Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

Okay I am doing these both together okay so Eclipse I give a C- and Breaking Dawn and D+, now why okay so in Eclipse it allowed me not to be bored, Alice gave me entertainment, and the concessions made by the main charactors are very interesting. Now Breaking Dawn… I got bored in parts… I don’t like being bored… but I am glad it had a happy ending so to say but really would it be so hard to have death in this one there was in the others 😦 some drama is good…. I like drama… or and the leaders in these books really cowards, bring them on! And come on imprinting on Bella and Edward’s daughter really…. how is that going to work! A half vampire (another issue of mine a vampire is the living dead they can not reproduce!) and a werewolf? Don’t get but at least she ties up a lot of loose ends better then some books do, even if it took a whole book to do so!

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