Day Twenty-One Monster University: Abe

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved

            “I was supposed to take after my father. I was supposed to avenge his death. I was a Van Helsing! I was forced to train. Forced to the be the smartest. The strongest. The best! If I failed in any task my father gave me then I would be beaten to an inch of my life and told to be better. It was horrible. But I knew no other life. I was trained to kill them. To kill the enemy. To kill the monsters. But then I went to school with them. They accepted me. Became friends. I found my father was the monster. He raised me to be nothing but a monster. So I confessed all to them. They still accepted me. They gave me a secret to immorality. Eat the hearts of twenty virgins and sacrifice six whores every fifty years. I was the great Jack the Ripper. I don’t do much more than I need.  I spread out my 20 virgins. Pity they have to be virgins at time of death. It would be fun to seduce them. But there are so many other ‘freshman’ to claim. I wonder about my father at times. But I found my own path. And they are my friends. My family. I couldn’t kill them.”
            Abe looked up when the door opened. “Hey, Hal! How goes the TA spot?”
            “Good. I don’t have to be a freshman like Drake, Frank, Lucas and Cameron so it is good. What did you decide on for a major this time?”
            “Medical.” Abe smirked. “Maybe next move I can be the doc in town.”
            “Yeah, Beth lucked out this time.”
            “Oh be careful, Eddie is out running around.”
            “John.  His name is John this time.  Henry’s picking.”
            “And Henry is Gabriel. And there is a female duo like them I hear. I hear that John is besooted.”
            Hal laughed.  “Have a good day Abe.  I am going to get some sleep before the next class! The week off for the missing and found dead students went by to quickly!”
            Abe smiled and then went back to his planning. He had to do a Jack The Ripper type spree again. Then disappear. He smirked. He remembered his own father trying to hunt him and Abe stood along side of him. It wasn’t long after that his father was killed and Abe could stop pretending to be the devoted son; he only remained by his side to help his fellow monsters escape his father’s insanity. He looked down. No problems. He would just drive to a larger city that had more violence. After all there was a huge city only about an eight hour drive away. And that town was only focused on baseball right now. Abe smirked. The first trip would be tonight. He grabbed his coat and left.
            A car pulls up and the door opens, the young women of ill repute gets in. There is a figure driving, their hood is up the woman can’t see the strangers face, they pull off the road after about 45 minutes, the car the woman notices is an old beater, black with no license plate but she still got in now she is wondering if it was a good idea. “Okay for full service it will be 250 dollars” the woman tells the figure. There is no response instead the figure gets out and comes around to open the door, the young woman gets out and follows the figure and says “okay it can be done here.” She is about a hundred yards from the car now and notices that nobody is around if she didn’t need the money she would never have been out here, but she undresses and waits. The figure walks behind her and she heard a rustle of paper then felt a searing pain she is stabbed in the back and she screams but nobody can hear her here, she is so far away from life, she is being stabbed over and over she only hears the figure counting, wishing she had never got in the car was her last thoughts and the last thing she heard was nineteen… And her own scream though out the night air, which was cold so cold even though the temperature was in the seventies.
Abe walked back to the car and strips down and puts all the cloths in the back then walked over to the river and washes his hands and then walked back to the car and opened the trunk took out a bag, put the other in, and got dressed with the clean clothes. Abe got into the car and drove away, after about thirty minutes he pulled to the side of the rode took the bag of clothes out of the trunk and threw it into the bin where the homeless men sat around trying to put together a fire, he threw in a bottle worth of lighter fluid then threw the bottle in. Abe smirked as he lit a match and threw it in. He got back in his car and left. He may be a man who has to ritually kill; but he wouldn’t ever be caught. And though sometimes he uses Ewan and Tony, there is something satisfying about cleaning up after one’s self. He smiled the whole way back home.
Abe got restless as nothing is reported. Of course nothing was really reported any of his other times either when he kills the six. He had asked when he first took this path of immortality why twenty virgins and six whores. The answer he got was that virgins represent purity. The number twenty was important because of his age at the time. And the six because five to represent the pentagram and the sixth to fill it with blood. He discovered a lot of it centered around the ancient symbol of protection. It stated that they used it to protect their immorality. It warped the reason behind it and turned it into their own. It is still used for many things today, protection in the Wicca and Pagan religions and well the introverted one is well known. He moved back toward the city.  He smirked as he found his second victim.  He smirked as he pulled up to pick her up.
Half an hour later he had severed the throat using two precise cuts and then partly ripped open her abdomen causing a deep jagged wound. He smirked. He could see the articles about Jack The Ripper Reincarnated! Ha! It had happened before during his other killings. He made some other cuts in the abdomen and yawned as he cleaned up again tossing his bloody clothes into a drum and setting them on fire. He made his way home in record time. Next time he would kill two.
Abe only waited a week before going back. The first victim of the night he just made one clear cut incision across her main artery on the left side of her neck and let her bleed out on the ground not far from her corner. He had always done the third victim quickly. It threw people of the trail, well it used to before they started to call him The Ripper Copycat. He quickly found his second victim of the night. He smirked as he did two cuts to the throat, one of each side, it made it seem like the throat was smiling. He laughed at that. Okay he was a psycho but he was the product of his father’s upbringing. He then slashed open her abdomen and removed the uterus. He burned it with his clothes. It was ritual now. When he first took it he had been looking into rituals for another monster friend of his and they were using different organs in the potions to see if it caused different outcomes. There tests so far had failed and been dropped. He may pick it up again. He knew how Morgan wanted a child and if he figured out how to allow natural motherhood for the monsters they would be a lot happier in their unlife. He went home and passed out.
He waited a week before he went back to the city. He found his victim and cut her throat and ripped open her abdomen and took the left kidney and most of the uterus. He looked at the organs. He wrapped them up and took them back with him after burning his clothes.  He went to his lab. The most promising was when part of the uterus and the kidney were used. The other one that showed promise was when they used the heart.  Perhaps he should try mixing the two. He put the parts he took in stasis and next week when he took the heart of his last victim he would try again. After all a monster had to do something to keep from being bored for eternity.
The next week he was back and found his final victim. He slit the throat down to the spine and cut her open, he threw most of the organs out of the body and then cut out the heart. Once he was finished he felt the jolt of power he felt every time he did the ritual. It let him know it worked and he still protected his immorality. He took his prize, the heart, burnt his cloths and went home.  He went into his lab and started trying to combine the potions. He wouldn’t say anything to Morgan unless he thought it had a chance. After all it would completely change the monster world if monsters could have natural born children. It would change the world. And perhaps the undead eternity ahead of them may just be a bit happier and a bit more entertaining. Abe smirked as he set to work. Even if he might not be successful this time around; he would make progress. And he completed his ritual successfully. It was a good year.

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