The Strange Dreams Are Back

The strange dreams are back, I was getting engaged, the ring was different lots of stones sapphire opal ruby blue topaz a pink stone, but that was just one ring I didn’t wear it so much, but the other was long and pretty I wore it all the time on my pinkie it covered the pinkie it was gold spiral with pretty stones on it, I liked this ring so much I wore this one the other I kept under something in the china closet, my dad was there and I remember showing him the ring and telling him I was going to get married we were standing by the kitchen doorway in my house, then I was working at a school, I was a counsel? but they kept sending someone to my office to talk with them then I walk out with someone I don’t know who it felt like Marshall but wasn’t and I asked them if they were going to stop sending them to my office, i saw a car it had my family in it at first I thought dad was driving but as I got closer it was mason and mick was standing outside it talking to mom in the passenger sit, them I woke up. Somewhere before leaving the school I ran into someone I know from grade school Belinda was here name and I told her I was getting married I was about to leave the school it was dark in the school and I showed her the ring on my pinkie.

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