat?! She is my friend! You are falling for her? Why?”

“Marcus, I am falling for your father as well. It is not something I have planned, I have never felt like this in all my existence, you should know I never dated, even after your death, I was alone. So this courting with you dad, is not something I am taking lightly.”

“And we are going to take it slow, allow you to get used to it. We were not going to tell you until we knew if there was something to tell.”

“Are you okay Marcus?”

“No, yes, I don’t know, okay, I will think about everything, later, I am going back to bed. Oh, and Kat, really not cool with the spell you did to help me back to sleep.”

“Sorry, but I needed you to remember before explaining.”

“And the spell with our memories?”

“I did not want to tell you this early. I will not lie. I did not want you to know about your life, until you were older.”

“Fine, but no more spells, well…” Marcus paused, thinking of Argos, and the other unexplainable things, like Jacob’s arm, it had been bleeding horribly, then after Kat looked at it, the bleeding almost stopped. “No more bad spells.”

“Promise, Marcus, now why don’t you walk back up stairs and get some sleep.”

Marcus walked back up the stairs; I waited to speak until I heard his thoughts drift into a dreamless sleep, about a half hour. The whole time, images from Theodore’s mind was breaking into my conscience; we would have to talk about that.

“Kat, we should talk.” Theodore’s voice brought me out of my focus.

“Yes, I think we do.” I didn’t know what to expect, at least not anymore.

“There is something growing between us, you feel that and I feel that.”

“Yes, we do, but not tonight I can’t talk anymore tonight.” With that I leaned into him and kissed him, with that I left his house, before he could even open his eyes.

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