Nine Years A Poem For Father’s Day

Nine Years 
All Rights Reseved
Nine Years
That is all that is going through my head 
Nine Years this August
Nine Years
Nine years without you
Nine years going through stages to try to reach one final stage
Nine years of denial 
Nine faces in a crowd where I do a double take; but it isn’t you
Nine years of hate
Nine different people I hate, you, god, doctors, nurses, your old boss, 3 of your co workers, me…
Nine years of dreams
Nine different dreams cycle, all with you alive and nine different prayers begging it to be real
Nine years of nothing but Darkness
Nine different ways of tying to end the darkness that has invaded my soul 
Nine years of trying not to cry at your title 
Nine years trying to accept you are gone and I won’t hear your voice, and you won’t hear me say ‘Dad…’
Nine years
That is all that is going though my head 

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