Monster University Day 2: Draco and Flora

Draco & Flora
A Monster University Story
All Rights Reserved

            ‘Walking into Griffin sleeping with that woman hurt me. I may have been a bit rash in my curse. However, I didn’t anticipate it curing myself as well. The last hundred plus years we have been living in this cycle of living for twenty years and then reborn and murdered. But for some reason I can never forgive him. He tells me every time he was being disowned to marry me. That he was drunk and thought it was me. So why do I always use him? Abuse him? Curse him? Never forgive him? Why never forgive him and free us both? Why can’t we stop this cycle of reincarnation and murder? He spends the first five years of my new life as a damn ugly bird and I am spoiled and loved. And then as I continue to grow up he lives his life. But he always lives with the fact I cursed him and he killed me. Maybe this time will be different… Then again most likely not. How is it we can’t walk away from each other? After all we are soulless monsters, and how can someone without a soul love?’
            “Flora…” The name fell off Draco’s lips in a sigh. It was 2021 and he had the next thirteen years to live his life, then two years to win the woman who cursed him. Why did he still love her so? He found her diary this time. He always thought that she got her memories when he told her. But this diary he found in her old things, that Bo had collected for him, proved she always knew. Always. He felt a fury boil in his blood. He took a deep breath. She was six. She was six. He had to keep telling himself. And he may be a monster but he didn’t hurt kids. Even a witch. He took another breath. Nothing he could do. He sighed. They were still in Grand Rapids Prairie, Bo and Beth had adopted a pair of twins four years ago. Frank and Lucas still were connected at the hip as they raised Frank’s daughter Sophie, who was now five, oddly enough she had been born of werewolf so Lucas had taken her in as pack heiress. Sam, even had a gal now. SAM! A brain eating zombie! Maybe it was time to move on. Take the fact he would be a bird for five years then he could live his life for fifteen years. It was time to move on once and for all. He felt a flash of cold as he thought those words.
            Flora looked up from the book her new parents had given her. A shiver went down her back. What was that? Did it have something to do with Draco? He would be human once more. She frowned. She moved over to the phone and rank Bo’s number. “Bo?”
            “Flora. Are you going to drop this con you don’t remember from the moment you turn five?” Bo drawled over the phone.
            Flora sighed. “I felt something. Draco, he is… He is still among us, yes?”
            Bo sighed. “Yes, Flora. He just had me set him up as a student, he is going to finish his degree and do something for these fifteen years. I think you felt his final acceptance of your curse.”
            “He is moving on?” Something in her voice broke.
            “I believe so. He is actually dating.”
            Flora slammed down the phone. “Screw this.” She moved quickly to her room. “A quick potion and I will be aged to twenty. I will confront him. He wasn’t ever supposed to give into his punishment! He wasn’t supposed to move on! He is mine!” She screamed as she gathered everything and with a quick slit of the throats of her ‘parents’ she disappeared.
            Draco was actually trying to pay attention in his class, but was just so bored. He was three hundred thirty five years old. He was friends with Vincent Van Gogh! He partied with some of the best musicians. He was a hit Musician! He sighed, he missed the eighties and classic rock, and for sure being able to tour with a band. Hell, he missed the swinging twenties! He missed the hippies, the rebels! He let out a loud sigh; he just missed the past period. But he was moving on, he had to for his own sanity. He couldn’t love Flora anymore. It was toxic. He couldn’t hold on to the only one he ever loved. He may have had his fair share of sex, but only Flora ever held his heart. Even a soulless being like him could feel love. After all he was once a mortal with a soul. He sighed again.
            A girl next to him smiled. “You seemed bored.”
            “have done all this before.” He waved his hand toward the professor. “The class just didn’t’ transfer.” Draco smoothly lied. He looked at her. The opposite of Flora, Tall, blonde, blue-eyed. “Draco.” He held out a hand.
            She smiled and took his hand. “Jane.”
            “Pleased to meet you, Jane. Want to go and get a coffee?” He gave her a charming smile.
            Later that night Draco stood outside on the deck, smoking a cigarette, looking out into the dark, focusing on nothing. Jane was naked and sprawled out in his bed. He took another drag when he heard her voice.
            “Well, Griffin, at least your taste hasn’t approved.” She drawled.
            “Flora.” He flicked his cigarette away.
            “Not shocked?” She frowned.
            “You messed up. I got one of your dairies. You remember and can age yourself, it seems.”
            Flora smiled. “I felt you accept the curse. I felt you give up.”
            “You don’t love me, Flora.” He offered her a smoke.
            She took the cigarette. “I do. I loved you so much as to give up my soul to curse you!” She lite the smoke and conjured a seat. “I do still love you.”
            “Then why this/” Draco asked as he knelt in front of her. “Why do this to both of us? We are monsters, yes, no denying that fact, but we were once mortal, we do love. What is in the remnants of our souls, those pieces of soul still inside of us, they allow us to love. We could be together Flora. Forever. All you have to do is cancel the curse.”
            Flora broke down. “Then you would become mortal again!” She cried out.
            Draco took her hands. “There are many ways to stop that. You are the strongest witch I know. There is a way to modify the curse so I ain’t a damn bird for five years.”
            Flora looked at him. “I don’t know, Griffin. I barely know what I did to curse us to begin with all those centuries ago.”
            Draco looked at her. “How about this? You remove the curse and then curse me with immortality?”
            Flora frowned and winkled her nose. “That could work, but the timing would have to be perfect and we would need a blood sacrifice.”
            Draco looked into his bedroom where his naked conquest laid. “What about her?” He nodded his head toward Jane.
            Flora sneered towards the naked blonde. ‘She will work as the catalyst to release you from your curse. We need another to curse you again.”
            Draco nodded. “Give me two hours; there is Jo’s bar she can help get another sacrifice. I work there as a bartender to give the illusion of being a poor college kid. And the free whiskey is always good.”
            Flora rolled her eyes. “You always did like your drink, Griffin.”
            “Draco. I have to go by Draco, for now.”
            “Fine. I will try and remember. Now go get me a blood sacrifice.” She took his head in her hands and kissed him for the first time since she cursed him over three centuries prior.
            Draco broke the kiss. He went and moved into the room, and put on a shirt, pants, and shoes, he kissed her head and left.
            Flora sneered at the naked woman. “That bed will have to be burnt with the slut.” She sneered at the body, using a spell to keep the woman asleep.
            Draco got to the bar. “Jo, there any expendables around?”
            Jo raised an eyebrow but tilted her head toward a group of drunken sorority girls. Draco nodded his thanks and slide over to them with a few pitchers of beer.
            An hour later he had two girls on his arms and headed back toward his apartment. The curse would soon be over, and he would finally have Flora back in his heart.
            Flora had the alter set up with the black and red candles, the woman was naked and awake, trying to get free. He walked in then; Flora rolled her eyes as she knocked the two sluts out with a spell. “Two?”
            “Eh, can’t say no to twins.” He smirked.
            Flora hit him over the head with a piece of parchment. “Clean off. It is time to do this. Lay under the alter after you tie the other two up.”
            “Yes Mistress!” Draco mock saluted. He striped the women and tied them down and then laid under the alter.
            Flora moved over to them and started to chant, a reversal spell, as she cut the throat of Jane. The blood ran down the alter, mixing with the spices and herbs she had laid out with the candles, mixing with the wax, and ran down and over Draco, as the blood washed away the curse he became visible once more. He gasped as he felt the curse lift, as heat spread through his body. He felt his mortal heart start beating once more! He gasped and gulped the air into his now living lungs.
            Flora saw this and changed her chant into a new curse, and slit the throats of the twins, allowing their life blood to flow and run down over Draco and into his mouth, giving to him the magic and life of their souls.
            Draco had no choice but to swallow the blood, to accept their life force, to accept the curse given to him, he felt as the curse changed, as his heart slowed once more, as his soul once more became tattered remains of a mortal soul. But as he flicked between visibility and invisibility he felt the ability to control this curse. Allowing him to never be a bird again. Allow him, most important of all, to be immortal. He laid there as the blood soaked into his very being, he allowed it to disappear into his body.
            He only stood once he felt no more blood. He smirked and grabbed Flora to him and kissed her hard. “Marry me, my flower.” He demanded.
            “Of course, my Griffin.” She kissed him and dragged him into the guest bedroom.
            The next morning Draco stood on the deck in a robe, smoking a cigarette, calling Tony as Flora took the master bedroom’s bed and burned it out back. He smiled as he rolled her eyes at her obvious glee to cast the bodies and bed on fire. But he was happy.
            Extremely happy. Today started a new chapter in his undead life. The best chapters he had a feeling. He reached up and wiped a drop of blood off his cheek, he sucked it off his finger. He smirked, yes, a new undead life, with the love of his life…

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