New Series The Lost Godling

The Lost Godling: Heiress of the Thunder God
Starting in June
Monthly ‘Episode’

Pilot episode to be posted April 1st.

Posted on (See the links to the side for all pages)

Tora knew nothing about her past. She was found upon a doorstep and raised by her ‘grandfather’ until she was 14. After he passed away she found herself homeless and at 18 she stole some food and cash from the wrong place. An Alford Plea and ten years later, she is trying to put together a life for herself, and she decided to go to school, and at 30 she finally gets her chance. But what she doesn’t know about her past is about to turn her life around.
Will she survive paying for the sins of her birth parents?
With finding out the ideology of religions past and present are real, an unexpected child of God’s cast out son, a roommate and best friend who has a Realm shattering secret of her own, and a love interest that has more secrets than the ineffable Gods themselves, Tora is about to find out her desire for a new life may not be worth the cost.

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