Home Isn’t Where The Heart Is: Flash Fiction Story

Home Isn’t Where The Heart Is
Katherine Rochholz
Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved
Flash Fiction
                I blinked as I crawled from the bridge of my ship; the dome I looked through was cracked. I overlooked a small crew of five, which studied Earth and be beings that live on her. I stood in the middle of a corn field for a moment before I came to my senses and checked my crew. I had a heavy heart when I found they hadn’t made it. I took a moment and looked up at the Aurora Borealis; it was like the gods had taken a paint brush to the skies. And it calmed me enough to think about what I was to have to do. I knew it would take me a few years to fix the ship. Which meant hiding out on Earth. Thankfully my race was similar enough to Homo-Sapiens. I knew I could fit in, just fine. Now to burn the dead and hid my ship.
Five Years later
I heard the bell on the door and saw the receptionist dash up to the front where a cluster of people were walking in, I sighed, so much for leaving earl. I continued to work on the 1967 Impala, it was a dark emerald green, it was a beauty, a pity the owner didn’t know how to care for her. I turned again when I heard my Earth name called; I went up to the front.  “Jess?”
                “Kari,” it was actually a play off my actual name. “These people demand to speak to you.”
                “I got it.”  I turned to them. “Let’s get this over with people, I have a football game to watch and I don’t want to miss the lineup.” This small town high school football was everything, and I just so happened to know the coach. I looked truly at them and my eyes widened in shock.
                “Karilitia, I see you are alive.” The leader stated, calmly.
                “The reports of my death better have been greatly exaggerated.”
                The leader rolled his yes. “I am glad you are alive, daughter.” He looked down at my stomach. “Evan if you have chosen a human from Earth as your mate.”
                “I am staying.” I blurted out.
                My father nodded. “Visit with my grandchildren.”
                I smiled. “I am an alien among humans, but my home is Lamondra.”
                He kissed my head. “Until your visit.” And then they left. “
                My husband came out of my office. “Honey?”
                “It was nothing. Let’s go, you have a game to coach.” I went up on my tiptoes and kissed. Him. Lamondra may be my home, but Earth now held my heart.

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