Character Details: The Keepers and The Sisters of Lilith

Character Details: The Keepers and The Sisters of Lilith

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Keeper 1: Dean Cooper, 24: Country Boy (Iowa), hides his smarts, gets in bar fights, works the farm, Former Marine, Religious/ Myths/Backgrounds/ Cultures Expert. No College Education

Keeper 2: Joseph McKinley, 33: Male, Street kid, no formal education, dropped out at sixteen. Runner until shot. now thief. takes jobs, gets paid, rich, has a daughter, single father. Engineering, Technology expert.

Keeper 3: August Shepherd, 19: Male, young kid, smart, graduated college at 14, professional student, Ph D in linguistics, Nerd, speaks most dead languages, and ten living languages (English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Swahili, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian) but learns others fast. Language man, he can also read micro expressions, reads people, can read lips and knows sign language as well.

Keeper 4: Sakura Hoshi, 29: Female, Only daughter of mother who escaped China (father was Japanese) so she wouldn’t have to kill her on her husband’s orders. Sciences, Math, Ph D in Chemistry and Biology. Used to teach until mom got sick, took her of her, mother recently died.

Keeper 5: Kendra Porter, 23: Artist/Writer, Waitress. Creative type, thinks outside the box, knows almost everything about art gets along well with Dean, kicked out at 16 when pregnant, single mother, honest woman, works two jobs to be able to give her son the chance she didn’t have.

Protector 1: George Noble, 35: Male, Black Ops, Navy Seal, ex-football player, blew out his knew Freshman year. Joined the military to still get his college paid for, Communications degree, weapons expert, weapon of choice Knives and Swords, Recruited from Navy Seals made it a career

Protector 2: Martin Nunez, 27: Male, Private Security, Martial Arts expert, black belt, started out as hired muscle for cartel bought his freedom knows the inner workings of many illegal trades, has contacts when needing things not above board

Protector 3: Daisy Johnson, 33: Female, knows guns and the law, likes to hunt, steak and potatoes type of person, Army then went and got a Criminal Justice degree, Detective until she was shot protecting a kid then went on desk duty because of politics, she can still do her job, married to politician, 2 teens

Guide 1: Kevin Richardson, 52: Male, Advisor to presidents and CEO’s super educated, many degrees (main business and law), silver tongued, believes in education and believes in teaching others to think and do; not just think, hands-on guide

Guide 2: Jennifer Bradly, 33: Female, educator, was a nun until an accident killed her brother and his family, she left the nunnery and is now agnostic, threw herself into books and guiding children to follow their dreams,

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