Plans for 2017

Hello Loyal Fans!
So I have to be realistic! SHOCKING I  KNOW! With the new year upon us I have my personal goal for the month and that is to finish Shades of Fear. The re-write for Elemental Mazes is going perfectly! The first of the re-writes, of this round, is off to a friend for reading and while they are doing that I am working on Shades of Fear. I am putting a lot of work into Elemental Mazes because it will set the tone for the last three books of the series; even if it seems like it doesn’t.

The Keepers and the Sisters of Lilith is now in an editing phase and about 47k words. Keepers is meant to be a short quick read.  

And here is my schedule for the next 12 months! If you would like me to change this drop me a line and let me know which of my WIPs you would rather see sooner! I will try to accommodate, after all, one must listen to their fans!

January 2017: Shades of Fear/ Elemental Mazes Re-Write
February 2017: Elemental Mazes
March 2017: Elemental Mazes
April 2017: The League of The Throw-Aways/ Elemental Mazes Edit
May 2017: Shades of Fear Edit/ Elemental Mazes Edit
June 2017: The League of The Throw-Aways
July 2017: Demonic Savior Re-Write Start/ Publishing of Elemental Mazes/ Shades of Fear
August 2017: The League of The Throw-Aways Edit
September 2017: Falling Pieces
October 2017: The Unknown Sister Of Sherlock Holmes Re-Write Start/ Falling Pieces
November 2017: Wake Up! NANOWRIMO
December 2017: Falling Pieces Edit/ The League of Throw-Aways Publish

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