Writing Updates

I gave a friend The Damned Saint, and Elemental Mazes can’t hold my attention right now (going from Adult to Middle Grade writing is really hard sometimes for me). So, I am working on a new short story. While working on a few others, short stories take me some time because I want to make them full, without bogging down with details. Here are the three I am working on. They won’t be more than 50k words.

Concept: Semyaza is a fallen daughter of God, she is tasked with creating hells for souls assigned to her. She must make it seem to the soul they are still alive, their miseries their punishments. It was going fine for eons, before she was assigned a soul that would forever change her very infernal grace. She finds herself walking beside them more and more, comforting them, trying to lessen their damnation. Until, she realizes she is in her own hell, and she makes the plot to release the damned soul early. To save them from being corrupted and damned to her existence of forever remaining in hell.

Concept: We were twins. We are close, inseparable. Even across the states. My brother moved to South Carolina, when he got married. But letters went back and forth. He worked on plantation and I worked my farm. Then came that fateful day that I knew would happen with the fighting going on in our infant nation. I had planned to work my land that fateful April 12th like I did every morning. I had been sending my brother letters, even after that December 20th, decision for his state to secede from the Union. But that April day changed a lot for everybody. Even I and my twin. And that is the day I died. My body just hadn’t caught up to my soul. My headstone should have stated February 15th, 1837- April 12th, 1841. But it doesn’t.

Concept: Katrina Richards ran from home as soon as she graduated high school, becoming a world renowned Archaeologist and Historian in just ten years. Then her younger sister had twins at fifteen. To save the twins from being abused and neglected or spending any time in the system, Katrina moves from Los Angeles back home to a small town in Iowa. She adopts the twins and starts a new career as a high school teacher. Enter James Carlton, Mathematics teach since he was twenty two, former teacher of Katrina Richards. James and this small town are about to turn Katrina’s life upside down. And it all starts with James and Friday Night High School Football.

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