Excerpt: The Keepers and The Sisters of Lilith

Excerpt: The Keepers and The Sisters of Lilith
Coming Soon!
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            Abby was tense during the drive across town. She didn’t know what the wills stated. She hadn’t even known that James and Fredric even had included her in their wills. She took a deep steading breath as she parked in front of Therese’s office. She swallowed hard as she got out of the SUV and walked to the door. She paused with her hand on the door. She took several breaths as she walked into the office, now it was almost three in the afternoon. “I am here to see Therese.” Abby told the receptionist.
            “Right away Ms. Elyondottir!” The bubbly woman, who Abby hadn’t met before, stated. “She is expecting you, have a seat and she will be out in a moment.”
            Abby nodded and grabbed a bottle of water and took a seat with her back straight as a board, tense with pain and worry. She could look to the future, but the drain it would cause wasn’t worth it, when she would know the answer of what was the wills continued in less than an half of hour. She sat staring into the mirrored wall. She saw a million reflections of herself within the reflections of her eyes. The part of her that was loving and giving of life and power. She saw herself as the cruel, cruel, capricious god that she that she could be to her creations when they gained her ire. She saw woman, mother, child, sister, maker, and destroyer. She saw millions of different beings she was and always will be. The darkness of her soul almost drowning the light that also made up her being. To many millennia alone, to much pain and mistrust and too much fear to have ever chanced her heart with Fredric, or any other mortal… She blinked and saw the golden silver flacked eyes of her true form… and all she saw ere the mistakes of her past and of a life that was forever lost to her. She closed her eyes a the regrets and took a deep breath. She was startled out of her thoughts when she heard Therese’s voice.
            “Abby, it is so lovely to see you again.” She kissed both of Abby’s cheeks as Abby stood.
            Abby smiled. “Always nice to see you, though I would like better circumstances.”
            “As would we all.” Therese bit her lip as she led them back to her meeting rooms. “Abby… There is one more will I didn’t tell you about…”
            Abby frowned. ‘Who’s?”
            Abby stiffened. “We shall listen to his first then.” She stated as she sat in the first row of chairs in the middle.
            “Of course, Abby.” Therese stated.
            The others looked confused at the coldness when this Jesse was mentioned, but they took the seats around Abby. Dean to her right and George to her left. They didn’t know what was to come with the readings of the wills but they had a feeling it would be hard on their angel.
            Abby  closed her eyes to ground herself. She imagined herself on top of the tallest mountain on a planet devoid of life. It was a planet that she had made for herself. She called it Sanctuary. It was the place she centered her mind. She took ten deep breaths and then she opened her eyes back on Earth. “Begin.” She stated.
            “Therese cleared her throat. “Okay.” She took a sip of water before she began.
            Abby didn’t know what he would say, but she knew he had set back her growth to truly trust her precious mortals. Abby closed her eyes and prayed her soul wasn’t about to collide into the darkness in her soul, with no hope of escape. She opened her eyes and waited.
            “This is the last will and testament of Jess Harrison.
                        ‘I, Jesse E. Harrison, being of somewhat sound mind and body do hereby declare this my last will and testament. I revoke all others and am not married, and have no children, living or dead, which have left issues. My instructions are as such, and Therese is my executor.
            I give everything back to Abigail Elyondottir. Abby, I betrayed you, I let Leslie seduce me. I will be dead just days after this making. I know this and now you do. I had my doubts but I made my choices and I shall pay for them. Destroy my soul Abby. Destroy it, because I will become a vengeful spirit. Destroy me. Destroy me and allow me my peaceful oblivion. This concludes my last will and testament. And Abby I am sorry to have caused you such pain.’”
            Abby took a deep breath and searched hers spots, finding Jesse’s soul. His will was right; he was going to become a vengeful spirit. She let a tear slide down her check as she let her magic, her life force flow around the black spot. Though her physical form was on Earth she stood in limbo with Jesse. “Jesse.” She whispered.
            Jesse’s soul looked at her. “I am sorry Abby. But my anger at being played and used will make me into a vengeful spirit. Destroy me.”
            Abby transformed into her true form and pulled out her sword. She looked at him. “I am sorry I failed you.” She whispered. “Forgive me.” She brought the sword down upon his soul.
            Before she made contact. “I forgive you your imagined grievances against me. Forgive me Abby.” And then the sword made contact with his soul and it burst into a billion pieces being absorbed into limbo as Abby fell to her knees and gasped as she was thrown back into her body on Earth. She clutched her chest and sobbed.
            It was a while before Abby gained composer. She smiled her thanks to her group and took a deep breath. “Jesse’s wishes have been fulfilled.”
            Therese nodded. “And everything will be back into your accounts in a few days.”
            Abby nodded. “I am okay. Let’s get on with the next.” Abby was quiet as they waited for the next will readings. She took a breath, as the lawyer started.
            “This is the last will and testament of James Stark.
‘I, James T. Stark, being of sound mind and body do hereby declare that this document is my last will and testament. In executing such document, I hereby declare that:
1. I revoke all wills and codicils that I have previously made.
2. I am not currently married. I have no children now living, nor have I any deceased children who died and left issue.
3. I instruct my executor to distribute my estate the following:
Everything goes to Abigail Elyondottir. Abby, my dear sweet angel, you were very much like the daughter I always wanted and never had, don’t cry for me Abby. I know you have rewarded me in life and death. You came to me to help you protect this Earth, this realm. You asked me for my soul, and I freely gave it. Just as I freely gave my life for the cause. Don’t cry for me Abby. I went out the way I wanted… Fighting by your side. So take these trinkets from my life and gain some joy out of them. Take the money and continue your fight. I will always be with you. After all you created me. And I will see you again. Good-bye Abby.’”
The lawyer, Therese Bunson, looked up. “He made me the executor to make sure you got everything Miss Abby and since I am a lawyer at the law firm you use, everything will be taken care of in the accordance of the will and the law.”
            Abby took some deep breaths. She closed her eyes against the pain that flooded her. She looked at her lawyer. “Okay, let’s go with the next one. She could feel the others move closer to her. Dean and Joseph both had hands on her shoulders and August was hugging her from behind.
            Therese nodded. “This one is a video will.” She moved and pushed play on the DVD player.
A young man came upon the screen. He had red hair and the bluest of eyes. He smiled. “Hidey Ho Abs and replacement or replacements!  I am the ever fabulous Fredric Wayne, and this is my last will and testament. So let’s get some of this boring legal stuff out of the way first!  Therese says I have too, even if it is boring! So here it goes. 
I, Fredric F. Wayne, being of sound mind, oh please do not laugh Abs! I may be crazy but I am sound!  Oh, and body do hereby declare that this document is my last will and testament. In executing such document, I hereby declare that:  1. I revoke all wills and codicils, what the hell type of word is that? Is that really a word… I am being told yes, well, all other wills and codicils that I have previously made. 
2. I am not currently married, sad business that, Abs I really would have tried harder to convince you to marry me if I had thought I had more time. I would have one too. I have no children now living, nor have I any deceased children who died and left issue. 
3. I instruct my executor , the lovely Therese Bunson, to distribute my estate the following: So, as you know I am loaded! Like loaded! Give all that useless to me money to children’s hospitals, you know the ones I like. Just make sure kids are taken care of; don’t need to be hospitals just any programs that has to do with kids. Kids are awesome and think I am the bomb diggity. And yes Abs I know nobody says that anymore but I like the words!” The man in the video laughed. “Okay, umm, sell my house and use that money too. Abs, you know I love ya, keep my ashes in the catacombs. I lived and breathed that place. You changed me Abs. You changed me for the better. You made me a good man and you made me alive. I was going to kill myself before you came into my life. The last ten years has been the most amazing of my life. If I died protecting you or this world then I died happy. Don’t cry too much for me. I know you care about us all. We are your mortal family. So take care Abs. And you newbies, if there are any Jarheads, Squids, Flyboys or Soldiers like me, or even if you are any sort of Protector either in title or heart, you take care of Abs for me. I can’t be there anymore so you take care of our Angel for me.  And take care of each other. You are family now.” He gave a sad smile. “Thank you Abs for giving me a family to live and die for and I will see you again someday.” 
The man in the video clapped his hands. “Okay, enough with the feelings! I have one more bit of business. Therese the wonder lawyer will be handing you a piece of paper…” The man paused as Therese rolled her eyes at the video and gave Abby the paper. “Got it? Good.” The man continued after a moment. “That is my bar tab, sorry Abs, but thanks for taking care of that for me!” He laughed again. “Truly Abs, I love you. Don’t cry too much. And I hope the one who replaces me loves you as much as I did. Signing off of a Fabulous life this was Fredric F. Wayne!” The man clapped and then the video ended.
            Therese looked at them. “I will have everything done as it is said in Fred’s will. Was there anything you needed?”
            “No. But you may want to make appointments with each of my new family members.”
            “Of course Abby. I am sorry for your loss.”  
            Abby nodded. “Thank you Therese.” She stood to leave. She had to get out of there; she wouldn’t break down again in front of them. “Go to a hotel. I will see you tomorrow.” She yelled back to them and popped away to her Sanctuary.

            Abby went to Sanctuary and let all her glamours fall, she transformed into her angelic form. She screamed as she allowed her tears to fall. She watched her tears, the color of aquamarines, all to the ground  and making the ruby colored dirt into mini mud puddles. She screamed in pain. She screamed and cried and for once grieved for not only her family but the love she could have had before passing out and letting the sweet blackness of oblivion take her temporarily.

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