Monster University-Ewan

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I have always been a warrior. AlwaysI was set to be a king once upon a time. Now I am a ‘Detective’ at the local police station. I understand how it is needed in our group. We all know of each other but never get close. I won’t ever get close to them. My own brother killed me on the land of my birth. It was after a fierce battle. One that would have gotten me my throne and my brother stabbed me in the back and then beheaded me with my own sword. I swore when I made that deal with the devil that I would never be betrayed again. So while I put my head on each day, I make sure it is loose enough that I can look 360 degrees. I look at my whip. It is what I used to bring justice to those who betray those who trust them. It is made from the spine of my own brother. I ripped it from his body as I came back from the dead. I sat upon my hell steed, it was blacker than my desire for revenge, and I held my head up high to seek him out. I stopped in front of him and called his name. Sean fell to the ground and I jumped off my steed and before he died I ripped out his spine through his chest. I feel to this day no regrets. I am content in my undead life as a monster. After all there are worse monsters than us out there…”

Ewan stood up and looked into the cell. For a college town it was quite small, and it was the way he liked it. Small police department. He was one of four detectives. He looked at the homeless man. He dated all the papers to show he wasn’t here when Sheldon was killed. He shrugged. Frank only protected himself. Though he didn’t understand why Frank kept the brat. He would have walked away. For a soulless creature, he had more of a conscience than most of the monsters in their group. He shook his head. The drunk in the cell at least would no longer be homeless, would have three meals a day and be taken care of. He backdated the files and with a few swishes of his pen and few clicks of a mouse the drunk had no alibi and soon the knife and bloody clothes would be planted. He stood up, throwing the file in his active box and locked his computer, throwing on his suit jacket and leaving to finish this up. After all his night was coming. When he could kill the betrayers in the town. He smiled as he got in his car. His fellow detectives just thought he solved a case.

Ewan pulled up to his house. His mustang purred as he parked in his driveway. He smirked. He loved his cars as much as he loved his steed. Power was power. He walked out back of his house to the stable. His horse was as black as coal and his eyes as red as blood. “Oh, don’t look at me like that boy. You are still my favorite. And soon we will ride through this town and claim the lives of those who betrayed their blood. Worse of the living and dead, you are to betray blood.” He stated as he took his whip and did a few practice swings, destroying the pumpkins he had lined up on the unused gates in the stable. He felt the splatter of their innards and smirked. He turned to clapping. “Ajit.” He greeted to the man that became a brother to him.

“Ewan. Did you get that thing with Frank fixed?”

“Yes. Still don’t get his want to be a father.”

Ajit shrugged his shoulders. “I somewhat get it. And Frank is always the most human of us all.” He then laughed. “Ironic considering he was built of dead humans and never was born and lived a human life. He is the only one to never actually be anything but a monster.”

Ewan smiled. “Yes, well, Frank was created by power. I think he absorbed enough soul remnants that he is probably the only one of us with the closest thing to an intact soul. So Halloween is coming now; have you picked your victims?”

“I have a good idea. We all don’t have a steed that can sense the betrayal of blood.” Ajit stated as he petted the steed.

Ewan shrugged. “We all have our cursed and our blessings Ajit. What you here for?”

“I was in the area. Thought I would stop by when I saw you.” Ajit shrugged. “Hear Lucas took out a local alpha last night.”

“Yeah, I had to help the mutts clear the bodies. And announce a poisoning that killed quite a few. I don’t blame Lucas, though. He has always been protective of his pack.”

Ajit nodded. “That little girl will be spoiled and protected from the world.”

“That she will.” Ewan stated.

Ajit stopped petting the steed. “Well, I am going to bounce out. I got things to do. People to investigate. There is one I like; have to talk to Seb about him.”

“Tell Seb poker night is coming up. Expect him to be there this time. And if you see Draco before me, you tell him that he is the only one required to be in his mask. I won’t have that invisible bastard cheating again.”

Ajit laughed. “Please, a few beers and we are all cheating.”

Ewan shrugged. “Yeah but I lost 500 to him last time.”

Ajit laughed. “For a man who can remove his head to look at the cards you lose every time.”

“It is that invisible bastard!” Ewan yelled.

Ajit shook his head. “Until next time, Ewan!”

Ewan sighed as cleaned up. For as much fun as he had practicing, he hated cleaning up. Maybe he should hire some maids. He gives them money, and he doesn’t have to do anything about the cleanup. He just had a few more nights, then he would gain the souls of the betrayers. He captures them inside of his whip and they in turn power him and his immortal life. He finished the cleanup and plopped down in front of his television and turned on a game. He didn’t care which he never was frantic about sports not like some other monsters. Because in the end sports didn’t change. The players did. Even the rules to an extent but sports really don’t change and anything steady in their undead bouncing unsteady monster lives was meant to be grabbed on to and obsessed over. Ewan never even noticed when he dozed off.

“Brother! You were wonderful in battle! Keep this up and our father will make you the next king!” Ewan’s brother slapped him on his back.

Ewan smiled at his younger brother. “Ah, Brother, you did great! It was an amazing battle! We are gaining much land!”

Cinead smiled at his brother; nobody noticing the envy burning in his eyes. “Let us take our bounty back to our father.”

Ewan kept making headway in battles; showing why he was the General of his father’s army as they gained land and power. It wasn’t long before his father was about to name the new king. One more major battle win, destroying his father’s life-long enemy, would gain Ewan his crown.

The day of the battle came and Ewan took his broadsword, that had been forged out of and in the blood of his enemies, and struck down all in his way to kill the leader of the land his father desired. It was hard fought, but Ewan made it to the enemy king. They fought and soon Ewan’s sword was buried into the chest of the enemy. As the life left the enemy king’s eyes Ewan took the crown and crowed. He dropped his sword and held up the crown, showing the war was over and he had conquered. Suddenly his eyes filled with shock and pain as he looked down to see his sword through his chest. He looked back to see his brother taking his sword and smirking.

“Brother. I am sorry, but I will be king. And there is nothing you can do.” Cinead swung the sword and…

Ewan sat up with a start. He only had that nightmare as the day he gain another soul grew closer. The nightmare fueling his anger and his thirst for the blood and life of a traitor. Ewan stood and shook his head, looking at the clock. He had slept most of the night. He would just get ready for the day. After all, an arrest was to be made. And other things to clean up.

The next few days ran the same. Falling asleep and having his last mortal moments play out in his mind. The hurt, the betrayal, the pain of his brother killing him fueling his anger and blood thirst. The want of a traitor’s soul to give him power. Finally, the night was upon him and put on the warrior armour they had killed him in and mounted his steed. “Find the traitor!” He held his head high in one hand as his steed took off. It wasn’t long before his steed stopped in front of a house. And the name of the betrayer was in his mind. He waited for the woman to come out of the house.

“What are you?” She asked.

“Alissa Rose Williams, you are guilty of betraying your brother for personal game. Your punishment is death!” With that, Ewan watched as the life was draining from her. He took his whip and cracked it; wrapping it around her throat and watched with a sick satisfaction as her soul left through her mouth and entered his whip and traveled through to him, allowing him to absorb the power of the soul. He flicked his wrist, wrapping the whip back up and left the dead body on the lawn as he rode home. Another successful night where justice was served. He went home and fell into his bed and allowed the nightmare to finish as the power of the new soul was integrated into his body.

“I want justice!” Ewan’s soul screamed. “I will pay anything!”

The being that Ewan would call the devil smirked and looked at him. “So be it my Headless Horseman!” He snapped his fingers and Ewan was sitting upon his steed once more. He held onto his head and drove the steed as hard and as fast as he could. Finally reaching his kingdom. He found his father had died and his brother had claimed Ewan’s wife and unborn child as his. Ewan found his brother. Called to him. And as the life left his body, Ewan went up to him and ripped his hand through his chest and pulled out his spine. “My son will have my rightful place as king you traitor. I will see you in hell!” Ewan yelled as he turned and walked away. Leaving the body of his brother in a pool of blood. He went and looked upon his wife and unborn child. “Never will you both feel the betrayal again.” He kissed them both and left. Spending the next five decades watching his family.

Ewan woke the next morning. He groaned as he sewed on his head. He looked at the portrait of his family. “My only regret is I shall never see either of you again. But the thirst for the blood of traitors is now to deep in my own blood. I pray that you forgive me.” His phone went off. “Yes?” He asked answering it. He listened to the details of a murder, a strangulation of a woman over on the other side of town, that he needed to cover. “I will be there in fifteen.” He grabbed his gun and badge and ran his fingers over his whip, loving the shock of the souls trapped there and walked out the door. Another day in his damned existence…

And the countdown to his next hunt begun.

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