All Saints Day All Souls Day

Today is All Saints Day and tomorrow is my aunts birthday as well as All Souls Day, it is another day we honor the dead. I am suppose to go to mass tomorrow at Columbus for the All Souls Day Mass, but I don’t know it hasn’t even been 3 full months yet since I lost my father, and time seems to go buy so slow and so fast tat the same time, like it is November all ready and I can’t believe that, and then of course it feels like I am frozen in time because of the pain I feel and I try to hide it, and most of the time I do good at hiding the pain, people don’t want to see that, they treat you different. You know I stopped and had some thoughts the other day, if I was working at GMAC still on that horrible day I would have been working until 2 that day, I would have lost out on that day with dad, of course I would have also been fired for taking 2 weeks off. Well later.

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