New Moon Book

Okay so I said I wasn’t going to do this but I am going though these books really fast, Okay New Moon Grade C- Why? I like Alice forget the whole sparkly vampire thing Alice is funny again sparkly vampire thing not good, but forgiveable this time because of Alice, the werewolves not too far off from many many Native American legends, did some research even the 2 tribes, my ansestors come from had stories smilar to the werewolves in this book so I am okay with it, but the sparkly vampires can’t find them, found something like them except the sparkle aspect more like sun drains them of thier energy so still vampires are not completely forgiven, only Alice is. But this had an okay plot, I was getting bored with Bella trying to hurt herself but then Alice saves the day with a untrue vision YAY!!! Action in the book, at this point Edward thinks Belle has passed on and wants to die and goes to the royal vampires (many myths have them so okay and many myths have them with powers as well so ok) but still issues with the sparkle thing and come on Belle really you have Jacob being all nice and waiting and you forgive Edward like he did nothing wrong really make him work for it you are destorying woman every where I like that there is not much with the sparkle going on with this book maybe Eclipse will have a forgiveable note but not anticipating it so and I have a feeling the movie will get in F… sorry movie…

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