Day Twenty Monster University: Gus

Monster University
Katherine Rochholz
All Rights Reserved


            “Mmmm… young flesh is so much better than the older.  I have more blood on this journal than ink! Ha! I should write in blood I think! Though with Ian and Drake draining bodies I don’t get a lot of blood.  But the lovely flesh! I am glad I can skip being the student this time.  Working in the morgue as the ME and owning the local funeral homes, let’s me be not only useful but also gives me my fill of flesh!  Being a ghoul isn’t so bad.  It could be worse.  Yes I have to hide my pale white skin and I have to eat flesh to continue to exist but at least I don’t have to put my head back on daily!  Mmmm… flesh…. Should wipe off the blood drops but eh… And I don’t actually have to go out and kill. Thought I have before. Every so often I will find a perfect victim that I must have… mmm… this one is sweet… Perhaps their family is just as sweet…”
            Gus looked up when the doors opened.  “Oh hey Tony!  No fishes for this one?”
            “Nah, to noticeable.  College professor.  Ewan is making it look random.  Will shoot a homeless guy more than likely as the perp.”  Tony shrugged.
            Gus chuckled.  “This town isn’t so bad.  We were able to get someone in each role needed.  Though Ajit is still upset he has to take classes and not be the detective this time.”
            “Yes, well I am guessing that won’t last long. This is an important year for a lot of monsters.” Ewan stated. “Do a blood test on her huh?”
            “Sure will do. But it may be a while to get back.” Gus bent to sniff the woman and recoiled back. “What the hell?”
            Ewan stood up straight then. “What?”
            “This woman smells horrible. And I don’t mean the standard way most mortals do alive or dead, but horrible like I wouldn’t want to touch the flesh and I am a damn ghoul!”
            Ewan tilted his head. “Take samples. Of everything. Send it to Beth. She will know what to do.”
            “Got it Ewan! See yah later!” Gus finished his meal and then started to take samples from one Professor Sheldon.
            Gus finished his shift and sighed as he went to his home. He looked over the books that lined his rooms. He was once a prince, well prince like, his mother was a witch who had the town bowing at her feet. Gus took advantage of this and partook in all the sins of the flesh. Funny how that is how he survives. His mother upon being betrayed cursed him with life everlasting. The cost would be to eat the flesh of mere mortals. Which to her was everybody but herself. His mother was a witch and a half and is probably burning in hell. Not that Gus ever wanted to find out if hell or heaven was real but chances are when the end came he would be joining his mother in whatever punishment awaited him at the end of times. He had taken his own samples as well as sending some off to Beth and he was hoping to get some answers. Never, and he means never had a body smelled so horrible to him since he became a ghoul. Before yeah, dead bodies smelled. But after? After all he wanted to do was eat them and this one he didn’t even want to touch with a fifty foot pole, let alone be in the same room with the body. He put the samples into his lab and went to bed. He knew there would be long days ahead shortly.
            Gus was right he did have long days. Tony took vacation, Bleu needed help with gaining a bride. Sam, gained a bride. Erik burnt down a theater. Seriously someone times Gus wondered how Bo kept everything straight in his mind. Gus was thankful he just had to help with the clean-up. He had been hoping to check out those samples from Sheldon but every time he got a moment he had to do something else. Clean up another body. Do another funeral. Only good thing that came out of it was the fact he got blood and flesh. Mostly the flesh. He also got a lot of flesh from Drake when he broke the curse on himself. He had a feeling with him starting to go through is transformation into an Incubus there would be more bloodless bodies shortly. Gus sighed as he worked overtime and did what he could to help his fellow monsters. After all without some of them he would have been killed.
            His mother had cursed him, trying to make him a vampire but it failed. The town people had tried to burn him alive after they had burned his mother for being a witch. But in the crowd were a group of monsters and they saved him and helped him through his transformation and then through controlling his need for flesh. He was mindless for so long and instead of killing him they took care of him. He was just repaying the favor. And that is why he needed to be able to help Beth with finding out about these samples. So far Beth had been coming up blank and so had Frank. It was strange. He knew it was something specific to this corpse because Sophie, the precious Frankenstein Princess, didn’t smell horrible. She smelt of monster. So he took a couple of days and told everybody he was not to be disturbed.
            Three days and many tests later he still didn’t have an answer. He sighed. It was time for a hunt. It would clear his head. He was a ghoul after all and though ghouls mostly feasted off the dead to make sure they could survive their undead life, sometimes a good hunt was needed. It was a huge myth that they only went for children, infants and the weak and old. They went for anybody who smelt sweet! And with that Gus dressed all in black and made his way through the town.  He followed the sweet smell of blood. It reminded him of a victim of one of the others, that he thought about looking for the family. It seemed there was a family! He moved and found the house. There were two teens and two adults.  They all smelt heavenly to him.  He waited until they went to bed. Well, all but the mother was in bed. She was in the shower.  He moved quickly and slit the throat of the husband drinking in his blood.  He would come back for the flesh.  He thought about killing the teens as well but he didn’t need to be a glutton. He moved toward the bathroom.
            “Honey?” The woman stuck her soapy head out. “Is that you?”
            Gus smirked. “No.” He gave a raspy reply before he attacked her.  Her screams were music to his ears as he ripped her to pieces.  He ate from her still living body, before draining her. He licked his lips and moved down the hall to see if the children woke.  They hadn’t. Thank the higher powers for headphones.  He went back and skinned the husband and packed the flesh way to be dried and ate like jerky over the next couple weeks.  He went back to the wife and filled himself on her soft flesh before leaving a bloody trail through the house.  He stopped and made a phone call at a payphone to inform Ewan and then went home.
            As he was drying the skin and making his jerky a thought struck him.  There were many, many natural herbs that monsters hated if they were mixed the right way. So he went and checked the blood again looking for specific herbs like mistletoe and mint. And sure enough there it was! She had to be shooting a potion into her system to make her blood and flesh unappealing to monsters.  But why? Because of who the father of Sophie was? Because it would be painful as hell to take the daily shots. The ingredients would almost burn the veins if it wasn’t for the Witch Hazel and other cooling balms.  He called and left Beth a messaged and his theory. Because nobody, no matter how much they hated monsters, would do that to themselves. He smiled to himself as he laid down, his hunger and curiosity satisfied.

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