Monster Univeristy Day 3: Drake and The Brides

Drake and The Brides
Monster University
All Rights Reserved

            “I remember the day I was cursed, or should I say the day I realized I was cursed. It was in my blood. My grandfather had evolved into an Incubus. And as soon as I choose my mates, I will as well. Of course, my grandfather was unaware of my existence. The key word is was, much like I was unaware of his. Now he barges into my life, and he expected me to give up the guilt, to embrace this curse, to give up my last bit of humanity.  He wanted me to accept the power of the family blood stone. I looked at the scepter he had handed me, I had listened to my grandfather go on and on and on and on about our family destiny.
            I had to stop and think. Was I ever really human? I mean, at one point I had my brides, and I was the basis for Stroker’s blood book.
            Then my grandfather says it is a curse, a curse given to me by Van Helsing. He then comes and gives me the cure.
            I felt the power, I feel my power unleashed, the curse breaking. Now I look at the blood stone daily and now I feed it. And I remember why I was once feared. Now if I only had my brides…”
            Drake smirked as he left the dorm building, since his grandfather cured him, he had become himself once more. Blood thirsty, powerful, a true Dracul! But he still felt empty. Always empty. Ever since Van Helsing, that bastard, killed his brides. Making a vampire, an eternal friend or slave, was easy. But a bride? A bride had a special place in a vampire’s slash budding Incubus’ heart and undead soul.
            Of course, before he gained his first brides, he was a war hungry monster, he used that to fill the void he felt in his cursed soul. The blood, never satisfying fully, but keeping him sane. Maybe he should join the military again. War and world travel… Now that sounds like his type of life. It wouldn’t be the first time he joined the military and jumped head first into a war. He even was ‘killed’ in action during World War II.
            He was thinking and walking back to his apartment when he bumped into someone. “Oh! Excuse me.” He stated in his ‘I am so charming, follow me to your death’ voice. He looked at who he bumped into, it was a short woman, finely developed, and with long mahogany hair up in a tight bun. Her eyes were weird mix of dark brown and red, the color of chocolate mixed with blood.
            “No! I am sorry! I wasn’t paying attention.” She smiled as she held up a book to show him, she was reading. “I have a paper to do for my Romantic Classics class.”
            Drake looked at the book and laughed. “Romantic? Dracula?”
            The woman blushed. “Dracula is romantic. Look at what he would do for Mina. He had to truly love her to go through all that and then to die.”
            Drake internally winced. Mina and Lucy, his lovely brides, they were each other’s sister in all but blood and, more importantly, the first loves of his existence. Only loves, he never looked for new brides, just one-night stands with people on their last night of their lives. He kept praying for their rebirth. “I will give you he did adore Mina and Lucy.” He answered her, Van Helsing couldn’t kill him; so, he cursed him. And Van Helsing had killed Lucy and Mina. “And Van Helsing was the true monster of that book.”
            She smiled. “My name is Florence. My friend, Lenore, and I believe the same! We are both doing a paper on it. She is like my sister in but blood, we always connected.” She was excited to meet someone who thought the same as she and her friend.
            “Drake. Well, I happen to have a degree in English Lit, want me to help you and your friend?” Something about this pretty girl drew him in like a moth to a flame. Perhaps she would make a fine first bride. He did truly need brides. And nothing said he had to love them, be faithful to them. Just he would need their blood and energy, and well them to give him sex when he couldn’t find a willing victim.
            Florence beamed at him. “That would be amazing!” She stated. “Are you busy now? I am on my way to meet Lenore!”
            Drake smiled. He had been on his way to pay Tony for his work in the dorm, but eh, Tony can wait. “I was just out walking. I would be happy to help the two of you!” He smiled and took her arm into his. “So, Florence, what is your major?”
            “Pre-law. I want to be a lawyer.” Florence went on to babble her many reasons why. Drake oh’d and ah’d in the right places. The more she spoke though the more she was reminding him of Mina. There was a simple way to see if they were in fact reborn. A potion. And he just so happened to have some.
            Finally, they got back to the dorms, and Drake gave a smirk and nod to Tony who was just leaving. Tony lifted an eyebrow, but Drake shook his head slightly. They made the way to the dorm room Florence and Lenore were sharing. “Flo!” Lenore greeted when the door opened. “Who is this?”
            “This is Drake! He has a degree in English Lit and offered to help us with our papers on how Van Helsing is the bad guy and Dracula was the hero, who tragically died when Van Helsing killed his true loves.”
            Lenore tilted her head her blonde hair fell in her face. “Sure! I can use all the help I can get!” She laughed, as she pulled out the book.
            Drake spent the next few hours going over the lies within the book. “Come on! Mina would have wasted away and become a shell of herself! She was what they called a New Woman! Lucy boarded it, but she would go back into her shell when she was mortal. When she was a vampire, she shined. She became the woman she should have been and not the shell of a living creature she was as a human.” Drake explained. “Being a vampire liberated her from becoming nothing but a piece of arm candy. As one of Dracula’s Brides she became a Queen! Her and Mina were unstoppable, they had a thirst for life that made Vlad very much proud they were part of the Dracul clan!” Drake started talking with his hands and stood up and paced as he continued his rant. “And Van Helsing was a monster! He wanted them to be weak unthinking mortals! He hated Dracula for the sole purpose that he made both Lucy and Mina his brides. Van Helsing was a monster, from abusing his own child to someone who hunted down those who were different than what was ‘normal’ at the time. He once killed a young man just because he didn’t prefer the company of women!”
            Florence and Lenore were writing this all down. They fully agreed and they got into the conversation tearing the book apart. Lenore taking the side of Lucy, reminding Drake of Lucy. “I can see why when mortal Lucy would fall back to those standards, even if she had free thinking ideas, she hides them. She tries to be what her mother wants. I get that. I mean my parents pay for this,” she waves her hand around. “So, my major is what they want it to be. They expect me to find a politics driven man and marry him. So, I get it. I really do. But where as I don’t have an out, Dracula gave Lucy the out she needed and wanted. I think that is why she was able to be changed to begin with, why Mina was able to be changed, it is because they wanted that freedom. It wasn’t that they were tying themselves to Dracula, he truly loved them, he was as tied to them as they were him.” She sighed. “Wouldn’t it have been amazing to be Lucy and Mina? They had a god love them, kill for them, adore them, give them freedom.”
            Florence nodded, “I agree. I don’t see how Mina ever agreed to marry someone else. She could have been a woman of power. She was smart and under that needy and submissive mask was a woman who knew herself and what she wanted. That is why when we see Vampire Mina, it shows her true self the one hidden under her brainwashing that she be the perfect Victorian wife.  Mina was judgmental towards her friend, Lucy, outwardly, but internally, I know she admired her.”
            Drake nodded, “After Mina became a vampire, we can see that, Lucy and here were much alike, sisters. Being mortal changed the girls to standards that were biased, sexist, and frankly disgusting. Dracula made them Queens. To rule AT his side, not behind him, not be submissive to him. For he couldn’t truly exist without them, and they couldn’t truly live without him.” He looked at the time. “Well, look at the time Darlings! I have got to get going. How about you both come over to my place, a friend of mine is always throwing parties. We can talk about some more classics, and tear into them and their disgusting views on women.” He smiled as he held out a paper with his address.
            Both girls smiled and nodded, both hugging him as he walked out of the dorm. As he walked back to his apartment, he was sure his brides had been reborn. And once it was proven, he would change them once more. And may whatever power out there have mercy on the soul of anybody who thought to take them from him again, because he wouldn’t have any.
            Three days later both Florence and Lenore found themselves in a study. Their eyes were wide as they took in the ancient books, trinkets, and everything else under the sun. Many hundreds of years old.  “I see you both seem enamored by my collection.” Drake drawled as he walked into the room. He was wearing a red silk shirt and black pants. He had always favored reds and blacks. Only this time while meeting them he has left his fangs elongated. For tonight he would either have his brides or he would have a feast. For tonight’s party had a dozen girls only, the reason being if he made his brides the girls would become their dinner in three days. And he would have to feed them nutrients and potions to prevent their turning as his brides feed upon them. But first they had to drink the potion. If his brides they would regain all their memories. If not, nothing would happen, but as he drained them the blood would be a little sweeter.
          “It is an amazing collection. I could spend an eternity reading these books.” Florence stated as she placed a book back on the desk.
          Lenore smiled, “it is amazing. You must be so well traveled. I wish I could spend a lifetime traveling.”
          Drake smiled showing his fangs, he handed them both a glass of wine containing the potion.  “Then you both shall, get your dreams one day.”
          The girls took the wine and both to nice healthy drinks, after all college students drink quick and fast anything given to them. It is why the Monster Clan has almost always chosen college towns to temporarily settle in. He watched them both. He wasn’t sure if he was praying or begging whoever’s was in charge of the fates, but he was doing something, hoping they were his brides reincarnated.
         At first it looked like nothing happened. Drake’s non-beating heart started to drop, when he looked up at two gasps and the dropping and shattering of the two wine glasses. He looked at their blown eyes and held the breathe he didn’t need. And waited.
          Lenore, no she was Lucy, looked at Mina. “Mina?” She whispered, afraid she had lost her mind to their obsession with Dracula.
          Florence, no Mina, looked at her and smiled. It all made sense. Their obsession. The way they just knew Van Helsing was the bad guy. “Lucy, it all makes so much sense. We are alive again.” They smiled and both turned to Drake.
         “My Brides?”
         “Husband,” they stated with love and affection. “Change us back to what we were born to be.” They both demanded of him as they dropped their dresses to the floor. “Claim us once more.”
          “With pleasure.” Drake purred as he pulled them to him. “My precious, beautiful, gorgeous, perfect, Brides.”
         Four days later Drake had a smirk on his face as he called a number. “Hey, Tony, bulk discount? I got 12 some of which Gus may like.”
         Tony sighed at his desk. “Make sure you and those brides of yours don’t hunt to much in tton.”
         “Never, Tones, Never. After all, we like it here!” Hanging up leaving the sound of three people laughing in Tony’s ears. It was the start of a glorious new chapter. And best of all, not fucking Van Helsing to try and end it all! He looked to his brides and raised the wine glass of blood. “To new beginnings and second chances.”
         “To Dracula and his Brides!” Mina and Lucy laughed, as they drained their goblets of blood. “May our reign never be disrupted again!”
          Drake laughed as he drained his goblet , “Long Live The Dracul Clan!”

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