Character Profile Praying: Lavina Celena Tiburtinus

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Character Profile Praying: Lavina Celena Tiburtinus

Lavina Celena Tiburtinus: 18 years old, 5’7″, 115 pounds, she is thin, but athletic, when not at one of her events she is running. She has blue, very light blue, and one of 3 that did not get a violet underlay in the eye color; however, her eye color can seem almost white blue when angry. Both these colors are recessive genes that all the kids inherited either one or the other; along with the rare blonde hair of their bloodlines. Her face is heart-shaped. Twin of Leo. 4th child. Common nicknames is Vina and La. Senior in high school but like all her siblings taking college classes. JROTC, plans on joining the Army right out of high school. Majoring in Criminal Justice and Behavioral Psychology. After the Army and getting her PH. D plans on joining the FBI Academy and hopes to one day to be an agent in the BAU. Homecoming Queen, popular, softball, volleyball, cheer-leading, choir. She still likes her trendy casual style of dress. She knows she looks good and doesn’t force it. Natural make-up versus the fact her older sister only uses a bit of lotion and lip gloss. Not currently dating. Like her family she is Catholic but mostly considered lapse as she is waiting for the church to realize the world has changed. Closet bi-sexual; but still finds herself mostly attracted to men. Upon her parents death she lives with her siblings, but will soon be leaving Riverside; she shall be joining the ARMY.
She always wears a Ruby jewelry set (necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet), She got it for her sweet 16, it was her maternal grandmother’s.
Upon her 18th birthday Lysandra took her to get her first tattoo, it is a detailed custom designed cross, with there last name Tiburtinus in script on the back of her neck.
She is a typical 18 year old teenager, she parties on the weekends, and studies during the week.
She tends to ignore her one trait that Tiburtinus women dream of their spouse, she keeps dreaming of a blue eyed man. The pain in his eyes so much that they die, the color dies and then she sees him killed. She ignores this as she doesn’t want to know why she would dream of this man’s death.
She always hums, sings to the radio, and twirls her hair around her fingers when she is lying. She only gestures with her hands if she is super excited about something. Her tone of voice is generally sweet with a Midwest accent. She has a relaxed way of talking, she is a big fan of slang. Her hair is generally kept long, it has a slight natural curl. She, however, had decided recently that after seeing Lysandra’s new cut she should get a pixie cut before joining the Army upon Graduation.

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