Hearts Desire

Can’t you see me in the eyes of the moon

Can’t you feel me in the burn of the sun

Can’t you see that we all become dust

Can’t you feel the power between us

Can’t you see your hearts desire

Can’t you feel my hearts fire

Can’t you see me in the eyes of the moon

Can’t you feel me in the burn of the sun

Can’t you see the void without me

Can’t you feel that we are meant to be

Can’t you see I was created for you

Can’t you feel my words are true

Can’t you see me in the eyes of the moon

Can’t you feel me in the burn of the sun

Can’t you see I may have left this world


Can’t you feel me in your hearts fold

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

Okay I am doing these both together okay so Eclipse I give a C- and Breaking Dawn and D+, now why okay so in Eclipse it allowed me not to be bored, Alice gave me entertainment, and the concessions made by the main charactors are very interesting. Now Breaking Dawn… I got bored in parts… I don’t like being bored… but I am glad it had a happy ending so to say but really would it be so hard to have death in this one there was in the others 😦 some drama is good…. I like drama… or and the leaders in these books really cowards, bring them on! And come on imprinting on Bella and Edward’s daughter really…. how is that going to work! A half vampire (another issue of mine a vampire is the living dead they can not reproduce!) and a werewolf? Don’t get but at least she ties up a lot of loose ends better then some books do, even if it took a whole book to do so!

The Strange Dreams Are Back

The strange dreams are back, I was getting engaged, the ring was different lots of stones sapphire opal ruby blue topaz a pink stone, but that was just one ring I didn’t wear it so much, but the other was long and pretty I wore it all the time on my pinkie it covered the pinkie it was gold spiral with pretty stones on it, I liked this ring so much I wore this one the other I kept under something in the china closet, my dad was there and I remember showing him the ring and telling him I was going to get married we were standing by the kitchen doorway in my house, then I was working at a school, I was a counsel? but they kept sending someone to my office to talk with them then I walk out with someone I don’t know who it felt like Marshall but wasn’t and I asked them if they were going to stop sending them to my office, i saw a car it had my family in it at first I thought dad was driving but as I got closer it was mason and mick was standing outside it talking to mom in the passenger sit, them I woke up. Somewhere before leaving the school I ran into someone I know from grade school Belinda was here name and I told her I was getting married I was about to leave the school it was dark in the school and I showed her the ring on my pinkie.

New Moon Book

Okay so I said I wasn’t going to do this but I am going though these books really fast, Okay New Moon Grade C- Why? I like Alice forget the whole sparkly vampire thing Alice is funny again sparkly vampire thing not good, but forgiveable this time because of Alice, the werewolves not too far off from many many Native American legends, did some research even the 2 tribes, my ansestors come from had stories smilar to the werewolves in this book so I am okay with it, but the sparkly vampires can’t find them, found something like them except the sparkle aspect more like sun drains them of thier energy so still vampires are not completely forgiven, only Alice is. But this had an okay plot, I was getting bored with Bella trying to hurt herself but then Alice saves the day with a untrue vision YAY!!! Action in the book, at this point Edward thinks Belle has passed on and wants to die and goes to the royal vampires (many myths have them so okay and many myths have them with powers as well so ok) but still issues with the sparkle thing and come on Belle really you have Jacob being all nice and waiting and you forgive Edward like he did nothing wrong really make him work for it you are destorying woman every where I like that there is not much with the sparkle going on with this book maybe Eclipse will have a forgiveable note but not anticipating it so and I have a feeling the movie will get in F… sorry movie…

Again I Look Towards The Sky,

Wishing For Raindrops To Fall And Mix With The Tears I Cry.
Just a random quote today people, but I have been thinking I like to research the myth and legends of creatures I am thinking about going to see if I can get a degree in folklore, and then maybe teach that would be great, or maybe get a degree in legal studies and then off to law school… I don’t know wish something would just show me a sign what I should do, where I should be, I feel like I am lost in the woods, with no place to go.

Here I Sit In The Woods
Contemplating My Moods
Again I Look Towards The Sky
Wishing For Raindrops To Mix With The Tears I Cry
I Feel Lost No Place To Go
I feel so Cold Down To My Core
I Am Looking For A Sign
That My Future Is Mine
I Must Find This Sign
But First I Must Leave The Woods Behind


Okay so I have an issue with Twilight most who know me know I am obsessed with vampires, but don’t know how much, I have read almost every vampire book, research the folklore on them, if I could I would become an expert in vampires, werewolves, and other things… anyways the book and the movie, (yes I finished them back off you can’t review something if you don’t read or watch it, which means you can’t belittle it or burn it!) The movie gets an F sorry I just can’t give something good grade if they can’t at least somewhat keep to the books main points, they interpreted a lot in the movie, and some scenes may have been better left alone enough said on that, did not like the movie, but others out there did. (I will get to the vampires in a moment calm down). Okay the main thing that gets me (in the book and the movie another reason the movie gets in F) and why I give the book a D+, the vampires… no where I mean nowhere… are there vampires who sparkle, I can forgive the fact that they come out in the sun, some very good books and movies allowed them to, and a lot of folklore give it to the pale skin why they can not come out and it diminished their powers, research it if you don’t believe me, I can even forgive the rip off parts from other movies, books, and other media matrial but what I can’t is that the sun does nothing to them but make them sparkle in this book and movie… can’t stand it, and really the characters in the book a million times better then in the movie, I can almost stand the book, but some part of me can’t get past the who destroying the myth of the vampire thing, I mean I have researched a lot of myths, on creation, on how they live, but come on make them sparkle? Vampires should have a fear factor about them, and the sparkle thing just wants to make me laugh at the stupid stupid vampire… vampires should as I said have some fear factor about them, not that they can’t be funny, but really how can you fear that? Other then that if you take out that stupid part, the story line is the basic for most recent vampire loves a human story line, with a few complications, like come on, you say you love this girl but you don’t want to be with her forever?????? Turn her end of story, anyways as a pro I guess you could say the story line does seem to flow with a few key action parts, so if you can forget about the rip off parts, and the sparkle factor you may have a couple of hours of entertainment, but buy in hardcover, spend the 7 on the paper back if you want to buy other then that checkout at the library or borrow a copy! Also I will not grade or write about New Moon until after the movie comes out, I will do both the movie and book at the same time for this again, please do no take offense but I have strong opinions and they are going to get on peoples’ nerves.


Overall grade: C+
Okay, so zombieland is funny, I don’t care who you are if you don’t laugh at least once in this movie see a shrink okay! But the plot was kinda missing you never know what really happens at the end of a zombie movie, but come on, you should have some type of plot point, that is what I really miss out of a lot of zombie movies, yes, it is fun to go out and watch people kill zombies using funny objects but still you can only see it a few times before you wonder where the plot went to… but this one did have a quest so a plus! I would say go see it even if for these two words Bill Murry… won’t say anymore, but funny!


Okay so here is the deal I am going to be review things books movies when ever I see one or finish one… now here is the thing some ground rules so to say I will not review something I have not read or watched, if you want to comment please make sure you know what you are talking about, I will give a grade based on my point of view, you do not have to agree with it I wouldn’t want you too, I will not describe the book or movie, I will give a couple pros a couple cons and a grade nothing fancy something for a person to think about really that is is I have been know to be harsh so really don’t take offense or start commenting about my lack of taste or what not, I gave Stars Wars a D, the new Star Trek Movie a C+ okay so I am harsh deal with it, I look at stuff as a whole as well as separately look forward to the first review!


Okay so last night I had a dream i can’t remember, but get this tonight… or this morning what ever I have been dozing, headache, but get this okay first I dreamt I dreamt of a bat, okay I was in my parents bed? I don’t know because it looked like my parents room and bed but the curtains were not, anyways I hear a squeek squeek, I pull back the curtain and there is a huge ass bat, okay so I “wake” up go down and tell Matt my brother, now I know I am in my house, and tell him I dreamt of this huge bat go up and check with a flash light (I don’t know why we just didn’t turn on the light, so anyways next dream was that I was with my family some type of genetic genius okay and I did this thing where it mutated people into creatures, well this one guy found out injected himself with the stuff, and refused to take the antidote, well anyways there was a boy out there who was infected, and I had to get these pills to him, now my lab at the hospital (I am guessing… was like Spores but like 3D and I could make people into those creatures!) So I run out no car keys nothing to get to this I escape this mad man that I have security to go help my mom! now I get to this store it is raining yes raining at first it is like target or something inside but it isn’t it is a grocery store, well this is a little piece of paper that has four obituaries on it, the one I saw was Don Knots died at 61 or 81 on Nov 1st or Dec 1st but he is already dead yes I know, anyways I run into this person I know she use to be my neighbor, Carrie she is shopping, anyways I tell her I am some type of genetic genius and ask to use her car, my phone vibrates but I have a old phone of mine the little gray one my second with US Cellular, anyways I try to call on it and it gives that message you need a major cc or whatever okay, but the funny thing is I am in our 93 white and blue huge passenger van but I don’t have the keys, I had asked to borrow Carrie’s car when I was leaving, so after I mess with the van get in check the mirror in the visor, I find Carrie’s car, it is like a Lamborghini!, anyways I have issues driving it and go though roads go though grass miss trees, all without an issue, but I get to the highway I see mom and Mick ahead of me in the truck there is a toll we stop I yell to mom I am right behind them to pay for me, and then I pull up and stop and the toll lady says the don’t normally let people do that but she will make the exception and has me sign something with my inatials something and then I wake up! Okay so I am weird I know this but I am typing it now so I don’t forget ! Later