I think the place I work is haunted, I have seen like black clouds, and I feel uneasy and I get cold chills, it is weird, I believe in spirts and I think I have even seen them, but this is differnt, it is weird, and people are always out sick at work, when they were fine when they were not in the building. It is weird. And out of the blue a few days ago, I suddenly remember our own local version of Bloody Mary, or at least my grade school. There was a nun, supposely, when the school was a high school, then it went by St. Mary’s Catholic School, went for K-12, it changed in 1959 I think, when our catholic high school opened (which as a ghost there to) but this nun was killed by a bunch of kids, and her blood stained the floors of of the building. They have tried to paint over it and could not, it would remain blood red in the old building. If you said bloody mary in the locker rooms, the lights would go out and a woman would show up in the mirror and take you with her to hell.

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